Farewell The Office Memories – The 2007 Scranton Convention Videos


In 2007, many fanatics of the very young The Office converged on Scranton, PA to celebrate their favorite show. I was very lucky to have been there both as a reporter and as a fan. I’m going to share some memories in old blog posts from that time.

First, VIDEOS I shot from various events.

PA Polka

The sun finally came out in the afternoon and so did the stars! Creed and Kate joined The Scrantones for a rendition of The Pennsylvania Polka during the Street Festival on Saturday Oct. 27th.

A Song And A Kiss

Ed Helms sings a little “Rainbow Connection” for a fan.

He ends it prompting a kiss between Craig Robinson and Mindy Kaling which was a running gag throughout the Cast Q&A session at the University of Scranton on Saturday afternoon.

Ed Takes On ABBA

Prompted by a fan’s request at Saturday’s Cast Q&A session, Ed Helms does a little bit of Take A Chance On Me with the help of the other members of the panel doing their best at some backup singing.

And a little hand art by Angela.

Scrantones’ Concert Opening Number

Joining the Scrantones on stage at Lackawana College, Kate Flannery played some keyboard to a rock version of The Office Theme that was recorded by these very same Scrantones!

They even had a local Scranton person on the stage joining in with her accordion!

Creed Has The Blues

The Scrantones welcomed Creed Bratton on to the stage for a few numbers.

In this clip, Creed and the boys in the band recreate the magic from the deleted “Booze Cruise” scene where they jam out to a Blues in E riff.

Melora Hardin Works It

Melora Hardin showed the crowd some moves even Jan Levinson hasn’t seen.

Melora sang three great songs with the band during the Scrantones’ concert on Saturday Night. Then she sold and signed her new CD in the lobby for everyone!

Scrantones’ Concert Finale Part 1

Rocking out to The Office Theme, Angela, Kate, Brian, Craig, Andrew, Ed, Leslie, Bobby Ray, Oscar, Phyllis and Creed join the Scrantones on stage.

Look for a fun kick line with Craig, Brian and Ed and then as Ed steals the guitar right out from under Creed’s nose and more!

Scrantones’ Concert Finale Part 2

The entire cast shows us some mean moves and we get up close and personal with some of them coming to slap hands with the fans. Look for Andrew Buckley, Oscar, Bobby Ray among others coming in for the high-fives.

Like what you saw? Let us know in the Comments!

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