American Idol — Recap & Review — Finale

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol

Original Air Date: May 15, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Can you believe there hasn’t been an all-female finale since Season 3? Or a female winner since Jordan Sparks? That travesty is about to be righted in the next 24 hours.

Ryan called the match-up of Candice Glover and Kree Harrison country vs. soul. It’s odd that the two, who truly seem to be friends, have to have an all-or-nothing sing-off. But we have to have a winner. I have to wonder if the finale performances really does decide voters or if everyone has a favorite by now?

Here’s an odd fact: Kree won the coin toss but decided to go first. That’s not the smartest move, but she must have had some strategy behind the decision (I hope).

I loved that the show was only one hour long. Not a lot of time for filler and even the judges weren’t given that much time to voice their opinions. A practically perfect show, IMHO.

Each contestant sang three songs; Idol creator Simon Fuller’s choice, their first single and their favorite song of the season.

Idol Creator Simon Fuller’s Choice

This is the perfect choice for her. It really plays up her maple syrup voice and she infuses it with just the right amount of sadness and wonder.

CANDICE GLOVER “Chasing Pavements”
Not the perfect song for her, but she makes the most of it. The audience gives her a surprising standing ovation.

MARIAH is so proud to be part of this season because the talent is mind-boggling. The final two have two different styles, but are at the top of their games. RANDY didn’t like the song choices because they were a bit sleepy. He gave the round to Candice because she made interesting choices.

OK, I didn’t need someone else performing in the middle of this. Carly Rae Jepsen performed “Take a Picture,” a song created by the American Idol viewers who vote son lyrics, costumes and staging (Fireworks! Dancers! Costume change!). I thought the song was repetitive and silly – just the kind of thing you get with a committee.

Their First Single

KREE HARRISON: “All Cried Out”
She sings a little to aggressively and screeches a big on the high notes, but the soft parts are just lovely, lovely. Perhaps she’s experiencing a little vocal strain?

CANDICE GLOVER: “I Am Beautiful”
The song doesn’t really get going, but can she sound anything but magnificent? The audience and judges, who give her a standing ovation, don’t seem to think so.

NICKI loved Kree’s composure and how she reached down with her voice. But she named Candice the winner of the round.
KEITH felt they are both soul singers and the songs were tailor made for them. He thought Candice’s song fit her like a “glover.”

Favorite Song of the Season

KREE HARRISON: “Up to the Mountain”
It’s a powerhouse ballad and she kills it. Everyone stands! (She also looks great in a red flowing gown.)
KEITH noted how she taps into her own spirituality and her life when singing.
NICKI loved that she chose the song as it was uplifting. She thought all three performances showcased her beautiful voice and soul.
RANDY called it a winning performance and her best of the night.
MARIAH said she looked beautiful in red and applauded her diversity of songs during the night. She predicted it would be difficult for America to choose.

CANDICE GLOVER: “I Who Have Nothing”
It’s strange she didn’t pick “Lovesong,” which Randy said was the best Idol performance ever. She starts a cappella, showing off the smooth textures, strong vocals and passion of her voice. It’s not a copycat performance of when she did it the first time. It’s so soulful and she burns down the house – to ashes. Kree was wise not to go after that.

KEITH said she’s such a powerhouse singer and that song was like planet exploding to life.
NICKI is shocked to see her legs exposed (she’s wearing a short skirt) for the first time. She called her a superstar.
RANDY said she can “plum out loud sing” and she has it all.
MARIAH said she has the ability to take any song and turn into a vehicle for her voice and she will be listening to her for years to come.

Randy said it was really close. At this point, I can no longer be partial. I went back and listened to Candice’s last song several times. I love Kree, but I worship Candice.

Who did you vote for? Did you like Carly Rae Jepsen’s song? Which Top 10 contestant are you most excited to see return Thursday night? Give us your TwoCents…

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