NCIS – Recap & Review – Damned If You Do

Damned If You DoNCIS
Damned If You Do

Original Air Date: May 14, 2013

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Previously on NCIS: McGee’s evil doppelganger DOD IG Investigator Richard Parsons (Colin Hanks) is trying to arrest Gibbs, drudging up every death, every piece of questionable evidence, every slightly illegal move our NCIS team has made over the years, and Gibbs is willing to take responsibility for it all. Gibbs has always been interested in justice more than the law.

The team wants to help Gibbs any way they can, despite Gibbs wanting to take all the responsibility, but they catch a case. Whilst they’re busy investigating why the severed head of Navy SEAL Lieutenant McBride turned up on his doorstep, Vance recruits Rear Admiral A.J Chegwidden (John M. Jackson in the same role he played in JAG) to act as Gibbs’ lawyer.

The judge on the case is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She obviously respects Gibbs but recognizes that she’d probably have to convict him if he’s brought into her courtroom. She gives him 48 hours to get his affairs in order. In an attempt to get away from all the bugs and wire taps and any place the likes of Richard Parsons can trace him to, Gibbs hides away in a cabin he built himself. Cabin, road, he built everything himself. That’s impressive.

Gibbs hides away, albeit reluctantly and the team investigates McBride’s death. Even though there’s just a severed head to work with (of course Tony makes the compulsory Se7en reference) Ducky and Palmer are still able to work wonders. The real gem of the scene is Palmer announcing that he and his wife are planning to adopt. I can’t wait to see how that is handled.

McBride was tortured before his head was severed, and Vance turns to Homeland Security Chief Tom Morrow (Alan Dale) for answers. Director David and Arash Kazmi were killed because they were negotiating for a peaceful alliance, or so it was thought. We know Ilya Bodnar killed Eli David and he paid for that with his life, but before he fell to his death in a fight with Ziva he said he didn’t kill Kazmi. That was the CIA.

The CIA killed Kazmi to keep the Iranian and Israeli governments running in circles whilst they sent McBride on a top secret reconnaissance mission. Homeland security regrets not intercepting McBride’s head before it was found by his wife, Morrow regrets that NCIS got involved, but he does have a way out for Gibbs. It is very risky, and could cost his life, but Gibbs is willing to take that chance.

Gibbs should have told his team, because Tim, Tony and Ziva all turn in their badges in support of Gibbs, wanting to take responsibility for their own actions throughout the seasons. Richard Parson’s investigation has been foiled, but at what cost?

Four months later, and Gibbs is in the middle of his mission which caused all charges against him to be dropped. It is indeed dangerous, as the man bleeding out from a bullet wound gives Gibbs the order to “do it”. Gibbs’ skills as a sniper are required, but when Gibbs looks through the telescopic sight he sees his old FBI friend, Tobias Fornell!

Did you enjoy dream!Mike Franks giving his probie support and advice? Which one of Tony’s kisses did you prefer? Do you support Palmer’s idea about adoption? Do you think Richard Parsons will give up or will he become more determined to advance his career at the cost of justice? What do you think will happen to the team now that they’ve handed in their badges. Do you have any theories about just what Gibbs has got himself into? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents on this finale and the future of NCIS.

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