Law & Order: SVU – Recap & Review – Brief Interlude

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Law & Order: SVU
Brief Interlude

Original Air Date: May 15, 2013

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

In the last week before the season finale, SVU is downplaying things a bit, presumably in preparation for a major climax next week. Still, there’s always room for a few unexpected twists here, even when they don’t have much effect on the case.

A woman at a club accepts something from an acquaintance. It seems to loosen her up. Before long, she becomes uncomfortable and stumbles outside. The next morning, a jogger finds her unresponsive in a rowboat in a river.

The jogger confesses that she was there to get pills from Jasper, one of two boys who were standing over the victim. She doesn’t think they did anything; just that they were rooting through her pockets. She’s in a coma now, and according to Dr. Warner, she was hit over the head with something to put her there. With nothing to go on, Amanda goes undercover to reel in Jasper and his friend.

Both boys say that they didn’t attack the victim. They did go through her pockets, and what they found included a hotel key. The room it leads to has been ransacked, but new clothes, money, and a passport are still there. At least we get a name for the victim- Ariel. Missing are several electronic items. Still, Olivia is able to follow up on a video call Ariel made to her two sons.

Ariel was in New York to make podcasts, but seemed to be getting involved in nightlife as well. The detectives talk to several members of bands she was filming and learn that she was talking to the head of a local school about having her boys attend. We still don’t learn much- only that Ariel had the DNA of three different men on her- before her family arrives to see her.

Nick talks to the father about what happened. He admits he wasn’t excited about his wife going to New York City alone. Olivia and Amanda talk to the two sons and a tech who they spoke to earlier arrives to give Ariel flowers- and make himself suspicious in their minds. Another lead leads to another musician. While Fin and Amanda are at his apartment, a woman comes in. Except this “woman” is the male school head.

It seems Charles Landry just likes crossdressing. Santiago, the musician and his cousin, took her iPad to protect photos of him in drag. Both men deny that they harmed Ariel, though they did inadvertently make her uncomfortable with their true identities. Fin brings in a “rope guy” who helps to determine where Ariel was first taken. She got into a car with Phil, the tech who came to the hospital.

Phil says he had a meal with Ariel before trying to kiss her. She pushed him away and scratched his arm before taking off for the park. He maintains his innocence, but asks for a lawyer. The detectives are unsure whether he’s guilty, but don’t have much to go on either way. They talk to the husband, who thinks that Ariel’s plan to move to New York meant that she was leaving him. He’s willing to let her go if it comes to that.

Security footage shows Ariel and Phil together, but not where they parted ways. Another man was there as well, and is tracked down to a homeless shelter in the park with Airel’s scarf. He’s a former sex offender who she gave a sandwich, too. It’s kind of an anticlimactic ending- and a depressing one. Ariel dies, leaving one last message for her husband and kids on her phone, telling them she loves them.

Next Week: Her Negotiation

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