Grimm – Recap & Review – The Waking Dead

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

The Waking Dead

Original Air Date: May 14, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

“Papa Ghede is a handsom fellow in his hat and coat of black. Papa Ghede is going to the palace! He’ll eat and drink when he gets back.”

Just when Portland, Grimm can’t get any weirder, it just got weirder. Dead people are being revived and I’m not talking about a new CPR technique. Medical Examiners are being scared silly over reanimated corpses; busloads of people are disappearing…it’s all going to Hell and back. One thing constant in Portland, Grimm? Juliette still annoys the Jebus out of me. At least I have that solace (not really).

Case of the week: Dead woman and a dead suspect. Problem? Deceased suspect is a man that was pronounced dead…three days ago. Doesn’t help there’s green goo oozing out of his body. There’s something fishy and if I were first responders, I’d be Hazmat-ed out. Watching the police scene is a Top Hat wearing man that Nick notices. I don’t think Nick sees the “man” because when you see a top hat, you really just see the hat and not the man – who wears those things except to pretentious parties and during Halloween? I’m not judging, but I am.

The Medical Examiner explains the green goo as byproduct of drugs and the man (obviously not dead for three days) as mistaken identity. Ah, logic – crutch for the sane. Nick and Hank head to the hospital to view the body of the man mistakenly thought to be the assailant. That’s where Nick sees Top Hat again. What Nick doesn’t see is the dead body. It upped and vanished. Yeah, it being Portland, Grimm, I’m surprised they haven’t put missing-body/walking-body together and call it Zombie.

As the M.E. starts an autopsy on the deceased woman, Dead Woman rises. Her bloodshot eyes pop open and she sits up. Poor, poor M.E. – I hope her heart is as strong as her hold on rational thought. The ex-corpse is sent to the hospital.

Hank and Nick find out about (Non)Dead Woman and visit her at the ICU – she’s vanished. Security tapes shows Top Hat wheeling (Non)Dead Woman out of the hospital. Wu calls to tell the detectives that lab results show a toxin that causes a person to appear dead (Lazarus Effect) but in high dosages, it’s a hallucinogen that causes violence.

The detectives head to La Biblioteca de Grimm and discover Top Hat is a Cracher-Mortel, a puffer fish-like Wesen who can create “Zombies” through green spit that induces death-like trance. What’s funny is the Grimm Encyclopedia depicts Cracher-Mortel wearing a top hat too – are they family heirlooms or bad fashion advice passed down through generations?

They tell Renard about the Wesen but they still don’t know Top Hat’s motive (or who Top Hat is). They’re missing something. Like Top Hat Zombie-fying a whole bus of people and locking up his new Zombie army in a shipping crate for later deployment. Yeah, the police are missing a whole chunk of the puzzle.

In other Portland, Grimm news, Renard’s royal brother, Eric, is in Portland to activate a secret plot. Eric goes on a pompous anti-Portland/pro-Vienna rant and is interrupted by…Baron…aka Top Hat. Now the army of zombies makes sense…

What doesn’t make sense is Juliette. Flying Spaghetti Monster, this woman needs so many favors. At some point, Monroe is going to tell her that her lifetime “favor” quotient has been met and she needs to leave. The Blutbad is too nice to say it but he can call me and I’ll happily relay his message.

Juliette asks Monroe to show her what Nick wanted her to see the day she almost died – aka, the day I prematurely celebrated. Bud is there with Monroe and the two decide the Spice shop is the best place to Woge – it has medicine in case Juliette drops dead, as if.

The three Wesen determines the Blutbad should go last since it’s the scariest of the three (wise choice). First goes the Fuchsbau (Rosalee), then the Eisbiber (Bud), and then the Blutbad (Monroe). Juliette takes the Woge pretty well – her millionth request being a drink which everyone agrees isn’t a bad demand. After Juliette leaves, the three tell Nick – at least she knows and he doesn’t have to lie. Nick and Juliette have dinner and it seems these crazy kids are going to make it (curses).

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. After using Google for a bit and finding dubious websites I refuse to click on, I’m going to summarize what I’ve found. The quote is from a Haitian Vodou mythology about Papa Ghede, a spirit who takes souls into the afterlife. He too wears a high hat and he’s not malevolent.

2. If you’re doing illegal crap, don’t wear readily identifiable articles of clothing – you’re bound to be spotted. On the other hand, witnesses will only see the top hat and not the face…genius or moron?

3. Did you see on the security footage (on the left-most screen, top left corner), there was a woman rummaging through trash and walking like a zombie? WTF?!!!

4. When Juliette came into the Spice shop, I think Rosalee sighed and rolled her eyes – the most patient person on the show is fed up with Juliette, need I say more? Or maybe I was projecting.

5. Adalind’s baby is still on the market – she was forced to sign a contract in a language she doesn’t understand. I don’t sympathize – she’s selling her baby, enough said. Adalind’s pimp and baby buyer are at odds and threats are spewed. Eh. Pimp contacts one of Eric’s henchmen to ask for a meeting with the Prince – she wants a deal regarding the royal baby. Henchman is really Renard’s spy. Renard knows Eric will probably keep the money and steal the baby. I want this storyline to end – call me crazy, but baby-selling makes me uncomfortable.

6. Renard’s spy found a passport without a photo and a death certificate. What is Eric up to? Do I care? (No)

7. I love how the three Wesen chose the Blutbad to go last when going full Woge for Juliette. They know if Monroe went first, Juliette would freak the heck out! Like Hank – poor, poor Hank. He didn’t get the gentle touch.

8. Now Hank is requesting more amenities for the trailer. Nick, it’s time to invest. My plan of action would be the following:

First, get all the books scanned. If anything ignites, that’s centuries of information lost forever. Computerize and modernize or else you’ll be obsolete, Grimm.

Then, pimp out the trailer or move it indoors to your house. It’s for the Scooby Gang’s comfort. It’s just rude to ask your friends to help and all you can offer are moldy books and fast food with limited ketchup.

Also, not to sound all librarian, but they need to stop drinking and eating near these books!! I was waiting for Nick to spill coffee or drip ketchup on the pages. Dude, have respect for the books!! They shouldn’t be defaced; they hold so much knowledge – something I can’t say about Nick.

9. Monroe: She took it better than Hank did when I Woge for him the first time.
Hank: Let me just say, I didn’t take it well the first, second or third time.
~ Hank, telling it like it is – a real man ain’t afraid to admit fear. Poor thing. Hugs later, after your leg gets better.

10. I like the scientific explanation for the zombies – it’s a toxin and the people aren’t really dead. I wonder how the Baron controls them and when the toxin will dissipate in the body. How long before the zombies wake up?

11. When Monroe said we all have been waiting for Juliette to find out – I think he was talking as an audience. Unfortunately, Juliette’s obliviousness was played out too long. Wish this plot ended quicker – might have had a better effect. I might have actually cared.

As the penultimate episode to this season, it nicely laid the groundwork for the season finale. I thought it was paced well. Loved the character interactions – especially the Wesens. Hank is being more awesome than usual. Only anchor is Juliette but it’s a given. Are you glad Juliette finally knows about Wesen/Grimm? Do you think she’ll be less annoying? Are you as repulsed at the baby-selling plot? I want it to end. What is Eric’s end game? Are the zombies just a distraction for a larger scheme? Will Renard outsmart his brother? Will Renard need Nick’s help? Did you enjoy this episode? Did the Scooby Gang interaction make you excited for Season 3? (Yes!) Discuss away!!!

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2 Responses to Grimm – Recap & Review – The Waking Dead

  1. lou says:

    I still really like Juliette. I thought the voga scene was stretched out. but after waiting for a year for that scene, i didn’t mind that the writers milked it for every drop.
    I might have been reading too much into it. but i thought i saw on Juliette’s face an expression of “what’s wrong with these people”. And I didn’t interpret Rosalee’s expression the same as you. I thought it was more like “oh, no, I know what this means”. And when Bud vogaed, did Juliette snicker under her hand?
    I am not grossed out by the baby selling story line. I think people are still decieved by Adalinds good looks and innocent demeanor. She is just an evil B—–. What i’m wondering is if the network would consider killing off a pregnant character. I don’t think that’s ever been done before (not counting SVU). I don’t get what happened with the gypsy lady and the old Hexenbiest, I thought they were on the same sides. Well, i guess if you are dealing with Hexenbiests there are sure to be double crosses.
    I know the fake documents are supposed to be a clue. but I can’t figure out what they mean. Or what Eric’s plans are. But I’m sure they are no good.
    The first couple of zombies took a long time to reanimate. So what happened on the bus. Did they just leave out the bus crash, the ambulances, and the trips to the morgues. Or did the bus go straight to the docks?

    I can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. Maggie C. says:

    I agree that the Scooby gang shouldn’t eat and drink around the books. They should also wear gloves, either cotton or latex, to keep the oils and icks off the books.
    I have to thank you for the recap. I have a friend who called about 10 minutes into the show. You filled in what I missed. Thank you!

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