Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Semi Finals Results

photo: abc

photo: abc

Dancing With The Stars
Semi Finals Results

Original Air Date: May 14, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Welcome to tonight’s show, the 300th episode of Dancing With The Stars! Tonight we go from five to four couples. These couples will move on to next week’s FINALS! Our couples have improved so much over the course of the competition. Some have improved more than others, but since they made it to tonight, they deserve to be here. But tonight we need to say good-bye to one of these couples. Who will it be? We are about to find out….

Tonight’s show starts on an energetic note. We are treated to a dance from the professionals, past and present. They are also joined by members of the Dancing With The Stars Troupe. What did you think of it? Have you ever thought “how do the professionals do it” – putting together and dancing a routine (or two) with their celebrity and then having to dance another one that had to be put together and practiced during the week? It is a lot of work, that is for sure and I didn’t think there was enough hours in the day to do it all.

The encore dance for this week goes to Kellie & Derek, dancing the Argentine Tango. Every time I see them dance this, it makes me wonder how they accomplished what they did behind the red screen. Is Kellie really all that flexible that she was able to lean down to the ground on her stomach like that? Or was there another trick up their sleeves? What do you think?

This week’s spotlight dance goes to a little girl by the name of Sophia Lucia. She is ten years old and comes from San Diego, CA. She recently went into the Guinness Book of World Records for doing fifty-five pirouettes without stopping. What a feat that was for a girl of her age, and someone who has been dancing since the age of two.

The couples also decided to turn the cameras on each other in a taped segment for this week’s show. They talk about each other and how they felt about each other then and how they feel now. A lot of the comments that were made are funny. I think that is how all the stars and their professional partners wanted to portray each other. It was great to see them be able to communicate like this for the viewers to see.

The entertainment for this week’s show comes from The Wanted and Avril Levine. Both of them were great and were definitely geared more towards a younger dynamic. I sometimes believe that they do this because that is their goal: to reach everyone, no matter the age demographic. Every age group can appreciate dancing and music. Am I right? What do you think?

Has everyone ever thought that maybe some of the musical acts are taped beforehand? There seems to be a little bit of a difference between what we see with the hosts and how it goes to the acts. It just looks different. It is an observation I have been making over the course of the last weeks – maybe it is just me? What do you think?

When the results came in, there were no real surprises – until we got to Zendaya & Val. Well for me, maybe Jacoby & Karina. I just don’t know if Jacoby & Karina they are finals material. When Zendaya and Val were told that they were in the bottom and their fate would be revealed later, there were so many boos from the audience.

Safe couples
Jacoby & Karina; Kellie & Derek; Aly & Mark

Bottom two couples
Zendaya & Val; Ingo & Kym

Going home
Ingo & Kym

So Zendaya & Val have gotten through their time of being in the bottom two. I don’t believe there was any other point in the season where they were in jeopardy like that. I actually was biting my fingernails, hoping that they weren’t sending Zendaya & Val home.

What did you think of tonight’s show? What were your favorite parts of the show? Were there any surprises? Was your favorite couple eliminated or are they on their way to the finals next week? If you were rooting for Ingo & Kym, will you be tuning in next week to see who wins the mirror ball trophy despite them being sent home?

Time for your TwoCents!

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