90210 – Recap & Review – We All Fall Down (Series Finale)

photo: cw

photo: cw

We All Fall Down

Original Air Date: May 13, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

Like in the picture I chose for this recap, the plug has been pulled on 90210. The show managed to last 5 seasons and a retrospective shown before tonight’s finale showcased some of the show’s better moments, as well as interviews with the cast and producers. The special reminded me why I once loved the show (especially seasons 2 & 3), and that the last season of this show was an absolute mess.

Last week’s episode ended on a shaky note, as Adrianna performed a song at a tribute concert and had the stage suddenly collapsed around her. Does she make it out okay? Meanwhile, Annie & Liam decide if they want to move to separate continents or give their relationship another try. Also, Silver gets a call that changes her life forever. Read on for the final 90210 character breakdown ever!

Naomi– Now that Naomi has covered for Elizabeth’s night with Prince Harry, she keeps being offered money, specifically $500,000, to talk about her infamous evening. Jordan comes over to Naomi’s house and tells her that he’s been fired by his mother, which causes Naomi to admit that her stipulation for covering for Elizabeth was for Jordan to be able to have his life back. Jordan wants to stand up to his mom and give their relationship another try, but Naomi tells him they’ve already tried and tells him goodbye. Naomi gets a call from Dixon about Adrianna and rushes to the theatre. While in the rescue center, Naomi mentions to Annie that her Prince Harry debacle is scaring away clients. She then sees Dixon helping people and comes up with something.

It takes her 3 hours to set up Naomi Clark Rescue Relief, a fundraiser with t-shirts (with her face on them), taquitos, and a performance by the Goo Goo Dolls. All the money made will be donated to the Red Cross. Annie doubts the effort as sincere and asks Naomi if she’s using it as a PR move. During the Goo Goo Dolls performance, Annie tells Naomi that the firefighters suspect a gas leak in the theatre and the concert is blocking people from setting up equipment. Naomi then, literally, pulls the plug on the concert. Later, Annie apologizes to Naomi for saying she was doing the concert for nice press. Naomi then reveals that she did speak to a tabloid, but that she gave the $500,000 to the Red Cross. Jordan and his mom then appear. Cheryl tells Naomi that Prince Harry went to rehab and the Emperor wants to meet with her. Since Naomi’s doing this for her, Jordan tells his mom that he and Naomi will do whatever they please. Naomi leaves the show on a plane to DC with Jordan, Annie, & Liam.

Annie/Liam– While Annie’s outside the theatre, Liam’s at home getting ready to leave with Sydney. Liam mentions that he feels like he’s leaving something behind. When the driver comes to get their stuff, he mentions the explosion at the concert. Sydney tells Liam to go and that she’ll reschedule their flight. When he shows up at the theatre, he immediately starts looking for Annie. When Liam and Annie finally talk, they talk about missing their flights and how they both need to get a fresh start. Silver and Dixon try to get Annie & Liam to admit that they want to be with each other throughout the episode, but neither or them budge…until the end of the episode. When Sydney is packing things in the bar, she finds the paper with Old Salty’s signature. She realizes that Liam might not be over Annie and tells him he shouldn’t hide from the truth. Before she leaves for her flight, Sydney tells Liam to read the end of Annie’s book. Meanwhile, Naomi invites Annie to take her & Jordan’s flight to Washington. Annie decides to take it and tells Dixon her goodbyes. Liam ends up looking for Annie and Dixon tells him she’s gone. While the plane is getting ready for takeoff, Liam shows up on the runway on his motorcycle. Once they stop the plane, Liam tells Annie that what they have is worth it and that he loves her. He then pulls out a ring and proposes. Annie says yes. Naomi then sends a pic of their engagement to all their friends.

Adrianna/Navid– It turns out that something exploded under the stage, which caused the stage around Adrianna to fall apart. Navid gets out fine, but when the gang tells him that they can’t find Ade, Navid runs back into the rubble to find her. Navid looks for Ade through the rubble and finds her once she wakes up and starts yelling for him. When he finds her, he sees that her foot is underneath some rubble and the structure is still collapsing around them. They then call Dixon to tell them they’re stuck. A firefighter tells Navid not to move Ade or anything around them because the structure could still collapse. While splitting an old granola bar, Ade tells Navid that when they get out they should take things slow, because she wants them to get their second chance right. Navid then tells Ade that Michaela lost her baby, so she calls Silver to ask if she’s doing okay. Silver can’t believe that Ade’s worried about her, and Ade tells her that since Silver got over everything she’s done that she could return the favor.

While under the rubble, Navid & Ade take a break to watch the Goo Goo Dolls on their phone. Honestly, there are some many problems and plot holes with that, that I don’t even want to get into it. Anyways, they stop the concert and say they smell gas. There’s a possible leak underneath the theatre. The couple starts getting worried, which causes Ade to tell Navid that she doesn’t want to take things slow. They plan a life with a house and the firefighters then suddenly appear to help. Ade comes out okay, but the structure collapses and falls on Navid. Just when Ade is ready to go back in to look for him, Navid comes out on a stretcher. Navid & Ade say that they love each other, and always will, and leave in an ambulance.

Silver/Dixon– While Silver is at the rescue center, she gets a call from her doctor: she has breast cancer. When she’s in an ambulance, she steals a bottle of painkillers. Later, Dixon asks Silver to consider adoption. She starts crying and tells Dixon she has cancer. Dixon tells her that life is one big fight after another, and that she has to keep fighting until she can’t fight anymore. Silver then takes the pills and throws them away. She later calls her doctor and schedules her surgeries, assuring that she wants to fight her diagnosis.

So that was the finale. It was a terrible finale to match a terrible season. From Liam being an idiot and having a 2 stalker girlfriends in a row, to Silver accepting Adrianna’s apology and reforming their friendship, the character choices and story made no sense. Even my favorite character, Naomi, was not immune. The back and forth between her & Max took out the spark in her character. Even after that was over, she was saddled with her secretly married ex-con chef brother. I was a fan of the show because it was a fun, frothy, teen soap. It was silly, but it also handled deeper storylines well, particularly Silver’s manic episode and Teddy’s coming out. What happened this season wasn’t really fun, but tedious and unbelievable. Soaps, and shows in general, don’t have to be 100% believable, but come on? This season, Liam sold his bar, starred in a movie and videogame, and opened a surfshop/became a sorta sports agent. He’s not even 21. This was also in between him being kidnapped and attending business classes, mind you. Maybe when the kids from the zip code graduated, the show should have as well. What did you guys think of the finale? Any of you Lannie fans happy they’re together? Are there actually Adrianna fans? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below! Thanks for reading my recaps the last 2 seasons!

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2 Responses to 90210 – Recap & Review – We All Fall Down (Series Finale)

  1. anon00 says:

    I’ve read your recaps for the past year or two. Nice job every week.

    I was a huge fan of the original Beverly Hills, 90210.

    I didn’t like this show, 90210, as much, but I kept watching. But I’d only watch episodes once, like what I’d do for my favorite shows.

    I actually liked the last 2 months of this season (from about February onward) the best, of the series. I didn’t like the high school teen drama aspect of the show. It was just a bunch of misunderstandings, or people lying because they thought it was right, etc. And it annoyed me that these people were drinking in almost every episode, even during HS. Access to alcohol can’t be THAT easy. Even during college, I doubt most turned 21. And with Liam, even if he owns a bar, he can’t just have a beer whenever, especially when he’s probably not 21.

    So, what I liked about the last few months, was that it focused more on the adult aspects of life, such as jobs, surrogates, family, cheating in school, etc. Yes there were still a lot of unrealistic elements (such as watching a concert on a phone when they’re buried under rubble), but oh well. The show at least moved beyond someone liking someone else, but not telling them, to an extent.

    I do agree with your previous posts about how there is short term memory on this show. People were hooking up very freely. Or not reacting to traumatic events like divorce or death or stalkers.

    As for the finale, I didn’t like it, nor hate it. It was just too predictable, with a happy ending for all, and so many relationships coming full circle.

    Would have been nice to see Ivy during the studio portion of the finale, just to share her thoughts.

    I liked Max and Naomi. Jordan and Naomi are fine too.

    I like Adriana’s character, she keeps the show interesting, and Jessica Lowndes is one of the best actresses on the show IMO.One of the best moments on the show was when she did something bad, texting the school a nude pic of Silver.

    I also never got why Adriana was arrested for flashing during a concert, but nothing happened to Naomi for being nude during that school reunion.

    I thought Liam forgave Annie quickly for writing the book, and he got over her escort past quickly. I didn’t care for Liam and Annie one way or another. They weren’t the “Donna and David” from Beverly Hills, 90210.

  2. anon00 says:

    But I’d only watch episodes once, *** UNLIKE *** what I’d do for my favorite shows.

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