Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – Reunion

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Survivor: Caramoan

Original Air Date: May 12, 2013

Ryan O – Staff Writer

There are certain things you can expect from a Survivor reunion show. Jeff will spend only a little bit of time talking to the winner. He’ll fawn over his favorite alpha male. The questions you most want answered won’t even get asked.

This time, however, one of the key people wasn’t even in attendance. Wasn’t even mentioned.

Jeff calls Cochran a fish-out-of-water winner. Playing this time, Cochran accepted himself instead of focusing on how other players would perceive him.

How is he different today after playing a second time? Accepting his eccentricities instead of worrying about them.

Advice for a new player? Go to bed thinking about the best move for each of the other players. Be calm but not complacent; vigilant but not paranoid (… Dawn).

Cochran would like to write instead of being a lawyer even though he just graduated law school.

Dawn believes she had to go against who she was as she played. After voting out Corrine was when she started to lose stability and that move should’ve signaled to other people that she was seriously playing the game.

Dawn has been taking a thrashing on social media. It didn’t get to Dawn. The game changed Dawn in that way that she knows who she is and is comfortable with it. She did, however, shut down her Twitter account.

Brenda is appearing via satellite. She didn’t think she’d play so hard with her heart. Circumstances brought her close to Dawn and she felt really hurt when she was voted out.

Brenda hasn’t spoken to Dawn since the end of the game. Dawn hates that it caused such a deep hurt and she regrets that.

Jeff asks wasn’t there something beyond the game that happened when Brenda helped Dawn? Nope. Dawn chose to vote out everyone and anyone she had to.

Dawn apologizes to Brenda again. Brenda accepts the apology. Brenda shows off her very pregnant belly and says she is very close to her due date, which is why she isn’t in the studio with everyone else.

Jeff calls Phillip “one of the biggest characters this season” and a “polarizing figure.”

Phillip says everyone likes how he played this season.

Phillip gives Jeff the name, “Piercing Eagle” as part of Stealth R Us. God, I hate the reunion show.

Oh, rah, Boston Rob. Boston calls Phillip entertaining. He was inspired enough to write down the Boston Rob rules, strategies for living his life.

Yes, we wasted time watching Boston Rob give Phillip a book.

Malcolm had no time to recover between seasons. He still hasn’t recovered. He says he learned humility because he didn’t win everything the second time he played. He thought it would be easy but it’s a crazy game.

Why didn’t Malcolm keep digging with Andrea there? He says he looked for a good long time. He never actually seems to say that he did keep digging while she was there.

Malcolm isn’t a great actor, as shown by a clip from him being on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Jeff finds a cute tween in the crowd to ask about Malcolm. She likes Malcolm for how he plays and his hair.

Boys get Andrea in trouble. She had so much fun playing the game again. That’s it from Andrea.

Reynold says returning players know how to stay detached and that it’s just a game.

We see clips from the first season. Jeff is talking to Rudy, who is now 85. Rudy says it was hard to put up with the people. Rudy was one of the original Navy Seals.

71% of the votes cast for Fan Favorite were for Malcolm and Brenda. Malcolm won with 36%.

Season 27 will be Blood vs. Water. My guess is there will be pairs of people with pre-existing relationships. I can’t decide if they’ll be put in the same tribe or if they’ll be split up and put on different tribes initially.

Wow. The reunion always feels light on content but even more so this time. Questions I wanted asked included:

Would Malcolm still make the move to align with Reynold and Eddie?

Did anyone during the game realize that talking to Dawn about your plans meant you’d be eliminated?

Does Eddie realize he was on Survivor and not a dating show?

Was Phillip really a fun sponge?

Just how scared were people around Brandon, especially toward the end of his time on the game?

But that last question would have meant acknowledging the existence of Brandon. The non-jury members are left sitting in the first two rows of the audience and never come on stage. I think that might be a first for the reunion shows. I also don’t think Brandon is there.

What questions did you want answered? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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