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photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: May 12, 2013

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

The action packed two hour season finale starts just after the blackout. As the residents of the Hamptons (and the greater New York area) deal with the after effects; Emily, Aiden and Nolan watch the chaos from NolCorp headquarters. All power is out to New York City and the greater New York Area – affecting more than one power grid. Emily and Nolan realize that when Aiden and Nolan transferred the Amanda Clarke Foundation’s funds, it triggered a trap that the Falcon had set within Carrion, causing the blackout.

Still at the Stowaway, Victoria tells Jack that the recording of Nate Ryan and Conrad is not proof enough that Conrad ordered Amanda’s death. Jack mentions Amanda’s laptop and that he thinks Conrad has hidden it in a safe at home. Victoria agrees to help Jack find the laptop and they head to Grayson manor. In the safe, they find a gun (that Victoria places in a nearby desk) and a number of folders, but no laptop. Victoria suggests that maybe Ashley could help them find the laptop. Jack tells Victoria that Ashley is unaware of the laptop’s location, letting it slip that he and Ashley are working together.

Emily and Nolan attempt to find a way to make it look like the money transfer was done by someone other than Aiden. This is hard, though, because the Grayson Global (GG) network is down because of the power outage. Emily thinks that Takeda knows more about what the Initiative was planning. She and Nolan leave to get this information.

As the power slowly comes back on throughout the city, Declan and Regina argue about Charlotte. Declan finds that Regina has downloaded the paparazzi video of she and Charlotte kissing. This leads him to believe that Regina is wanting to be more than friends with Charlotte. When the power comes on, Regina slyly plants the bail money she has taken from the ATM on Declan. Later, when Declan visits Charlotte, Regina has painted a darker picture of their time together. She is bruised and battered and tells Charlotte that Declan is responsible for the injuries and theft of the bail money. At first, Charlotte believes Regina. After talking with Declan later, she confronts Regina and leaves her, choosing to believe Declan instead.

Charlotte and Daniel arrive at Conrad’s political headquarters just as the power comes back on. Daniel is dead set on going back to GG to make sure that the evidence points towards Aiden. Conrad cautions Daniel from going back to GG because no matter what he would do, the Initiative would have their bases covered. Conrad seems fairly insistent that Daniel stay away from GG. To me, this felt like a bit of foreshadowing, especially because it felt unnatural for Conrad to be that insistent towards Daniel.

Conrad arrives home and Victoria confronts him about Amanda’s laptop, the Nate Ryan recording, and Jack’s plans to release the tape recording to the press. Conrad assures Victoria that they have nothing to worry about because the laptop is on the ocean floor and Ashley will help keep Jack out of the press conference. Victoria informs Conrad that Ashley has been working with Jack. Later, Conrad swipes Ashley’s phone and texts Jack to meet her at GG because she has found the laptop. This, in my opinion, really shows the depth of how evil Conrad is.

Nolan and Emily find Takeda dead on his floor. Emily is devastated. (For me, this was one of the most powerful scenes with Emily this season – similar to the Amanda death scene in emotional depth). They conclude that the murderer gained Takeda’s trust and after a sword fight, moved Takeda’s body out of respect for a fair fight. It seemed a little odd to me at this point that Nolan and Emily didn’t even consider that Aiden may have been involved, given his history with Takeda. Just before leaving the apartment, Emily and Nolan find Takeda’s “infinity box” – full of various photos. One of these is of a man we haven’t seen yet. They believe that this mystery man may be Takeda’s murder and that he will be after Aiden and/or Emily next.

Emily tells Aiden of Takeda’s murder. When she tries to leave, Aiden stops her and she realizes (due to wounds on his arms) that he murdered Takeda. Emily is confused and hurt by this. Aiden explains that Takeda had his own reasons for revenge – he had a fiancé on Flight 197. Aiden says that when he confronted Takeda about his own motives that Takeda threatened Emily. Emily seems to be more hurt that Aiden has known about Takeda’s own motive all along, and that he had not shared it with her than she does by the actual information.

Daniel and his technical staff are working to get their network back up. Daniel sends all other GG staff home, though. Conrad again calls Daniel, asking him to come to campaign headquarters and to leave GG as soon as possible. This, to me, was beyond foreshadowing. It was a big, flashing sign – “Something is going to go down at GG!!!” After speaking with Daniel, Emily realizes that the technical staff person helping Daniel is the mystery man. She tries to go after him, but the elevator door closes before she catches up with him.

Jack calls Nolan asking for his help to crack the password on Amanda’s laptop after he picks it up at GG. The call cuts out. Just then, a match comes in on the mystery man. He is Gregor Hoffman, an apparent assassin. Emily and Nolan then realize that Jack is heading into a trap at GG. They race off to save Jack, leaving him voice mail messages as they head towards GG. As Conrad’s press conference starts, Jack arrives at Grayson Global. When he gets off the elevator, his phone beeps, indicating messages. As Conrad is wrapping up his speech, cell phones throughout the city start vibrating with messages saying “Long Live David Clarke”. There is a huge explosion from the GG building.

Nolan goes back to NolCorp to monitor what is going on. He tracks Jack’s cell phone and finds that he is 10 feet away. Jack had received Nolan’s message. Jack confronts Nolan about his knowledge of the explosion. Nolan tells Jack about the Falcon and that he thinks the evidence was on Amanda’s computer. Jack still trusts Nolan, and leaves to find Ashley to confront her about the text message leading him to GG. Ashley denies sending the text. She thinks that Conrad must have used her phone because he wanted Jack to be at GG when the explosion occurred. Jack tells Ashley to pretend she hadn’t seen him, because his only leverage is that Conrad thinks he is dead. After Jack leaves, Ashley calls Nolan to tell Jack that Declan had been in GG during the explosion and was injured. Emily arrives to take Jack to the hospital. Jack doesn’t trust her because she is almost a Grayson, but Nolan tells him that he trusts her with his life, as did Amanda. It still seems a little weird to me that Jack is so trusting of Ashley, given her history.

Emily takes Jack to the hospital and helps sneak him in to see Declan. Declan wakes up and Jack tells him that Conrad was trying to kill him. Declan then tells Jack that Charlotte is pregnant.

At the remains of GG, Daniel tells Conrad that Aiden was involved and that the money from the Amanda Clarke Foundation is gone. Conrad takes this exceedingly well. He tells Daniel that money comes, money goes and they have what matters – their name. Daniel tells Conrad he is not going to be involved with the family any longer. Conrad lets it slip that he knew that the explosion was going to happen. Daniel is infuriated and disgusted.

At the hospital, Nolan finds out that Declan is in bad shape and needs heart surgery. Declan does not think he is going to make it and Nolan that if he doesn’t make it, Jack will need Nolan more than ever.
When Emily visits Victoria, they see on the news that Aiden has been arrested at the Canadian border as the mastermind of the cyber attacks and bombing. Shortly thereafter, Aiden is in jail being interrogated. He is told that they have cancelled his request to get an attorney. The direction of the investigation has changed. What does this mean?

Daniel tells Victoria that Conrad knew that the bombing was going to occur. She is surprised and shocked. When Conrad arrives home, she confronts him about this and being part of the Initiative. Conrad tells Victoria that there is no Initiative – there really never was. Wait, what?!?!?! Apparently, it’s just a group of business people who have perfected the art of profiting off of fear. If they could predict acts of terror, they could make a ton of money. After flight 197, the FAA granted billions of security contracts. Those companies profited significantly. When Conrad was approached by Mrs. Crowley, he jumped on it as long as he was allowed into the inner circle. Victoria is extremely upset about Conrad’s involvement. All year, she had feared that Daniel was in danger. She even committed murder because of it. Conrad tells her that she must continue to play the role of dutiful wife or end up with nothing – like she had when he found her. She spits in his face. I loved this scene, because it really showed the depth of Victoria’s desperation and disgust.

Jack arrives at the hospital to find Nolan sitting in Declan’s room, crying. He gives Jack a recording that Declan had him make, saying goodbye. Nolan tells Jack that Declan’s aorta had ruptured and that is dead. They both are devastated. Though I was never that fond of Declan, my heart was breaking for them both. Nolan tells Jack that they should take Carl and leave. Jack believes that Conrad has taken everything from him and he wants revenge. He runs out of the hospital and heads to Grayson manor. Jack finds the gun that Victoria had hidden earlier and pulls the gun on Victoria, but she denies knowing anything about the bombing. She tells him to shoot her because she deserves it. Jack tells her that she deserves to explain to her grandson why he doesn’t have a father. Victoria deserves to have a long, tortured life. Jack takes the gun and leaves.

Back at NolCorp, Nolan is packing up to leave to try and stop Jack from killing Conrad. Suddenly, the FBI breaks in and arrests him for executing willful acts of terror against our country. This is one twist I did not see coming! Poor Nolan! First, Padma’s death and his investigation for it, and now this! The police play him a tape of Padma, setting Nolan up for the crime – claiming that he is a blind follower of David Clarke! She claims that Nolan is the Initiative! Wow! I always knew that we couldn’t trust here, although I really started to empathize with her near the end. Does this mean she isn’t really dead? Or was she forced to make the tape before she died? Or did she do it willingly? So many questions!

After Aiden’s release from jail, Daniel finds him at Emily’s house. Aiden says that he is not Initiative and that he had nothing to do with the attacks. He blames everything on Conrad. Aiden tells Daniel that he marries Emily, he would spend the rest of his life regretting it, because she doesn’t love him. They struggle and Daniel is knocked to the ground. He finds a gun that had been on a table that had also been knocked over.

Emily arrives at Grayson headquarters and confronts Ashley about Jack. Emily is afraid that Jack is going to kill Conrad and tells Ashley that she needs to keep Conrad off the stage. Backstage, Ashley seems to briefly try to keep Conrad off the stage, but not too hard. Daniel arrives just prior to the speech asking Conrad to borrow a shirt. We see a blood stain on his sleeve. Is this his blood or Aiden’s? Conrad starts to make acceptance speech and we see Jack standing in the crowd. Emily spots Jack in the balcony and runs up to him just as he is aiming a gun at Conrad. She stops him from shooting by declaring to him what he really knows inside – she is Amanda Clarke! This was another shocker to me. I was not sure she would ever tell him the truth. What will this mean for their relationship? Will this pave the way for them to rekindle their relationship? Or will Jack be hurt that she kept the truth from him the whole time?

Victoria watches the speech from home and the doorbell rings. She answers the door and finds Patrick there! My guess is that it is Gregor Hoffman. What do you think?

This was an insane two hours! I apologize for the length of this recap, but so much happened. I’m sure I missed some things. So many questions were answered, but so many more came up. What will happen with Nolan? Who will save him? I’m guessing Emily’s revenge will turn towards helping to provide his innocence. Who is Patrick? Do you think it might be Hoffman as well? How do you feel about Declan’s death? Charlotte’s pregnancy? How will Jack react to the truth that Emily is Amanda? Anything that I missed? One big question that was answered is that YES, there will be a Season Three of Revenge! I’ll be there to recap/review and hope that you will be to join in on the discussion as well! Please, share your thoughts!

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