Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – And Straight On ‘Til Morning

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon a Time
And Straight On ‘Til Morning

Original Air Date: May 12, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Just when I thought this show would zig, it zagged. And zagged it did. Evil may have rehabilitated and enemies have become allies. Choices were made and it’s a shock, but a good surprise for the audience. The game has changed in a way that amazed me – in an exciting way. Plus, a new Big Bad has emerged – and you cannot believe who it is.

In Neverland (pre-curse), Hook finds out the boy he saved is Milah’s son. He tells his crew that Bae will be used to kill The Dark One but MeThinks he has a soft spot for his love’s child. He doesn’t give Bae up when The Lost Boys come to search the ship. What’s shocking is The Boys are a scary bunch – bullies. They’re not the cutesy lads flying and outwitting Hook. Hook’s the underdog, the one being intimidated. Also shocking? The Lost Boys are more like Lost Middle-Aged Men – time has not been kind to these kids.

Bae and Hook bond on mutual experiences with bad fathers (sad). Hook shows Bae how to sail the pirate ship – fatherly. When Bae finds a drawing of Milah, he confronts Hook; thinking he’s the pirate that killed his mother.

Hook straightens him out – it was Rumpel that killed Milah after she ran away with him. Milah abandoned Bae but was going to get him after a few years. Bae wants nothing to do with the pirate and wants off the ship. Hook obliges…by sending him with The Lost Boys. Hook is always looking out for himself – always alone. Well, not to give Hook an excuse but Bae wanted off so, he’s off.

In Storybrooke, Emma, Charming and Snow tell Henry and Rumpel about Neal’s demise. Both are heartbroken. Rumpel reacts differently than what I expected. Instead of demanding Tamara and Greg’s head on a stick, he says magic has its price – he takes responsibility for Bae’s death. Wow. Didn’t see that happening. Rumpel will not help in stopping the failsafe – he’s willing to face his punishment.

Tamara and Greg activate the failsafe using a dwarf’s ax in the mines. They make the mistake of bringing Hook along – why was he even there again? I guess to realize he wants revenge but he wants his life more. Tell a person he’s going to die and he’ll change alliances real quick.

Hook tells Charming, Snow, Emma, Henry and Regina where to find the failsafe and the Anti-Magic Duo. Regina tells Henry that they will all die if the failsafe is activated except Henry because he’s from this world – the boy will be alone. The gang concocts a plan: Regina can slow the process so the rest can find a magic bean. The townspeople will escape through a portal. Snow and Henry will alert the town, Hook and Charming will find Anti-Magic Duo for the beans, and Regina and Emma will slow the failsafe.

Meanwhile, Rumpel finds the Dwarves ransacking his shop for Sneezy’s stein because Mother Superior found a cure for the Forget-Fairytale identity curse – Sneezy is going to die knowing his Fairytale self. Grumpy gives Rumpel the potion for Belle – she helped Grumpy in Fairytale so he’s returning the favor. Rumpel gives Lacey the potion when she uses his keepsake to wipe spilt liquor. He realizes Lacey isn’t the one he loves – he wants to die with Belle. Their reunion is so sweet!! Tears and kisses.

In the mines, Regina uses her magic to slow the destruction but this means she cannot escape with the town. In a tragic, enlightened moment, Regina tells Emma she blamed everyone for her misery but she’s responsible for everything (including the failsafe) so it’s fitting she dies because of it. Plus, everyone sees her as the Evil Queen – she wants to die as Regina. That’s so sad and shows she’s a good person deep down inside.

David and Hook get a bean away from the Terrible Two but more beans are in the hands of Tamara and Greg. One bean is enough for the plan so David and Hook meet up with the gang at Granny’s while Anti-Magic Duo skedaddles. At the diner, Emma tells them about Regina’s sacrifice. Snow plans to send the failsafe through the portal, not the townspeople. Emma doesn’t like it – the new plan can fail.

Snow tells Emma the original plan is the easy way out; she took the easy way by killing Cora – the hard way is the right way. The new plan stands. Hook doesn’t like it but gives the bean to Emma – he wants to be part of something; not alone. At the mines, Emma finds out Hook wants no part of the new plan – the pouch that should have contained the bean is empty.

Well, new and old plan are done – no bean, no leaving. Regina tells them she’s not powerful enough to hold on anymore. Good thing for her, Emma thinks together they can stall/stop the failsafe. Guess what? They did!

The failsafe is neutralized but knocks everyone out for a bit. When they wake, Henry is gone…taken by Tamara and Greg. The activation of the diamond was just a distraction – their orders were to take Henry! Whaa…whaa? Using the bean, they jump into the portal with the boy.

Regina, Emma, and Henry’s grandparents come in time to see Henry disappear but to where? Why do they want Henry? Hook volunteers his ship – he doesn’t want to be alone; he wants to be part of something. He came back to help. Hook also has a bean in his possession. Who else volunteers? Rumpel.

The Dark One can help track Henry – he’ll make the trip with them. Before he leaves, he gives Belle a cloaking spell to protect Storybrooke – Belle is staying. Rumpel knows Henry will be his undoing but he’s his grandson – he’s doing this for Bae even if The Dark One is going to die. Coward he is not. Belle promises they will see each other again – “undoing” doesn’t have to mean death.

In Fairytale (post-curse), Neal washes ashore. Prince Phillip, Aurora and Mulan find him. Guess Bae isn’t dead, huh?

On the ship, Rumpel and Hook make peace. It seems enemies have become allies for a common cause. Rumpel uses the magic globe to find Henry. His location? Neverland. The bean is used and the ship enters the portal. The only question? Why take Henry? Who are Tamara and Greg working for? As per Rumpel, Peter Pan is the Big Bad – someone everyone should fear.

In Neverland (pre-curse), Bae is deemed “not the boy” that Peter Pan is searching for. When The Lost Boys reveal to the audience a drawing of The Boy, it’s revealed to be…Henry. WTF?!

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. The Lost Boys say The Shadow can rip a person’s shadow from their body. Peter Pan isn’t an innocent boy after all. He’s the new Big Bad. Also, Rumpel knows him. How?

2. Wasn’t it sweet when Henry told Regina she’s a hero for sacrificing herself for the town? Choices. Like Rumpel, willing to face his “undoing” meaning he’s no longer a coward. Seeing Rumpel try to kill Henry (beginning of the episode) to willingly meet his fate by saving Henry at the end – it’s an astonishing turnaround. Have both been rehabilitated?

3. The Find-Henry Brigade are a hodgepodge of ex-enemies. It’s going to be so much fun watching them navigate their baggage while fighting for a common cause. Their interaction and group dynamic are going to be fun. Also, their relationships are kinda incestuous, no?

4. Has Hook been rehabilitated? Will he be less selfish? Will he no longer be a loner and let someone into his life now that he’s not driven by revenge? Does this mean there’s hope for Emma and Hook? Hook was willing to let Bae into his life – I think he was going to raise Bae like his own. I think realizing Henry is Milah’s grandson helped his decision to return and save Storybrooke and, now, the search for Henry.

5. My Wendy Anti-Magic Society was a bust!! Oh well. I never guessed “Lost” theories correct either so this seems on trend with my record.

This was a great episode that closed many storylines but opened up so many. Peter Pan is a Big Bad everyone should fear? Really?!! Wow. How does Rumpel know Peter Pan? What do you think about this episode and all the reveals? Do you think Rumpel and Regina have rehabilitated? Why does Peter Pan want Henry? What’s his significance?!! Discuss away!!!

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One Response to Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – And Straight On ‘Til Morning

  1. raybelle says:

    I’m so glad Regina survived, and now she and Emma are on the same side– their life has so many parallels (both lost their love, made sketchy choices, have Henry, etc), that I kept thinking for the last season that eventually Emma or Regina would confide in the other. It seemed odd to me that they never did.

    The incest thing is weird– I know I kind of root for Hook/Emma, but Hook’s lost love is Rumple’s, which means he too holds a flame for Henry’s grandmother and a soft spot for Emma’s ex.

    So excited to see Phillip with his soul back– hopefully they’ll flash back or exposition that lost chapter. Can’t wait till they figure out that, once again, they have a castaway from Storybrooke!

    I feel like there’s a difference between the “Lost Ones” we saw and the “Lost Boys” Hook referred to in Tallahassee– when the big kid decided it wasn’t Bae they wanted, he said “put him with the others”, and Wendy commented that at night all the boys cried for their mothers; so I think there’s a hierarchy/hostage system going on.

    Great Season Finale– I’ll admit I only know the DIsney version of Peter Pan, so I’m kind of interested to see what kind of warped version they take it too, and if he’s the real Big Bad, or if someone else is coming up behind him pulling strings…

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