How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Something New

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

How I Met Your Mother
Something New

Original Air Date: May 13, 2013

Caitlin –Senior Staff Writer

Last week’s episode left our characters with a lot of emotions and many fans with a lot of frustration. There were old feelings and new plans and a whole bunch of plotlines to be tied up- with the knowledge that only some probably would be.

It should come as no shock, then, that absolutely nothing of any interest happens in this episode. Season finale drama? Pssh. Cliffhangers? As if. A moment in the final seconds that brings an end (to some extent) to 8 long years of waiting? Not at all.

Remember all that angst last week with Robin? Yeah, it’s basically over now. Instead, we’re focused on Marshall and Lily, because it turns out that they never told his mother about Rome. Eventually, Marshall agrees to take Marvin to visit her, giving Lily a week alone- time that she’s going to spend with Ted as he’s decorating his new house. It’s beautiful, but the surprise is in why. Ted is selling the place- and moving to Chicago.

Really, though, Barney and Robin are totally fine. They’re at a favorite restaurant and adoring each other’s presence. Then they run into a couple who redefine “pretentious” and take their table by the window, leaving them in a position where Barney is consistently smacked by kitchen doors. They decide to take revenge by breaking the couple up. If this seems a big extreme, at least it gives us a chance to see our diabolical lovebirds cackling as they concoct their plans.

At the house, a stunned Lily asks Ted what he’s thinking. He just wants to try and meet his future wife. Or so he says. In reality, he still doesn’t want to be around Robin. Here, at last, is the mysteriously disappearing angst. Lily herself has spent all this time dealing with the fact Marshall’s mother is “jokingly” determined to keep them from going to Rome. In the end, she doesn’t need to worry about Judith. What she needs to worry about is the phone call Marshall gets, telling him he’s been made a judge.

While Marshall tries unsuccessfully to talk his way into doing both Italy and the judgeship and Barney and Robin inadvertently get their annoying couple engaged, Ted tells Lily about what happened last week. She, in turn, reveals that she knows about the locket. One night, when Ted was about to marry Stella, a drunk Robin dug it up. She was going to take it to Japan. Instead, it’s been sitting in Ted’s apartment for years. He decides to take it to the wedding. A bad idea? Almost certainly.

After that, things happen at a pace that will leave your head spinning. Ted departs for the wedding, taking the locket with him. Barney and Robin kiss on their way out the door to a taxi driven by Ranjit. With a week before Italy, Marshall still hasn’t told Lily his news. And Ted asks Lily not to tell the others about Chicago. He’ll need to come back to New York to say goodbye. First, he’ll need to take a train out of Farhampton…

…But someone is already on their way to the Farhampton station. Someone who we first see only the ankles of as she walks by. Someone with wavy brown hair, a purple dress, and, most importantly, a yellow umbrella. We only hear her say a few words, asking for a train ticket. We don’t even learn her name. But after all this time, The Mother is finally here.

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3 Responses to How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Something New

  1. ilovefootball2525 says:

    So glad I stopped watching this show. It’s past suspense and is now just annoying.

  2. karenb says:

    The presumed mother was played by Cristin Milioti from the Broadway musical Once!

    Pretty apt because I assume she’ll be “Falling Slowly”!

  3. ttccaitlin says:

    There still seems to be some fear of a red herring, so here’s conformation from Carter and Craig that we have, indeed- finally!- met The Mother:

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