Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Semi Finals

photo: abc

photo: abc

Dancing With The Stars
Semi Finals

Original Air Date May 13, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight we continue the journey to next week’s finals. We have seen so many great, and not so great, couples leave us during the course of the competition and are down to the five remaining couples that will, by the end of tomorrow night’s results show, be whittled down to three. Those three couples will compete next week for the coveted mirror ball trophy! Are there any thoughts on who that could be?

We also see tonight the new dances styles, which you the Twitter followers, voted on. What will happen and how will they do with the judges? We are about to find out. Let’s get this show started, shall we?

Dance #1

Kellie & Derek – Argentine Tango (10 10 10=30)
Judges take: Len – It was a mix of pride and joy. It was fantastic. Bruno – Welcome to the world of the sublime. It was like watching two people become one. Pure perfection. Carrie Ann – It was perfection.

My take: I love Kellie & Derek with this dance. They work so hard week to week and it shows that they belong here – and in the finals next week as well, if they make it through tomorrow night’s elimination. Derek had never done this dance before; a lot of research went into this dance so that they could learn it and choreograph it correctly. All the research paid off!

Ingo & Kym – Samba (8 8 8=24)
Judges take: Bruno – Ingo is like a dog with a bone. It is really seen that they put the work into it. Carrie Ann – They are the underdog. It is still bit inconsistent. Len – They need a good job with a difficult dance. Well done, good job!

My take: Beautifully done dance. Every so often I wonder how they got this far, but tonight they did well. Do you think they did well enough to get to next week’s finals?

Aly & Mark – Rumba (10 10 10=30)
Judges take: Carrie Ann – Way to go Aly! Len: Aly has grown, way to go! Bruno – Such a performance level that they have never seen before.

My take: As Mark pointed out in the piece before their dance number, Aly has grown a lot during the course of the competition. However, I think that her discipline as a gymnast helped with that. What do you think?

Jacoby & Karina – Argentine Tango (10 10 10=30)
Judges take: Len – Right on the money! Bruno – The sexual tension was unbearable. Best performance ever! Carri Ann – All Carrie Ann did was make some moves to show she found it to be hot. Jacoby’s mother also loved it and showed her happiness with the routine.

My take: After seeing Karina get injured earlier in the week, I was interested to see how she would recover from the mistake. The dance was wonderfully executed and had everyone applauding! Afterwards, we find out that the move was taken out of their dance and replaced with something similar so that there would be no chance that Karina would get hurt again. Good move! Would you like to have seen them attempt the move tonight or were they right in playing it safe?

Zendaya & Val – QuickStep (8 8 9=25)
Judges take: Bruno – Loved the concept and pushed it to the limit. Lost their frame and footing a couple of times. Carrie Ann – That was kind of a mess. It lost its place because of its fast start. It felt as if they were dragging each other through the dance. Len: Part of the dance was fabulous. The speed came in and the stall came out. Full of energy.

My take: I am always amazed to see the outfits that are chosen for each of the dances. Tonight was no exception. I was surprised to see the outfits they had at the start of the show, and was even more surprised when I saw bumper cars being used at the beginning of their dance. They did a wonderful job, as always, and think that they will make it to the Finals next week, what do you think?

Dance #2 – New Dance Styles

Derek & Kellie – Flamenco (9 10 9=28)
Judges take: Len – You just booked your place in the finals. Bruno – There were a few spots when they tensed up. CarrieAnn – Towards the end they tensed up. Was it the skirt?

My take: I have never seen this dance before other than in a few movies, so I have nothing really to base it on. But from what I had seen, they did a great job.

Ingo & Kym – Charleston (9 9 9=27)
Judges take: Bruno – Fun, fun, fun! Carrie Ann – Ingo hit a home run with this dance! Len – Best time to do your best dance!

My take: I love the old time feel of the dance and how they showed it with the old fashioned look of black and white (or in this case, it looked more brown and white) and then brought it to color.

Aly & Mark – AfroJazz (10 9 10=29)
Judges take: Carrie Ann – Fantabulous! Len: Would have loved a little more connection between the two of them. It is my opinion. Bruno – You have exceeded all expectations.

My take: What a dance. It was full of energy and fun. I loved the African costumes and war paint that they wore on their faces.

Jacoby & Karina – Lindy Hop (10 9 10=29)
Judges take: Len – It was high energy, full on and fabulous. Bruno – You nailed it, man! Carrie Ann – You are the number one entertainer of season sixteen.

My take: It definitely was full of energy. It was fun to see it start up in the bandstand and end on the judges table. What did you think?

Zendaya & Val – Hip Hop (10 10 10=30)
Judges take: Bruno – So cool it gave me chills. Zendaya forever. Carrie Ann – Val, nice job! Len – It was fantastic. There was a lot of fun going on.

My take: It has been a tossup week to week on who my favorite is, but ultimately I am a Zendaya fan. She has consistently shown the commitment to learning all the dances that she is unfamiliar with – and she has done fabulous week to week. This week it was up to Val to learn a dance style that he was unfamiliar with. What did you think? How did Val do?

Leaderboard: First – Aly & Mark, Jacoby & Karina (TIE – 59); Third – Kellie & Derek (58); Fourth – Zendaya & Val (55); Fifth – Ingo & Kym (54)

Remember to get your votes in for those that you want to save from going home tomorrow. Your vote does count! Tune in tomorrow night to see who stays for the finals and who goes home!

What did you think of tonight’s show? Will the new dance styles be incorporated into next season? Any thoughts on who will be going home?

Time for your TwoCents!

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