The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Love Spell Potential

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Big Bang Theory
The Love Spell Potential

Original Air Date: May 9, 2013

Kym Hoopes – Senior Reviewer

It appears that the sexes have divided for the weekend for different adventures. The girls are off to Vegas – no husbands, no boyfriends, some rules – and the guys are playing Dungeons and Dragons. Unashamed geek that I am, I have to say I’d rather be playing D&D with the guys, but Vegas would be fun too I suppose. I’ve never been.

Let’s see who has more fun.

The guys’ game is off to a slow start. Sheldon is worried about Howard being Dungeon Master instead of Leonard and we all know how he feels about change, Zachary Quinto as Spock aside. Howard starts out pretty strong, but Raj bails after a text from Lucy so they’re already down a player. Three in a party is doable, but a kink in the works for Howard since he probably planned his adventure for four. Imagination to the rescue – apparently “Ghost Raj” will guide them through the forest at the urging of the Nicholas Cage tree. Howard’s doing well enough at running the game, in fact, that it’s making Leonard jealous. He does voices. He does sound effects. Let’s see if he does a good story too. But first, another kink in the works. The girls didn’t make it to Vegas after all. Amy got flagged for a pat down, took offense and elbowed the agent in the nose. Now she’s on the no fly list and they may have been followed home by a drone. But, as Penny says, she lost money, she’s filled with shame and she got groped by a stranger – that’s Vegas. She’s about to leave before she ruins anyone else’s weekend but Leonard suggests they stay and play. Sheldon’s leery at first, but leaves it up to Howard and they get to play. By the way, Penny – lots of girls play D&D. Penny mixes a cocktail first and Sheldon tells her they don’t drink alcohol when they play. She tells him it’s not alcohol, it’s a “magic potion” that makes her like him and it seems everyone ends up drinking except Sheldon. The girls are rolling well too, really getting into as if they were in Vegas after all and helping to kill the first monsters, a pair of ogres. Later, they’re taking on a dragon that talks like Christopher Walken and it’s clear that Howard is getting tired of doing the celebrity impersonations, but Sheldon’s still eating it right up. The dragon goes down, Howard and Bernadette flirt and Penny gets the idea that Sheldon and Amy’s characters should hook up in the game. Bernadette’s character casts a love spell on them. How can Sheldon not play along? He almost has too, doesn’t he? Unfortunately it’s Amy that can’t handle it and she runs off to Sheldon’s room. It’s because she’s upset that everyone thinks their relationship is a joke. To their credit, I don’t think that’s the case. I think they honestly thought they might help thing along. It’s forced them to face the question of whether they will ever have an intimate relationship or not. He points out that their relationship is very intimate by his terms, which is true, then that they wouldn’t really be playing the game properly if they didn’t follow through on the results of the love spell, No, they don’t actually have sex, but they do describe a scene before we fade to commercial, and have apparently been in his room for quite a while when we come back.

In the side story, after splitting on the guys, Raj meets Lucy to go out for drinks and dinner. Of course. I doubt Raj has reached a comfort level with her that allows him to speak without a social lubricant. During dinner she’s presented with an opportunity to do something scary when her food tastes “funky”. She wants to just not eat it, but Raj calls the waiter over. Is he pushing too hard? She can’t do it and retreats to the bathroom in an effort to escape again. Unfortunately this bathroom window leads into a locked enclosure topped with razor wire. She calls Raj to confess her escape attempt and they end up kissing through the fence. So cute. I still think they could be really good together.

But, returning to the main story this week, can I just say wow? What a perfect way to get Sheldon to be more intimate with Amy. She’s going to want him to do this again and it’s a good way to make him feel more comfortable with the idea. One of the ideas of role-playing games is to explore something you’ve never done before, to be someone else, so it’s liberating for Sheldon. His character is not burdened by his own issues with intimacy and can do things that he is not capable of doing himself. Yet. Will it be enough for Amy? For now, it would seem so.

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2 Responses to The Big Bang Theory – Recap & Review – The Love Spell Potential

  1. Maggie C. says:

    I agree with you that D&D with the guys would be more fun, even though I haven’t been to Vegas either, I have gamed alot. Not just D&D, but Tunnels and Trolls, Shadowrun, Traveler, etc. I know many girls who game.
    I am glad that Sheldon and Amy have tried a little “alone time”. 2ho know what is next tee hee hee.
    Sending food back at a restaurant is hard to sometimes, but hec you are paying for it so you should get edible food. I hope Lucy and Raj work out.
    This was a very good episode.

  2. Maggie C. says:

    I meant who knows. ooops. Aw heck.

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