Community – Recap & Review – Advanced Introduction to Finality

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Advanced Introduction to Finality

Original Air Date: May 9, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

Welcome to the season finale! But will it be the series finale? Only NBC knows. Or do they? Dun dun dun!

Jeff has a meeting with his old partner, Mark, who offers him a pretty sweet job for after he graduates. Jeff accepts the deal but you can see he feels like a sellout. The real reason he’s a sellout is taking all gimme classes and graduating with a major in education. You could’ve majored in something like jellybeans at Greendale and you chose education? Nerd. I’m just kidding, I love you Jeff. Call me.

Jeff has to turn in his paperwork and get the Dean to sign his diploma so he can graduate. Dean is in the middle of signing his John Deancock when Jeff stalls and says they should throw a party. Later, Jeff and Britta have drinks and talk about Jeff getting cold feet about graduating. Jeff is afraid they group can’t handle his graduation emotionally.

Next, Jeff throws a dice to decide who’ll bring soda to the party and it lands on its side and not on a number. Abed believes this is evidence they’re in the darkest timeline and next thing you know, an armless, underwear-clad Jeff teleports into Dean’s office Terminator style.

Evil Annie brings Jeff clothes and his robot arm. Now they collude to turn the study group against Regular Jeff so that Regularl Jeff will graduate and take the job, therefore progressing the evil timeline. In the evil melee, Evil Jeff shoots Abed with some kind of weird paintball gun that sends him to a different timeline where he meets Evil Abed who is no longer evil. Nice call back to the best ever episode of this show. You know where your bread is buttered, writers.

Evil Jeff confronts Regular Jeff and tells him he has to take the job. Regular Jeff says that he’s spent the last four years trying hard not to be who he was and he can’t take the job. Evil Jeff makes to shoot Regular Jeff with the timeline portal gun but Chang takes the bullet for him. Regular Jeff takes off and Evil Britta, Evil Troy, and Evil Shirley show up and offer help.

Regular Shirley, Troy, Annie, and Britta are hanging out at Abed and Troy’s place when Regualr Jeff shows up and tells them about Evil Jeff. They think he’s full of crap, natch, but then Abed comes in with the DoppelDeaner, whom he promptly shoots with the timeline portal gun to show them that it’s true. They grab guns and roll out.

There’s a shootout in the cafeteria and Evil Jeff and Regular Jeff face off. Regular Jeff Neos his way back into the actual reality timeline. They’re at the graduation party which looks suspiciously like a wedding. Jeff gives a Winger Speech and then Pierce breaks up the party by graduating first. Jeff decides to look into small local firms so he can drop by anytime he likes.

At the end, we get Evil Troy and Abed in the morning. They take a look at other timelines, like Timeline 5 where Troy and Britta have a baby named Chewbacca. I’d like to see that timeline myself.

This was no paintball episode but I enjoyed it. I have no idea why Evil Troy has a voice changing thing on his throat. Did I miss something somewhere? If this has to be the series finale, I’m fine with the way it’s ended. I honestly haven’t loved this season so I’d rather let it stand than do another subpar season like this one. I’m ready to let it go. Your thoughts? Is this a good enough possible ending? Leave your comments below!


About Shannon

Shannon is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She adores all things Disney and loves a good tall Dole Whip.
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