Modern Family – Recap & Review – My Hero

photo: abc

photo: abc

Modern Family
My Hero

Original Air Date: May 8, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

We each have our heroes. Hells, Enrique Iglesias sings about wanting to be yours! Who’s the champion in your family? Let’s see who Luke and Manny chose as their family hero for their homework assignment.

Hero #1: Cam

The whole family ends up in a roller rink for a charity event – invited by Mitchell’s ex-boyfriend, Teddy (his first “steady” after coming out). Cam is okay with the current relationship between Mitchell and his ex, just not Mitchell’s family and Teddy. Cam is jealous to the tenth and wants the family to break up with Teddy but it has to come from Mitchell. Oy!

Jay gives Cam an important talk – everyone may love Teddy but Mitchell is happy with Cam and that’s all Jay ever wants for his son. Cam is the hero in Jay’s book because he makes his son happy.

Hero #2: Phil

Phil helps Gloria conquer her fears of looking ungraceful. She doesn’t know how to roller-skate so he teaches her – sustaining injuries and embarrassment along the way. To put her at ease, he even lets her pull his pants down in the middle of the rink so all eyes are on him and not her. I never said heroes were smart.

Hero #3: Haley to Alex/Alex to Haley

Haley teaches Alex to be smart in front of boys but not make them feel stupid in the process. The older sister teaches the younger one to flirt and feel confident. Alex, in turn, boosts Haley’s confidence regarding her intellect when she tells older sis that she’s smart. Now Haley is looking into community college. (Will she meet Jeff Winger?) Mutual support means both are unspoken heroes.

Hero# 4: Claire

Luke is freaking out about something – resorting to stress eating. His problem? Phil wants to read the hero essay thinking the subject is father but, in reality, the subject is mommy-dearest. That’s right, Luke didn’t want to think. The first person that came into mind when he thought of a hero (person who isn’t afraid and strong), was mommy. Awww…

Hero #5: Jay

Jay wants Claire to work for him but given past experience, Claire is unwilling. She avoids him until Luke reminds her, she’s strong and unafraid. Claire declines the offer and Jay voices his disappointment.

When Claire overhears Jay consoling Cam in a tender moment, she realizes Jay has changed – he’s a great dude. Claire agrees to work for her pops, her hero.

You see? Everyone has a hero in their family and everyone is someone’s hero. You don’t have to run into a burning building (though if you do, you’re a frakking hero, obvs). Small moments that may seem insignificant to you can make you someone’s hero.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. How funny was the exit-test? There was a small fire and the family had to choose Teddy’s exit or Cam’s exit. The problem with Cam’s exit? It was further away from safety and closer to death. Common sense dictates Teddy wins.

2. Why is Cam so sensitive? How can the family break up with a friend because of Cam’s jealousy? At least he won a punching game (until Teddy beat him at that).

3. Claire talking about disappointing Jay
Claire: The four big times that I disappointed him, it devastated me. The first time I cut off all my hair, went to college out of state, I crashed his vintage Jag into a wall…..
Phil: That’s only three…
Claire: Kids, dinner!!!
~ Guess what’s the fourth…Ha!!!

4. Quote of the episode:
“Gloria, trust me. As long as you’re standing next to me, you will not look stupid”
~ Phil, providing unintentional funny.

5. Loved Manny crossing off family names as they fall short of his hero criteria:
Claire – drinking while babysitting
Jay – accepting a free dinner when hair was found in Gloria’s food even though it may have been Gloria’s hair
Gloria – for not voicing her concern about the hair
Haley/Alex – abandoning Manny for boys
Mitchell – for ratting Cam out to the family (breaking up with Teddy was Cam’s idea but he didn’t want the family to know…well, now they know)
Cam – for not believing the family can love him and Teddy at the same time

6. Family moment of the episode:
Manny’s anti-hero/family-hero essay. It’s true; family is stronger and better together. They are heroes as a whole. Little man understands. Too bad the teacher doesn’t.

This was a sweet little episode. The show is best when the family is together. Who is your hero? Did you like the subject of this episode? Isn’t Cam too sensitive? Do you like how Haley/Alex play off each other? How will Claire working for Jay play out? (Hilariously, of course!) What is your favorite zinger? Discuss away?!!!

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