Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Readiness is All

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
Readiness is All

Original Air Date: May 9, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

The summer of 1993 had one major component. And that was the Proclaimers’ “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles” played on incessant repeat. I wore that cassette single out! So while parts of tonight’s episode maddened me, the hour gets a passing grade for that song alone!

If you thought tonight’s episode would all be set-up for next week, you were about half right. But we also got brain surgery, saws, a marriage proposal, and… adultery. And that last one is bound to cause quite the fan base uproar and I am none too pleased about it myself! Add to all of that an impending super storm and we had quite the hour.

Meredith: Three weeks out from her due date, Meredith is still trying to be a full force surgeon. But when a patient’s surgery involves the potential for exploding oxygen lines (remember season two’s bomb in the chest, she does!), Owen rightfully sends her out of the operating room. She’s in a huff and ends up taking a nasty spill on the stairs. It turned out to be a nonissue, but it was a frightening moment. She’s medically OK, but Derek begs her to slow down. It turns out McFetus is on board with that, because as Meredith and Derek hunker down to ride out the storm in the hospital, her water breaks!

April: April is excited to tend to her newest patient, a man who is impaled on multiple metal rods. The surgery has some tense moments; when the only way to get the rods out is with a power saw that could create sparks that might cause an explosion, courtesy of the oxygen lines. Despite a small fire, the rods are managed, and Owen promptly kicks April out of the O/R to go do storm prep. She sulks; thinking that nobody has faith in her as a doctor, but it turns out Owen is just in cahoots with Paramedic Matthew. Because despite just recently reconciling, Matthew has planned a flash mob proposal to the aforementioned Proclaimers song. April is floored, while the watching doctors are just amazed that April found someone as dorky as is. April accepts the proposal, but still manages to make meaningful eye contact with a watching Jackson.

Owen: With Paul still unconscious, Owen explains to Ethan that his grandmother is considering foster care. Seriously, Nancy is a useless relative! Owen seriously contemplates taking Owen in, querying Meredith about how she and Derek knew Zola was meant to be their daughter. Meanwhile Cristina is busy still trying to get Paul to wake up. She takes another round of tests, and notices a clot in his brain that she hadn’t seen before. Derek takes him to the O/R, continuing to take Heather/Mousy under his wing as a star pupil. Heather proves her worth by even finishing the procedure when Derek is called away to tend to Meredith post-fall. Cristina panics, but it all goes well, with Paul even waking up. Of course, he wakes up, just as Owen decides to take Ethan is. Ethan’s immediate reaction is to withdraw, transferring Paul (and Ethan with him) to another hospital before the storm hits.

Bailey: Bailey is back, but only kind of, as she busies herself printing out patient records before the impending storm (in case of power outage). Richard tries to get her into surgery, but she balks at the order. Owen and Callie commiserate with Ben, with both having dealt with PTSD in their spouse, but Richard decides Bailey needs a firm push. He tells her the hospital needs a surgeon, not a file clerk, and if she can’t do it, she needs to get out of there. The push works and at hour’s end, Bailey puts herself back on the surgical board with her intern (Ross).

Arizona: Ugh. I just don’t even want to talk about this. To wrap it all up in a quick bow… Lauren spends the hour being a shameless flirt and Arizona just eats it up. But nobody else notices, not even Jackson who is in surgery with the two of them. Post-op, Lauren asks Arizona to show her to an on-call room under the guise of being close to their patient. Once there, as the hospital’s power begins to fail, Lauren kisses Arizona, who initially resists, but then locks the door and becomes a cheater. And I think this is all just horrible. I get the whole “happy couples are boring” thing, but Arizona just got comfortable enough in her body again to make love to her wife, now she’s decided to trash her family because of a crush? I just don’t see where this is coming from! And after George cheated on Callie, I didn’t anticipate she’d be at the receiving end of an unscrupulous blonde interloper once again. What do you think?

Alex: Alex tends to a battered Jo, who, in addition to her battered face, also has some gnarly wounds on her knuckles. Alex takes off, presumably to give Chest Peckwell (aka Jason) a beat down, but the next time we seem him is at the hospital corralling Derek to take a look at a patient. And that patient is a badly injured and unconscious Jason, who has a brain bleed and needs surgery. Meredith and Cristina rail at Alex, assuming he beat Jason up, but to the shock of nobody Jo arrives and confesses that she did it in self-defense. Nobody seems to be sure of the whole truth, but when Alex awakens he blackmails Jason into not calling the police, by pointing out that all anyone (including his friends that own the hospital) will see is that he hit a woman. Jason seemed almost convincing that Jo attacked him, and based on her version of events, it seems as though he grabbed her mid-fight, which caused her to regress to an attack from her past. Back at the house, Alex yells that she has to grow up and she wonders why he cares so much. Just as he’s about to confess his feelings, the storm knocks a massive tree through the living room window. They both seem to be OK, but it remains to be seen where the conversation picks up.

And with the baby on the way… Arizona cheating… April engaged… Bailey back in the game… a tree in the house… and a hurricane-force storm bearing down, we head into next week’s season finale!

And in case you were wondering, the acoustic version of “(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles” was performed by Sleeping At Last.

Now you have my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below and I’ll see you here next week!


About Karen Belgrad

Number cruncher by day, Karen spends way too many hours watching television and reading/writing about what she just watched. When not glued to the television, Karen sings karaoke, checks out live music, and roots for the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs. Pop culture trivia and the Kevin Bacon game are her useless special talents. Managing Editor for [twitter:karenb0716]
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4 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Readiness is All

  1. lilly says:

    i hate arizona from the beggining as she always tend to left callie but NOW SERIOUSLY i really felyt bad for callie as now mark is gone how left out and alone she is gonna feel i absolutely hate her
    well i still believe that april is gonna be back with jackson as yes u want some levels of romance in life and in aprils case height of romance but all romance doesnt mean its love too i think what she have with jackson that is love plus as she was virgin and she gave a great deal to it and avery is the one who took her virginty he counts more the rest is ok i just hope no one dies specially not mcbaby 🙂 love ur review thanx

  2. janetbratter says:

    Three days before Mothers’ Day and Shonda destroys the illusion of “the good man in a storm”. Arizona, who begged Callie not to leave, and who is co-parenting Sofia….and for what? A roll in the hay with another “player” who has no respect for marriage and knows it’s a “hit and run” since she’s only there for one surgery?

    Arizona is going to regret this big time. And Callie is going to be so destroyed. I don’t think JCap should be so glib about it with that #badgirlArizona unless of course that’s how she plays it in “real” life too, a husband and three kids or not….those Hollywood actresses…. (Of course that just feeds the fantasies of those who’d like to believe that she and Sara are more than just “work-wives”.)

  3. Lori says:

    Karen, I really enjoy your recaps and wonder why you don’t get more comments like some of the other recaps out there…..I can’t remember how I found your site, though, so perhaps not enough people know about it. I like that you include thoughts and opinions not just a repeat of what happened.

    I haven’t caught up (dvr every episode) yet, so I haven’t seen the finale. Can’t wait for it! I hope Mathew doesn’t die like they imply in the scenes for next week clips.

    • karenb says:

      If you haven’t seen it yet… I won’t give anything away! I (of course) wish more people joined in the conversation, but am always grateful for those that do! I can’t wait to see your thoughts on the finale!

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