American Idol – Recap & Review – Top 3 Perform

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Top 3 Perform

Original Air Date: May 8, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

The poor three remaining contestants couldn’t pick their own songs as they came within spitting distance of the finale. They had three songs chosen for them by Jimmy Iovine, the judges and “the production team” (who is that?).

It was a crazy night with nine total performances, the hometown visits and Nicki and Mariah dressing like they were 16. Mariah wore and white cheerleader outfit with her midriff showing while Nicki showing cleavage threatened to get its own chair at the judging table.


She really makes it a country song by slowing it slightly and adding a country twang. As much as I love her voice, this wasn’t her best vocal. There were shaky notes and breathing issues.
KEITH said it proved that she’s a country girl no matter what she sings. NICKI thought the quality of her voice was quality (hmm?). She suggested that she come out with flat boots so she can move more. RANDY didn’t love the song for her and said it felt flat. MARIAH thought she could have sung out more, but understood she has to sing three times.

Her rhythm felt off in moments, but she killed the glory notes.
NICKI liked the song choice and said she was on her way to be a diva. RANDY said the third time (auditioning) was definitely the charm for her. He didn’t think it was perfect, but her emotion was on point. MARIAH couldn’t believe she was once a travel agent because they felt the emotion. KEITH loved that she has so much power and even though she got sharp a few times, her emotion carried her through.

ANGIE MILLER: “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”
She’s not playing the piano, which is always an issue with the judges. She tends to screech on the top notes, but the limited range in this song worked for her. But she pulled back the theatrics and it’s a nice performance.
RANDY was curious why she didn’t play the Elton John song on the piano (she said she couldn’t learn the piano part so quickly), but he really liked it. MARIAH thought it was one of the best performances she’d seen her do and she really enjoyed it. KEITH would have been happy if she held back more and reminded her that you can break people’s heart singing gently. NICKI said it was a stellar vocal but it didn’t hit her emotionally.

JIMMY said he picked the songs to challenge the final 3. Kree did a good job interpreting the lyrics, but not as good as he wanted her to. Angie did a stellar job, but should have played the piano although emotionally she gave it. Candice did a great job, but missed a few moments. He gave the round to Angie.


The white pants with black stripes so didn’t work. We got a look at her hometown visit and she really does seem emotionally overwhelmed and grateful. It’s a really fun song and she sings it really well.
MARIAH called it A-plus amazing and her visit home revitalized her. KEITH said he felt like a conversation and thought she is becoming more and more confident. NICKI said that she’s so proud of her and congratulated her. RANDY said that the show is about coming from somewhere and getting on a national stage. He also praised her performance.

Angie’s visit home played up that she hasn’t been home since the marathon bombing (she’s from a suburb of Boston). This is a very upbeat song, different from what she judges have said they wanted to hear from her – but this is their pick. This wasn’t her best.
KEITH loved that she didn’t play the piano. She looked comfortable on stage. NICKI also said she looked so comfortable on the stage. RANDY said the song fit her like a glove. MARIAH said the song was festive like her. She also felt her hometown visit gave her more confidence.

KREE HARRISON: “Here Comes Goodbye”
During her hometown visit, there’s a different type of tears as both her parents, who passed away when she was young, are not there. She visits her childhood room, which is falling apart. She gives a beautiful delivery of a great song.
NICKI felt she emotionally recharged in her visit and she is so proud of her. She said it was one of her best performance to date because she meant every word. RANDY said it was one of the Top 3 they’ve ever had. He called her performance “unbelievably beautiful.” MARIAH felt overwhelmed with emotion by her purity of her singing. KEITH called it the perfect song, she sang it just right and felt it just right.

JIMMY noted how difficult it is to sing after being emotional. He felt that judges made good selections for Angie and Kree, who were neck-in-neck. But Candice should have been given a song more difficult and her song was too subtle for what she’s capable of. He gave the round to Kree.


She’s back to the piano. She does a good job with it, but it’s not memorable.
RANDY thought tonight she became a complete performer, with or without the piano. MARIAH didn’t think it was an easy song to sing, making her stay in belting register for a long time. She thought she did an amazing song. KEITH said she should sing under piano next week (huh?). NICKI praised her ability to convey emotion.

KREE HARRISON: “Better Dig Two”
It’s a rocking song with an upbeat country flavor. She did a great job with it. It could be a hit for her as it was for The Band Perry. MARIAH liked seeing the rocker side of her. KEITH liked the song, but he didn’t think it wasn’t the best one for her. NICKI didn’t like the song for her and it wasn’t in her comfort zone. RANDY said it was too ordinary for her and her voice is too big for it.

CANDICE GLOVER: “Somewhere” from “West Side Story”
She’s so effortless, never having to push the notes. She’s in full Oscar bling with an orchestra on stage with her. I was surprised to see that her pitched wavered here and there and it went over the top sometimes. All four judges gave her a standing ovation.
KEITH said if someone didn’t vote for her, they needed to see the doctor because they didn’t have a pulse. NICKI said, “see you next week.” RANDY said she’s had another one of the greatest performances in Idol history. MARIAH thanks her for making her cry—once again.

JIMMY gave the third role to Candice for adding her own soul to “Somewhere.” He said she didn’t just win the round, but also the night.

Who are you voting for? Did you cry for any of the hometown visits? Which match up would you rather see for the finale? Give us your TwoCents…

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