Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – “Don’t Say Anything About My Mom”

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Survivor: Caramoan
“Don’t Say Anything About My Mom”

Original Air Date: May 8, 2013

Ryan O – Staff Writer

Eddie is the last of the three-guy alliance. He seems like an easy, obvious elimination. Or does that make it the perfect time to blindside someone?

Oh and don’t forget: the finale is Sunday! SUNDAY! Tune in to see Erik win! Or so I think!


Day 35. “All the chicks I try to hook up with end up getting voted out.” Oh, Eddie. Anyway, Eddie tells us he feels vulnerable. Well, sure, because he is. Cochran talks with Eddie about who would be next to go if Eddie wins the next immunity. Eddie tells Cochran that he would be next, which causes Cochran to stop and think about things and reassess the game and everyone. Also, Eddie just isn’t that bright, is he?

Meanwhile, Brenda and Dawn have the same, “What if Eddie wins immunity, who should be next?” conversation. Brenda says Cochran. Brenda says Erik is good with that. Dawn tells us she’s isn’t sure she wants to do that but it’s good she has options. She tells Erik and Brenda voting for Cochran will be hard for her.

Erik tells us this is a hard day for him and he feels trapped and imprisoned. He feels miserable during the long days in the “beautiful prison.” He decides to climb a really tall tree to get coconuts. The interview does give you a sense of how desperately hungry they get. He does get down safely from the tree but no coconuts.


Here’s who’s left after Reynold and Andrea were both sent to the jury last week: Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Eddie, Erik, and Sherri.

Treemail is the cell phone with the video messages from home. Time for the challenge with the loved ones.

Reward Challenge!

Brenda’s dad Raymond, Erik’s brother Richard, Sherri’s husband Jerry, Cochran’s mom Arleen, Eddie’s dad Ed, and Dawn’s husband Dave appear.

Each pair must unscrew three poles, hang them on two upright poles, and then toss three bolos onto the poles.

Winning pair gets to go to a backyard barbecue.

Erik and his brother and Brenda and her dad are out to an early lead. Cochran and his mom fall behind and just spend the time talking, really.

Erik and his brother land a bolo first. Brenda hits one and then another. Sherri’s husband hits a couple but Brenda’s dad hits the third and they win.

Brenda has to choose someone to join her and she chooses Dawn. Then, Jeff hands her a cell phone with a video showing everyone’s second loved ones. They’re on the island. Whoever goes to to the barbecue gets to see a second loved one, too.

Cochran’s dad, Sherri’s oldest son (that news brings Sherri to her knees crying), Erik’s other brother, Eddie’s mom, Dawn’s best friend, and Brenda’s sister are the other loved ones.

Brenda can choose her and Dawn and their loved ones or allow the other four people and their loved ones to enjoy the barbecue.


Brenda gives the reward to the remaining four.

Post-Reward Challenge

The cruelest part is that the barbecue is on a raft 50 yards off-shore from the camp. Brenda and Dawn can hear everyone. Dawn tells us the game is breaking her down. She says Brenda earned good will, everyone else got to eat and be with their loved ones, and she got nothing. Brenda tries to talk her through it, telling her not to lose hope.

Brenda tells us everything you do, good or bad, is a double-edged sword.

Everyone comes back, full and appreciative. Cochran tells us everyone was really appreciative for what Brenda did. But, he knows that likability is a liability.

Immunity Challenge! Immunity! Back up for grabs!

Everyone is standing on a ledge. They’re leaning forward with their arms extend out behind them holding a handle with a rope that’s connected to a winch. Every so often, more rope gets let out, which lowers everyone closer to the water they’re standing over and making it harder on their arms.

Have I mentioned they haven’t done a puzzle challenge in forever?

15 minutes in and Cochran can’t hang on. He falls in and he’s out. 25 minutes in and Eddie is fighting hard but he’s out. Erik drops out and I do think he just dropped out. I think he sandbagged this challenge since he felt safe.

Dawn, Sherri, and Brenda are left. Sherri’s hands are slipping and she falls.

Dawn tries to convince Brenda to let her have the win since Eddie is out. Brenda doesn’t want to do that. She wants to give it her best effort. They’re lowered some more. Brenda fights it but can’t last any longer. She falls in and Dawn wins immunity.

Brenda tells us she definitely would’ve held on longer if Eddie was left but it didn’t matter since it was Dawn.


Brenda tells us she thinks it a straight-forward vote for Eddie and then they’ll take out Cochran.

Cochran tells us he’d like to take out Brenda. He realizes it will be a hard sell to convince people to eliminate someone other than Eddie. He talks with Sherri about blindsiding Brenda instead of voting for Eddie. He talks with Dawn about how Brenda is a big threat. They talk about what would happen if Eddie wins the last immunity and how that’s a big risk. But they do think about Brenda and Dawn acknowledges Brenda is the biggest strategic threat. She tells us she’s confused and doesn’t want to let Cochran control her game.

Tribal Council

Dawn is glad to be safe at Tribal Council.

Eddie says he thinks he’s packed his bag for Tribal Council for the last time but Jeff says he’s probably thought that on a number of occasions.

Brenda says the decision to let the other four see their loved ones was a no-brainer. It was hard and easy at the same time.

Dawn says that decision really benefited Brenda, earning her a lot of good will. Sherri says everyone appreciates what Brenda did.

Cochran says you have to weight short-term versus long-term considerations for this vote.


Eddie, Eddie, Erik, Brenda, Brenda, Brenda and Brenda is headed to the jury.

Brenda turns to the other five, “I was honest with you guys. I was genuine with you guys.” After her torch is snuffed, she turns to them again, “It hurts.”

In case you’re wondering, Cochran, Dawn, and Sherri voted for Brenda; Erik and Brenda voted for Eddie; and Eddie voted for Erik.

Bubbling Under

If Eddie gets to the final three, he wins, no question. However, I don’t think he will. I’m going out on a limb and predicting Erik. He wins the last challenge and picks Dawn and Sherri to go with him.

Don’t forget: SUNDAY! Sunday is the finale!

What do you expect to happen in the finale? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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8 Responses to Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – “Don’t Say Anything About My Mom”

  1. Scheddar says:

    I hated this episode, mostly because I hate how it made me feel about the people I’ve been cheering for throughout this season.

    I hated the reward challenge because if you win this challenge it seems the only way to minimize the target on your back is to be a selfish douchebag and think only of yourself. You do the humane thing and regardless of your reasoning for doing it, everyone is going to look at is as something that garners you jury votes, so you end up screwing yourself.

    Cochran comes off as exceedingly calculating, which no doubt he’s been all along, but it seems to be getting more airtime.

    Dawn comes across as incredibly self-absorbed and heartless. The fact that we didn’t see her go to Cochran and let him know he was in danger was telling, considering he’d been loyal to her, though for all we know she might have told him “off screen”.

    Erik and the whole coconut journey just came off as bizarre.

    I hate that Brenda did the right thing and got screwed over in the process. I’m not even rooting for her to win, yet I feel awful for her. Some things you just need to put the game aside for and do the right thing, and I hate that they used her kind gesture against her.

    And I disagree, no way, no how Eddie wins if he gets into the final 3. He’s done absolutely nothing to get there, it’s been sheer luck. I venture to say he’s the surest person to take with you to the final 3 if you’re hoping to win.

    • ryanoneil says:

      Yes, there’s no winning in winning the loved-ones reward challenge and this one seemed worse than usual. Brenda was definitely in a no-win position. I think she was a target anyway and this only hastened that decision.

      Eddie could have votes from Michael, Reynold, Malcolm, and Andrea before he even opens his mouth. No, he hasn’t done anything but he also hasn’t crossed anyone. It depends on the jury members, I guess. I could see Brenda choosing Eddie over Dawn and Cochran.

      • Scheddar says:

        Nah, I don’t see Andrea or Malcolm rewarding Eddie with a vote. I think they both respect the game and can see beyond their personal hurt feelings to realize that there had to be some mastermind behind their downfall and they would begrudgingly reward that person. I think with so much going on behind the scenes and under the radar this year, the final TC will crucial to garnering votes. Lots of people will hear for the first time what exactly occurred to bring about each of their downfalls, lots of surprises in store as a result so I think whomever best presents their case at that final TC will win the season.

        • ryanoneil says:

          I do think it’s unlikely that Eddie would be able to help himself much at a final Tribal Council.

          I dunno: in a trio of Dawn, Eddie, and Sherri, I’m not sure Malcolm or Andrea would vote for Dawn. (But, yes, that trio seems unlikely.)

  2. g says:

    What are your thoughts on Dawn? Do you find her constant crying to be annoying or endearing?

  3. Maggie C. says:

    The person who came up with the twist at the reward challenge must be the reincarnation of the Marquis de Sade. Brenda and Dawn should have been able to visit with their loved ones on the beach while the others were at the BBQ.
    There is a saying that I truly hate; “No good deed goes unpunnished”. Voting Brenda into the jury was the most cruel blow. They could have waited till the next vote the ungrateful creeps.

    • ryanoneil says:

      I did think the entire set-up for the loved-one challenge was cruel, from picking someone to go with you and then having that person not go to the placement of the actual reward.

      I also understand and appreciate the vote, regardless of how cruel it was. Catching Brenda unaware was the way to eliminate her. She is, after all, the one who let up during the immunity challenge. You didn’t want her feeling a bit vulnerable at the next immunity challenge and working harder because of that. You do have to take your opportunities when they come, even if they seem cruel.

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