NCIS – Recap & Review – Double Blind

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Double Blind

Original Air Date: May 7, 2013

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

“Culinary Specialist” Petty Officer Evan Lowry is convinced he’s being followed and he assaults a man. NCIS is called in and McGee notices that although he sounds paranoid and crazy there is a tracking device on his car. There is some truth to the statement he’s being followed. It’s up to NCIS to figure out who by and why.

In matters closer to home, Department of Defense Investigator Richard Parsons (Colin Hanks) arrives after the death of Bodnar, who killed Vance’s wife and Ziva’s father. Will he be a friend or a foe to the team?

Evan Lowry is adamant that he’s being followed but he was recently mugged and the concussion he suffered also gave him a spot of memory loss. Ducky and Palmer try to jog Evan’s memory and his chef’s nose recognizes bratwurst from a recent deceased’s stomach, so they visit bratwurst stands to see if the location rings any bells.

It does. Evan recognizes the entrance to a warehouse but Abby finds a legal document in his possession which indicates he signed up to be part of a government experiment just before he was mugged. In the warehouse Evan identifies the man who has been following him, but it turns out to be part of the experiment, witnessing the effects of surveillance and also helping to develop better surveillance technology and techniques. When it turns out Evan will be paid for the study, he decides not to press charges.

Just as it looks as though the team can relax and turn their attentions on Richard Parsons, who is rapidly becoming what Abby refers to as a “evil McGee”, there is a fire at the warehouse that was performing the surveillance experiment. Only one employee was mildly injured, but a lot of information was destroyed and, considering a lot of the participants were navy personnel, NCIS investigates the arson.

Their main suspect is a civilian called Simon Gravy (Fred Koehler) since he went off the grid after the fire but once they find them he states only went off the grid because he realized how pathetic his life must look on camera (DiNozzo didn’t seem to mind though, he likes moving images). Gravy has an alibi and he points out that only an idiot would commit a felony whilst under surveillance… or, as Gibbs realizes, someone who forgot they were being watched.

Evan is the perpetrator. Having forgotten what he signed up for, he met up with his best friend, a new mother who refused to attend her third tour of Afghanistan. The team have to arrest him. Sometimes, the law sucks.

Sometimes, those who uphold the law suck even more, because Parsons has set out to make a name of himself, regardless of casualties. At first it looks like he’s after Ziva, questioning her loyalty, asking if she slept with a friend back in Israel, manipulating it so Tony would watch them through the one-way mirror. He may seem all cuddly and innocent but he’s definitely an evil McGee.

McGee tracks his evil twin’s cellphone and the geek in his natural habitat of technology, caffeine drinks and junk food is a delight to see. It looks as though Parsons is investigating Vance, but McGee finds out the truth, just as an army of suits enter the bullpen. They’re there for Gibbs.

Do you think any harm will come to Gibbs? Did you suspect Evan of the arson? Did you prefer the storyline of the case or of the DoD investigation or do you think they were nicely balanced? Where do you stand on the Tony and Ziva relationship? Are you looking forward to seeing Mike Franks back for the finale? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents on the show.

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