Law & Order: SVU – Recap & Review – Poisoned Motive

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Law & Order: SVU
Poisoned Motive

Original Air Date: May 8, 2013

Caitlin – Senior Staff Writer

Given what happens in the first part of tonight’s episode, one might be surprised it’s not the season finale. For a while- until NBC ordered two more episodes- it was supposed to be. I’m curious about what, if anything, the writers changed since then.

If you saw the preview airing after last week’s installment, you already know. Amanda gets shot during a perp walk. Fin reaches her first and Olivia and Nick run to a building in search of the sniper. By the time they get to the roof, there’s nobody there.

The drama in regards to the shooting doesn’t last long. Amanda is in the hospital, relatively okay (and very doped up). The perp in question is a lady pimp who sent Amanda several texts prior to the shooting. Everyone else starts using them to start tracking leads, but soon another cop is shot. This time, it was the son of Fin’s former supervisor. He doesn’t survive.

Fin quickly thinks both shootings are acts of revenge. He and Nick go to talk to an old partner of his for help. Luis also got shot in a scuffle with a suspect. Fin’s quite pissed off now, and tells Escavar off, but he’s been in prison for 15 years. While there, he’s been creating plenty of trouble. This might or might not include getting his girlfriend (willingly) pregnant with their young son.

At first, he doesn’t look hopeful, but then a new lead turns up in Hurley, an associate of Escavar who has sniper skills. Amanda is still in the hospital, ailing from an infection, so Fin takes Olivia to talk to him. Then he and Nick go beat up Escavar in his cell. They’re threatening to do to him what was done to Gloucester in King Lear when a guard shows up to inform them all that Escavar’s girlfriend was shot dead.

Lt. Eames is again recruited by the SVU to help out with the case. Because there’s already an ongoing investigation, there are a lot of resources. Fin goes back to Luis for help, but finds himself becoming suspicious after doubts are raised by the other detectives. And with good reason- when Fin confronts him, Luis confesses flat-out to shooting Amanda and the other victims.

He’s angry at Fin for cutting off their friendship, at his old boss for letting him go, and at Escavar for getting access to medical care his wife didn’t. Fin remorsefully accepts the words as true, but Amanda doesn’t. She thinks he’s protecting someone, most likely his daughter, Gloria. They find her car with a charred body inside, but Olivia is doubtful the body is actually her. If true, this brings up the matter of where she is now

Luis tries to maintain that he was the shooter, but he can’t deny that his daughter has major psychological issues. Gloria goes to the hospital where her mother died, kills a security guard and leaves behind a video for the detectives in which she discusses all the ways she and her family were hurt by the system. As they watch, she heads off to kill more loved ones of the peopled who wronged her.

She holds a man’s wife and son hostage, talking first to him, then to her father, and finally to Fin, who she holds most accountable for everything. She asks him to come inside or she’ll shoot the hostages. He does so, locking the door when she asks and taking off his vest so she can shoot him, saying he should have died when Luis saved him and apologizing for not staying in touch.

He’s making progress when Gloria says she won’t make it out alive and tries to kill the wife and son. Fin knocks her to the ground and keeps the SWAT team that runs in from shooting her. She’s taking away, sobbing. Fin makes amends with Luis and talks to Amanda. Neither of them blames him for anything that happened, but I don’t doubt this is going to have lasting effects.

Next Week: Brief Interlude

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One Response to Law & Order: SVU – Recap & Review – Poisoned Motive

  1. Fe says:

    I knew Gloria was the shooter from the moment she was in the scene. I had a feeling because of the information about Fin’s partner (Gloria Dad)’s misfortune. It was a good kinda reminded me of the recent fugitive cop in California.

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