Revenge – Recap & Review – Engagement

photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: May 5, 2013

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

This week starts as Emily throws a private, romantic dinner for Daniel. She accepts Daniel’s re-proposal, and tells him that her biggest regret over the last year was not getting on a plane with him. Because of this, she gives Daniel plane tickets to Paris. Daniel and Emily surprise Victoria and Conrad by announcing their engagement and their imminent trip to Paris. Daniel and Emily plan to live there after they are married! That was a shocker to me!

Later, Victoria confronts Daniel about the engagement, trying to convince him that Emily has ulterior motives. Daniel tells Victoria that she will find his replacement by the weekend (referring to the search for her abandoned son, Patrick). Conrad tells Daniel that he is happy for him and thinks that announcing this will give him a bump in the polls. Daniel asks Conrad to release his trust funds from the Amanda Clarke foundation. Conrad agrees to do so (and later gives Daniel a check for the full amount). Daniel’s assistant calls Daniel to inform him that Aiden’s employment records have arrived from Takeda.

After reviewing the records, Daniel calls Aiden into his office, confronting him about his father being the baggage handler suspected of placing the bomb on Flight 197. Daniel is upset that Aiden took a job at Grayson Global because of this. He also thinks that Aiden may have manipulated Trask’s funds to get back at the Initiative. He ceremoniously fires Aiden.

At the Stowaway, Ashley reveals to Jack that she is back in Conrad’s good graces. She was not yet able to gather further information about Conrad’s relationship with Allison Stoddard (the Governor’s wife). Jack wants to release the photo of Conrad and Allison to the press, but Ashley convinces him not to, suggesting he bring it to Victoria instead.

Charlotte tells Emily she is having a rough time lately because of Amanda’s death. Emily tells Charlotte that she wants her to be a bigger part of her life and, as such, asks her to be her maid of honor. Regina arrives and gives Charlotte a black bag. (I think the writers were trying to make us think that it was drugs, but based on later developments, I bet it was a pregnancy test). Later, after partying with Regina, Charlotte is arrested for underage drinking when she vomits in front of a police officer (although she denies drinking). After being bailed out by Daniel, she tells him that she is pregnant! That is one twist that I did not see coming!

Jack meets with Victoria, showing her the picture of Conrad and Allison Stockard. He tells her that he came to Victoria because she is the only one who will be able to get Conrad to take care of this. Victoria thanks Jack for the information and tells him about Emily and Daniel’s engagement. She lets it “slip” that Jack was the reason that Daniel and Emily had broken their engagement the first time.

After this, Victoria meets with Allison Stoddard. Allison informs Victoria that she has been feeding information to Conrad about the Governor’s strategy. She does not want her husband to have a second term. The governor has a serious, life-threatening heart condition and wants to serve a second term. Alison fears that this will kill him.

Aiden seeks out Nolan’s help with Emily. As usual, Nolan lets another great one liner-out (after offering Aiden a job), saying “you can be my bodyguard, and I’ll be you’re Whitney!” Loved that line! Aiden believes that Emily no longer has an end game. He wants Emily to give up her mission. He had anticipated closure when he had killed Trask, but only felt emptiness. He fears the same will be true for Emily. Aiden asks Nolan to help drain the Amanda Clarke Foundation’s bank account before the Grayson’s remove Aiden as Treasurer. Nolan is unsure he will be able to help, because the Falcon created the account as an unhackable one – even by Carrion.

Nolan visits Edith in jail, offering to delete her cyber trail if she helps him. Edith tells him that she modified Carrion so that the Initiative would not be able to use it without her. Nolan asks her to help him hack into the Foundation’s bank account. Instead of helping him directly, she gives him a clue as to where he can find the code to hack the account. (He later finds the code to hack the account). Edith tells Nolan that Victoria had paid her “missing” son five million dollars after he tried finding her as a teenager.

At the engagement party, Daniel tells Emily he fired Aiden because of the Takeda’s employment files. Emily is clearly shocked at this apparent betrayal. Daniel leaves the party to bail Charlotte out of jail. While he is gone, Emily confronts Takeda about exposing Aiden, fearful that everything she is working towards is in peril. Takeda tells her that the path she walks is one she must walk alone. He also tells her that the Initiative’s attack is imminent.

An uninvited Jack arrives at the party to confront Emily about the engagement. He asks why she was previously willing to break off the engagement over one kiss. He does not understand how she could marry into the Grayson family, given what they did to Amanda. Emily tells Jack that she wishes she could explain it to him and promises that one day she will.

Takeda tells Aiden that he has failed and that is mission is over. Aiden tells Takeda that if he lets them both go, Emily will never find out his true objective. Takeda challenges Aiden to a sword fight. It is clear that the closer will die. After a strong match, Aiden kills Takeda.

Victoria visits Jack at the Stowaway, telling him that she confronted Conrad with the photos. Conrad took the information she had obtained and “anonymously” released it to the press, making his polling numbers improve. Victoria confesses to Jack that she wants Conrad to lose the election for many reasons, but is unsure as to why Jack wants to take Conrad down. Jack plays the tape of Conrad’s call with Nate Ryan, ordering Amanda’s death.

Emily arrives at NolCorp, just after Nolan hacked into the Amanda Clarke Foundation’s bank account. Aiden hits the enter key to initiate transfer of the funds from the foundation’s account into a truly unhackable account, just as Emily tells Aiden that they are not ready to do this. This would completely bankrupt the Grayson’s. Just after the funds are transferred, the power goes out. We then see other locations through New York City and the Hamptons: Conrad’s election headquarters, Declan and Regina in a bank ATM, Victoria and Jack at the Stowaway. The power goes out in all of these places. The Initiative appears to have used Carrion to black out New York City and the surrounding areas.

This seemed like a very plot heavy episode to me. I think it was a pretty good one – thought provoking and interesting. But, I have a feeling that we are going to go into the finale with more questions than answers this year. What is Emily planning on doing in Paris? Or, will her plan somehow stop them from going to Paris? It seems to me that she must have plans one way or the other. She seems to always be thinking ahead. Why would Victoria pay Patrick off and then, suddenly, begin a search for him. I would understand if she was hoping to use a reunion with Patrick to help Conrad’s campaign, but it doesn’t seem like she wants to help Conrad. Speaking of Patrick, where is he? Do you think we have already met him? Charlotte’s pregnancy was an unexpected twist to me. I wonder what it will mean for her relationship with Declan. Even more, I wonder what it will do to Victoria and Conrad. How did you feel about this episode? Any speculation as to some of the questions I have? How about questions of your own?

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15 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Engagement

  1. ian Mcfadden says:

    WTF brilliant episode, and good summary Thanks Keith, But one thing I can’t get around is……what is the renew mean for season 3 ? Dose that mean their going back to the Begining ? Someone tell me please

    • ttckeithg says:

      Thanks for the comments! I haven’t heard anything yet. Been keeping my ears open. I wonder if the writers know what their plan is for season 3 yet or not. If I hear anything, I will make sure I post it! 🙂 Thanks again!

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    • oirish44 says:

      I’m not sure what you mean about the renew for Season 3? If it’s season 3, it should be the future. I did read that Mike Kelly has left the series, and someone else has taken his place… will be interesting to see if the story line becomes different.

      • ttckeithg says:

        I agree. It will be very interesting. I really don’t think they would go backwards aside from flashbacks (like they did this year). My guess is that Emily will be focused on proving Nolan’s innocence.

  2. oirish44 says:

    Keith, did I see Emily tell Jack that she is Amanda, the last episode, the finale? Or did I dream that? I’ve got it recorded on DVR and will re-watch it one of these days when I have the time, but IF she did, that will take things in a new direction for sure in Season 3. Will be curious to see how he takes that revelation… will he soften towards Emily/Amanda, or will he be furious and not want anything to do with her because she lied/fooled him all this time, and allowed him to believe FauxAmanda was the little girl he loved all his life?? Will be interesting. Sure wish we didn’t have to wait so long for the ‘next’ episode. I’m thinking that possibly the first episode next season WILL be a lot of flashbacks, in order to re-ignite everything in the viewers memories, and then move forward?

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