Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – Second Star to the Right

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon a Time
Second Star to the Right

Original Air Date: May 5, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Magic comes with a price – are you willing to deal with the consequences? There’s always lost associated with magic, Neal knows best. Let’s see how Neal became the magic-loss-extraordinaire.

In London, England, Baelfire lands in this new world after being cut loose by The Dark One (ie his father) into the magic portal. Hungry, Bae sneaks into a mansion for food. Who happens upon him? Why, Wendy, of course! Instead of ratting him out, she hides him in her room and feeds him…for weeks. I mean, not a day, not two days but weeks. Where were the adults!

Anyways, the parents finally find out and instead of calling the authorities, they welcome Bae into their family. Bae is happy – these people are good folks. That’s why he’s so protective of them; especially when the magic Shadow visits Wendy.

Bae warns Wendy that magic comes with a price but she’s curious so goes with the Shadow – against Bae’s wishes. When she returns, she realizes her error. Neverland is wonderful until the night when the boys miss their parents. The Shadow keeps the Lost Boys on the island and now it wants one of her brothers.

Bae tells Wendy no one is taking her brothers – he’s making sure of it. The kids set up traps (useless) but the Shadow comes. It’s about to take Michael – the cutest boy evah – ‘cause the Chubster just stands there looking adorbs. Bae returns the kindness – threefold – by volunteering in place of Michael.

As the Shadow and Bae fly near Neverland, Bae burns the Shadow, dropping him into the ocean. Guess who saves our little boy? Hook.

In Storybrooke, Greg and Tamara tortures Regina but Hook wants no part of it (he DOES have a conscience). Emma, her parents and Henry find Regina missing – along with the magic beans The Evil Queen was growing. They realize she’s been taken. First suspect is Gold but Emma shoots that down – her suspicion is Tamara.

Emma and her parents go separate ways to investigate to cover more ground. Pixie and Charming cash in the favor Gold owes David. Rumpel gives them magic eye drops so Pixie can see/feel what Regina see/feel long enough to find her. When Snow uses the eye drops, Pixie feels excruciating pain – due to Greg electro-shocking Regina. She tells Charming it’s painful and she smells sardines.

Emma visits Neal to investigate Tamara. He tells Emma his fiancée is running in the woods – training for a marathon. Emma finds sand instead of dirt – Tamara is lying about where she exercises; she’s probably lying about something else.

They head over to the beach and see Tamara running – case solved. Except Charming calls Emma to tell her about the magic eye drops. The key is the smell of sardines – there’s a place smack in the path of Emma and Neal that fits the description. Emma tells Charming to meet them there.

The group separates to find Regina. Greg is spotted by David and he runs. Pixie makes Charming stay to help Regina – take her to Mother Superior to save her. Neal is still skeptical about Tamara until his fiancée knocks Emma out and fesses up to everything Emma accused her of being.

Poor Neal – not really because I don’t think he loved Tamara that much. I do feel bad when Tamara shoots him. Just when she’s about to kill him, Emma wakes to fight the lying bitch. I mean, at one point she body slams Tamara! Unfortunately, Tamara gets the upper hand when she uses one of the beans to open up a portal. In a mirror image of The Dark One releasing Bae into the portal, Emma holds onto Neal’s hand as he’s being sucked into the portal to God-knows-where.

This time, Emma refuses to let go – she tells him she loves him and he reciprocates (really sweet). This time, instead of the holder letting go – Neal lets go. Neal understands the bullet will probably kill him in whatever-world he ends up in but he is thinking about Henry. Emma needs to stay for Henry.

Neal is sucked into the portal and Emma is left to wonder how to tell Henry. This is the least of her problems. Mother Superior saves Regina and takes away the magic-neutralizing cuff. Badass Regina is back but she’s willing to work with Pixie/Charming because they have a common enemy: the magic-hating Gregg/Tamara duo. They have the failsafe and it seems they are about to use it.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Lacey knows Gold has magic. She plays to his dark side – wanting magic for immortality. If Gold loves Belle, he wouldn’t love Lacey but he’s not thinking straight – he’s on a power high. He attacked Dr. Whale for looking at Lacey! I was proud of Neal for letting his father know he’s in Storybrooke for Henry, not Gold. Wonder how Rumpel will react to finding Neal gone and probably dead. I think Tamara and Greg better pray Gold kills them quickly.

2. Gold tells Lacey about his impending undoing. Lacey’s advice? Take care of the threat before it takes care of you. So un-Belle-like.

3. There is an organization against magic. Greg and Tamara are soldiers for this society. There’s a headquarter where they send magic items for analysis and people giving them orders. It’s these people that educate them about the failsafe and tell them to use it.

4. My theory on the founder of this secret organization? After losing Bae, Wendy uses her money to eradicate magic in our world. She felt so guilty about Bae, she created this society. Never underestimate a guilty scorned rich woman. The way Greg and Tamara spoke about this group, it’s cult-like. It targets people hurt by magic – Wendy or her brothers must have created this society to “help” these lost souls.

5. I would be doubly screwed if the eye drop magic was dependent on my tears. I cannot cry on cue (I cannot cry most of the time – it’s been years) and I cannot do eye drops. I guess Regina would die if I was her only hope.

6. Neal has met Hook before. From Wendy’s description, Neverland’s time is different from ours – is that why Neal said he should be centuries old? Does that mean Hook is centuries old? How did Neal get to our world? How did Hook get back to Fairytale?

7. Greg’s father is dead as per Regina – he even found a body. Do you think it’s really his father? Did Regina really kill him?

Do you think Wendy is the founder of Greg/Tamara’s organization? I understand Greg’s hate for magic, what is Tamara’s source of hatred? Magic has its price – what will be the price for Regina? Her life? Henry? How did Rumpel get Regina’s tear? I want to see that story!! Will Gold turn to evil with Lacey’s extra push and the loss of Bae? Will Henry be safe from Gold? Will Storybrooke be destroyed? Is Neal dead? Discuss away!!!

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6 Responses to Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – Second Star to the Right

  1. raybelle says:

    Crazy episode– poor Emma. Losing the love of your life twice– ouch.

    Not sure about the Wendy Organization (sounds like a fast food corporation) eradicating magic, but it’s as good a theory as any right now…

    I kind of understand Gold’s infatuation with Lacey. He doesn’t have to prove himself to her, or follow the excruciating and lonely path of redemption. Like Regina, he’s probably tired of no one trusting him and always coming down on him when he is (or was) trying. Lacey’s excited by the easier/darker side of him; I’m not surprised he’d give in to that. The problem, as you said, is that he actually loves Belle, and when she comes back– will she forgive him for slipping back into the monster he was and giving up on them (Cuz Lacey ain’t Belle, that’s for sure)?

    Killing/Burying Kurt in the woods doesn’t seem like a Regina thing. It would make more sense for her to lock him away forever (like Belle) or yank out his heart (if she could). I don’t know who else’s body could be there, but I have trouble believing it’s Kurt’s.

    It’s odd to me that Hook looked like he was done with Greg and Tamara this episode, but is still hanging out with them when they decide to blow up Storybrooke in the promo. How’s he going to kill Gold if SB is destroyed? Which side is that guy on?

    Really excited about the season finale– I really hope Regina doesn’t die, b/c she’s one of my favorite characters.

  2. Nicole says:

    I am intrigued by the Wendy idea-it would be a great way to keep the story tied to fairy tales rather than the shadowy Home Office, which sounds a little too X Files to me and doesn’t really have a place in the show.

    I think I’m in the minority of being anti-Rumpbelle. Gold/Lacey is an even more insufferable relationship than Gold/Belle.

    I too think that it’s a bit too easy that the body in the forest was Keith’s-I feel like he is still locked up somewhere,

    I’m also not convinced that is the last of Neal-not that the writers have done a great job with major character deaths this season, but that all happened WAY too fast. Also, with the I love you exchange, does that mean they have given up on the Captain Swan idea? I love them together, but they haven’t been in a scene together (of any significance) since the beginning of the season, so I’m nit sure why they’re even still mentioning Emma’s connection with Hook.

    And speaking of Hook-I hope they figure out his character-either he’s going to be a villain or he’s going to be a funny, pain in the ass ally. Him getting beat up and knocked out in every scene is played out.

  3. ryanoneil says:

    The Wendy idea really makes a lot of sense. Kudos 🙂

    I’d like it if Neal showed up in a pseudo-sci-fi world, like on Captain Nemo’s submarine or something like that.

    Normally, I prefer characters not getting tortured. Regina getting tortured? Fine. After last week, the character can never again be sympathetic.

  4. Annette says:

    I hope the Wendy organization theory is right because it’s the only thing that would save the storyline for me. I kind of hate it. Also not digging the Gold/Lacey relationship, though I can see why Gold is into her. Even though he loved Belle, she was kind of hard to please. Constantly on him about his magic and his behavior. It’s a lot to have to constantly live up to. He doesn’t have to worry about that with Lacey.

    I’m very curious to find out what happens to Neal after he meets up with Hook. I want an explanation as to why Hook hasn’t aged at all, but Neal has. And when did Bae become Neal?

  5. Daniel Sealy says:

    I think that Gold is still trying to find a way to bring Belle back. He is a complex character and perfectly able to bide his time for the right circumstances to come to fruition such as all the slow machinations he put into place working with Regina and Cora in order to find someone to enact the curse that would help him find Bae.

  6. jules says:

    Finally watched the ep and was unspoiled and happy about it. I am jumping on your Wendy organization theory, too because I was thinking something similar and it would make the whole Neverland story not seem so random to me.

    I’m intrigued to know how Bae becomes Neal and how he gets to main land. I think Neal/Bae aging has to do with being on the mainland and not in fairytale. As for Neal going through a portal (again), it sucks. I hope he isn’t dead or can find his way back. Poor Emma and Henry.

    And Regina burying Kurt doesn’t sound right, so I wonder if he’s still out there.

    Lots to think about heading into the finale.

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