Mad Men – Recap & Review – For Immediate Release

photo: amc

photo: amc

Mad Men
For Immediate Release

Original Air Date: May 5, 2013

Ryan O – Staff Writer

Events at the beginning of the episode are going well for SCDP. Then, things go south. Nope, farther south. Over at CGC, things aren’t going much better.

Then, things get better for everyone. Well, except for Pete but that’s okay because everyone hates Pete and Pete fell down the stairs (just a little). At the end of the episode, you’ll be excited wondering what’s next for everyone.

We open with Bert, Pete, and Joan meeting with a banker. He’s running some numbers and wants to look at documents for a bit longer but the result is that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will have an initial public offering (IPO) with shares starting at $9. Joan realizes she’s going to be worth close to a million dollars.

Meanwhile, Roger is killing two birds with one stone. He’s sleeping with a cute airline employee and he’s getting information from her about who is flying in and out and where they’re going. She calls from the lounge at the airport to say there’s a guy from GM about to fly home. Roger heads over from work. He misses a dinner he’s supposed to have with Herb from Jaguar.

Yes, the dinner with Herb, the pig from Jaguar that Joan had to sleep with. Roger asked Don to bring Megan and Marie. Roger is schmoozing the guy from GM and can’t make it but the rest of them are there. Herb’s wife is just boring the pants off of Marie, who is complaining about it in French. When the ladies get up to use the ladies room, Herb and Don get down to business. Herb would like Don to run all of the creative by a guy at Herb’s lot. Don, in a few more words, tells him to take a leap.

Also that night, Pete is at a brothel. As he’s leaving, Pete and his father-in-law, who is also leaving, spot each other. They don’t say anything but they definitely see each other.

The next morning, Pete gets word about what happened with Jaguar. He tears down the stairs, slipping on a few stairs in the process and landing on his ass, to tear into Don about costing them the IPO. Joan hurries them into the conference room so they don’t have this argument in full view of the whole firm. Pete yells at Don some more. Roger shows up and delivers the news that GM wants to see them for a new car. Roger really is good at what he does when he wants to be. Don asks Joan to get the creatives. Joan rips into Don, saying among other things that for once she’d like to hear him say “we.” (The whole quote is down below under “Best Lines.”)

A lot of people have ripped into Don over the course of the show but no one with as much righteousness on his or her side or someone whom Don respects as much as he respects Joan. However, the rebuke doesn’t take since Don wants to get to work on this new car from GM.

Meanwhile, over at CGC, we learn that the partner that is neither Ted nor Harry Hamlin has cancer. Ted’s upset. They’re also working on the GM project. Also, Peggy goes in to talk to Ted and Ted kisses her. She doesn’t stop him but she stops him from doing it again. Peggy leaves, a little awkwardly. Later, she imagines Ted as she’s kissing Abe in their new apartment on the Upper West Side, a new apartment that’s not working out too well.

Don and Roger are at the airport, waiting to leave. Guys from a larger firm come over and allude to something about Vick’s being available. Roger calls the office to see what’s going on. Pete’s father-in-law has pulled the business. Roger doesn’t tell Don, not wanting him to be down for the meeting with GM.

Pete confronts his father-in-law, who says he doesn’t want a guy like Pete to be with his daughter. Hypocrite much? Father-in-law expects Pete will do the right thing and not tell Trudy about what he did. That’s too much to expect from Pete, especially after he’s lost so much money. Later, he visits Trudy and tells her. She feels like Pete’s just trying to hurt her and tells him they’re done and he should get out.

In Detroit, Don can’t sleep and visits the hotel bar. Soon after, Ted shows up. Ted sits down next to Don and they start to talk. They quickly realize they don’t have a shot since they’re both little companies and GM will likely go with a bigger company — exactly what happened with Heinz Ketchup. Ted asks what “we” are doing next. Don, alluding to what Joan said earlier about him using “we,” smiles. He lays out a plan to Ted that would merge the two firms, saying they’ll become a much bigger firm.

A quick meeting between Don and Roger and Ted and Harry Hamlin (I suppose I’ll have to learn his character’s name now, huh?) in the GM lobby and that’s that.

I wonder if Don and Roger made the decision on their own or if they quickly consulted the rest of the partners. If my wife’s math is right, the two of them should have a controlling interest at about 55%. Even though Don was inspired by Joan’s “we,” he ends up doing exactly what she says he does — making a decision that affects everyone’s lives without talking to anyone.

Peggy goes into Ted’s office, after checking herself in a compact mirror. Oh, Peggy. Yes, he’s an upgrade from Duck but that’s not saying much. Besides, Abe? Remember him?

Anyway, Peggy goes into Ted’s office, “How did it go?” Not-Ted’s voice answers: “We got it.” Yes, Don Draper is sitting on the couch, all smiles. It takes Peggy a while to take it all in but, yes, SDCP and CGC are merging, fully and completely. Peggy will be the copy chief. They ask Peggy to write up a press release for immediate release.

Things I’m looking forward to include Peggy working for Don, of course, but also Stan working for Peggy. I’m also interested to see how Harry Hamlin and Roger get along. They seem to be cut from the same cloth, so they could love each other or really clash.

Best Lines:

“Honestly, Don, if I could deal with him, you could deal with him. What now? I went through all of that for nothing?”
“Joan, don’t worry, I will win this.”
“Just once, I’d like to hear you use the word, ‘we.’ Because we’re all rooting for you from the sidelines, hoping you’ll decide whatever you think is right for our lives.” – Joan delivering a stinging rebuke to Don after Don’s dumping of Jaguar costs them the IPO and Joan close to a million dollars.

“She is the apple that goes in the pig’s mouth!” – Marie about Herb’s wife

Best Shot:

The shot of Ted and Don sitting at the bar, just the two of them, backs to the audience. The rest of the bar is empty. You get a visual sense of how small the two of them are.

The next shot with Don and Roger waiting in the GM lobby is great, too. It almost looks like the two grown men are waiting to go into the principal’s office.

Song over the end credits:

I can’t confirm it positively but I think it might be another original composition. I’ll keep working on that though.

What do you expect to happen in the coming weeks? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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9 Responses to Mad Men – Recap & Review – For Immediate Release

  1. brendan says:

    The song over credits is “Autumn Leaves,” by Miles Davis.

    • ryanoneil says:

      Excellent, thanks!

    • johnny says:

      brendan, what you are referring to is Autumn Leaves by Cannonball Adderley featuring Miles Davis. However, this identification is incorrect. The ending theme is clearly inspired by the riff from the intro of that recording, but it utilizes a different rhythmic pattern and instrumentation. I suspect that was an original composition

  2. It’s funny to see Pete having tantrums lately!

    I was also glad to see Joan spew off on Don. I love it!

  3. bluerick says:

    It’s all very interesting…sort of….

  4. Katie says:

    Re: Abe. In the words of Michael Bluth, “Egg?” My dream casting for her love interest (and by that I mean the actor who was cast in last night’s dream) is Jake Lacy: (currently known for being on the last season of The Office and before that on Better with You.) He and Peggy were very cute together and he looked good with a mild case of sideburns.

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