How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Something Old

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

How I Met Your Mother
Something Old

Original Air Date: May 6, 2013

Caitlin –Senior Staff Writer

Even with the frenzy of finale season, this second-to-last episode of HIMYM has seemed to come suddenly. Maybe it’s because of the sporadic airing of the last several episodes- or maybe it’s because of everything we’re expecting to see happen.

We start in 1994, and Robin’s first visit to New York with her father. She digs a hole in Central Park and leaves a necklace in it, saying that someday, after she moves to New York, she’ll get it back so it can be the “something old” at her wedding.

Now that her prediction has actually come true, Robin takes her father to find the locket again. He’s more interesting in playing laser tag with Barney, leaving her to search for it on her own. The men bond, mostly over the fact that they are indeed men. Soon, though, they start arguing over who should take the lead in their competition. Really, they’re both in the wrong. They should be giving poor Robin the help she desperately needs digging up Central Park.

Lily and Marshall are preparing to leave for her year in Italy and they need help packing. The good news is, Ted is good at packing. The bad news is, he knows he’s good at packing. Also, “good” doesn’t mean “great”. He wants to keep things that have special meaning to him while tossing meaningless items like an actual guide to Italy to the curb where they will be swept away before we get a chance to blink.

The conflict peaks over an old bean bag chair that Ted refuses to see go. His friends get rid of him by sending him to get them some fanny packs. (He calls them something other than “fanny pack”, but I didn’t bother trying to remember.) Finally, Ted confesses the fact that he wants Marshall and Lily to keep the chair because of how much it once meant to all of them. He’s worried he could go the same way it has. Eventually, though, he’s able to let it go to the curb.

During laser tag, Barney rallies young troops with far more success than his father-in-law. Neither of them is aware that Robin is driving herself crazy, calling first Barney and then Ted for help. Ted has a job interview, but eventually shows up to offer what support he can. Robin finally finds the case she was looking for, but the locket itself is missing. There follows yet another “moment” between them in the rain and Robin having doubts that I would sympathize with far more if they didn’t accompany that moment.

Marshall and Lily send Ted a text showing they were the ones who took the chair, but Ted tells them to get rid of it anyway. It’s time to let go. Because of that, I’m fairly sure this will all work out in the end. In the meantime…even as a longtime Barney/Robin shipper, and even while I find the portrayal of Barney as insensitive a bit unfair in this case (He did ask if Robin was calling about something important), I don’t blame Robin for having doubts. It’s natural, for her alone and for her and Barney.

But- and I feel like a broken record saying this- we found out she and Ted wouldn’t make it in the first episode of the series. Why do we keep revisiting this? Are there that many people who still want to pretend they could have the chance that never existed? I’m starting to have strong doubts as to whether we’ll really meet the mother next week or not. But right now, I hope we do more than ever- for a number of reasons.

Next Week: Something New

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One Response to How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Something Old

  1. ryanoneil says:

    We definitely didn’t need another occurrence of Ted and Robin having feelings for each other.

    Oh, and Robin’s dad already has the locket. That’s my guess.

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