Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Quarter Finals/Trios Challenge

photo: abc

photo: abc

Dancing With The Stars
Quarter Finals/Trios Challenge

Original Air Date: May 6, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

This week we see things ramp up. There are two dances this week: a couples’ dance and a trio challenge where a member of the DWTS Dance Troupe or an eliminated professional will join in the dance with each couple. Next week is the Semi-Finals, so the dances will be a lot more competitive than they have up to any point this season. Will they be able to handle it or will they buckle under the pressure? We are about to find out!

Dance #1
Zendaya & Val – Fox Trot (9 10 9=29)
Judges’ take – Len: The longer the competition goes on, the better they get! Bruno: Light and breezy; a breath of fresh air. Carrie Ann: The beginning was a little weak and a little simple, but then it took Carrie Ann’s breath away!

My take – The choreography as well as the song choice (Don’t Worry, Be Happy) was great! Zendaya seemed to be really light on her feet and having fun with it. Zendaya has a lot on her plate with DWTS, school and her Disney show, Shake It Up, but she has been up for the challenge, don’t you think?

Sean & Peta – Tango (7 7 7=21)
Judges’ take – Bruno: Started well, but then Sean lost it. Carrie Ann: Back to inconsistencies. Len: It was sharp. It lost the fluidity however. It was not a great dance.

My take – I am sorry, but even though I am a Bachelor fan I am over this wedding. Sean’s wedding and his fiancée should not be the center of how or what he does Every. Single. Week. Don’t get me wrong, Peta’s dress was pretty, but can they do anything different?

Jacoby & Karina – Viennese Waltz (9 9 9=27)
Judges’ take – Carri eAnn: Absolutely stunning. Len: Loved it (and so did Jacoby’s mother – after their little spat last week, Len made sure that she loved it as well). Bruno – Jacoby lost control for a moment.

My take – Very beautiful dance, but should be a lot better at this point. I know the judges disagreed with me, but he is an athlete and you would think he would be much better. Next week is the Semi-Finals and they need to step up their game.

Ingo & Kym – Fox Trot (8 8 8=24)
Judges’ take – Len: Easy of movement. It could have been a little stronger in the arms and the footwork. Bruno: Great job. Ingo tried to channel Fred Astaire. Carrie Ann – Reminds her of Gene Kelly, an ease and causal dance.

My take – Seeing that Ingo was having such a tough time in practice, I was wondering how he was going to do. The pressure looks like it is getting to him. However, when they stepped onto the dance floor, they did just fine. Better than fine, actually; it was great.

Kelly & Derek – Viennese Waltz (9 9 10=28)
Judges’ take – Bruno: A thing of beauty. CarrieAnn: Kelly went beyond the steps and that is what she is looking for. Len: Lovely dancing. Well done.

My take – Beautifully done, however I am not fond of the smoke machine. You were unable to see their footwork. However, putting that aside, it was great.

Aly & Mark – Argentine Tango (9 10 10)
Judges’ take – Carrie Ann: Blown away by Aly’s transformation! Len: It was smooth, seductive and terrific! Bruno: Has this sultriest temptress down to a “T”.

My take – Being a gymnast really works in Aly’s favor. It was great!

Dance #2

Zendaya & Val (with Gleb) – Salsa (10 10 10=30)
Judges’ take – Len: Three of them worked together well and made sure all the attention was on Zendaya. Bruno: Sizzling, dazzling and amazing. Carrie Ann: Zendaya is the Queen of the Salsa. She loved the choreography.

My take – The dance looked like it was so much fun. They worked well together and stayed in sync. I agree with the judges’ comments.

Sean & Peta (with Shawna) – Jazz (7 7 7=21)
Judges’ take: Bruno – Magic with a little bit of tragic. Carrie Ann: They got out of sync one too many times. Len: Not happy. It was just like Sean’s first dance tonight.

My take: I know I have been a Sean fan (sort of) but I am not sure if he will make it after tonight. He just doesn’t have what it takes to move on. I will be surprised if he makes it past tomorrow. What do you think?

Jacoby & Karina (with Cheryl) – Paso Doble (8 9 8=25)
Judges’ take: Carri eAnn: Needed a little more finesse. Len: Jacoby came out with a fantastic presence. Jacoby is in the game now. Bruno: Jacoby’s hip work has to be better.

My take: This dance was much better than the last one. It is a difficult dance as it is, but he did great with two women.

Ingo & Kym (with Lindsay) – Jive (8 8 8=24)
Judges’ take: Len: It was full on, fun and Len liked it! Bruno: Kicks and flicks need to be sharper and tighter. CarrieAnn: Ingo brought the fun back.

My take: Ingo is not the best dancer, but he looked like he was having fun on the dance floor with this one.

Kelly & Derek (with Tristan) – Paso Doble (10 7 10=27)
Judges’ take: Bruno: Masterpiece theater! Carrie Ann: It was incredible and Kelly is in it to win it. Len: He was expecting more. (This got boos from the audience and quite the reaction from Carrie Ann and Bruno).

My take: The Paso Doble is already an intense dance. Kelly, Derek and Tristan made it that much more intense. I loved it! I could not believe Len’s comments. He can be really brash. What did you think?

Aly & Mark (with Henry) – Jive (9 9 9=27)
Judges’ take: Carrie Ann – Aly is consistent. She is a little flatfooted. Len: What a great combination and a terrific number. Bruno: Aly has grown as a performer.

My take: This was a terrific number. They were totally in sync.

Leader board – First – Zendaya & Val (58), Aly & Mark (56); Third – Derek & Kelly (55); Fourth – Jacoby & Karina (52); Fifth – Ingo & Kym (48); Sixth – Sean & Peta (42)

Next Monday night, the couples that remain will be dancing to a dance that you, the viewers choose. The Twitter votes for this will be open until tomorrow, Tuesday at 11am Eastern. So get those votes in. Here are your choices:

#Charleston #Flamenco #Disco
#AfroJazz #HipHop #LindyHop

In order to vote, use these on Twitter. All you need to do is add the first name of the celebrity (ie. #HipHopZendaya). The couple with the most votes for these dances will have to dance this dance.
Tune in tomorrow night to see who goes home!

What did you think of this week’s show and the trio challenge? What did you think about the dances and the judges’ comments?

Time for your TwoCents!

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One Response to Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Quarter Finals/Trios Challenge

  1. Annette says:

    I had to agree with Len about Kellie’s Paso Doble.Yes, it was intense and well danced, but there was a lot of “smoke and mirrors” (pun intended) and not a lot of traditional paso steps. I enjoyed it, but I completely saw where Len was coming from. And I get tired of the judges all jumping on each other and not allowing the one who disagrees to make his point.

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