90210 – Recap & Review – Scandal Royale

photo: cw

photo: cw

Scandal Royale

Original Air Date: May 6, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

This week’s 90210 sees the group making big decisions about their futures. After a frightening phone call from Elizabeth, Naomi tries her best to save her from a PR disaster. Meanwhile, Dixon calls Teddy to help him & Silver look for Michaela.

It also features a rocking performance by Fall Out Boy, which ends with one of the characters lives tumbling around them. Which characters life was rocked to the core? Read on for this week’s character breakdown!

Naomi– After she drops off a Chanel bag for Annie’s Paris trip, Naomi learns from Annie that Jordan was actually back in town yesterday, not later this week like Jordan had told her. Since his mom, Cheryl, is in town for an economic conference, Naomi decides to go see him. While in the lobby, she finds not only Jordan, but his sister and Prince Harry Nagato from Japan as well (Elizabeth is showing Harry around town). Jordan then breaks up with Naomi, with Cheryl standing in the background. While Naomi is at home starting her juice cleanse, Annie tells Naomi about Jordan mentioning that he might have had to give Naomi up when he asked for the favor from Cheryl. Naomi then gets a call from Elizabeth, who tells her that Prince Harry took pills and is out of control.

Naomi goes to see Elizabeth and finds Harry highly inebriated in his underwear. Elizabeth tells Naomi that her & Harry fooled around and the next thing she knew he was on the balcony. Naomi has Elizabeth dump out all of the alcohol in the room and Harry take a shower while she looks around the hotel room for Harry’s stash. Later, Elizabeth tells Naomi that Cheryl always get what she wants, and she wanted Jordan to be her Chief of Staff. They suddenly hear a noise in the bathroom and find Harry unconscious on the floor from an overdose.

When the paramedics take Harry away, Naomi and Elizabeth look on TV to see that his hospitalization is already on the news. Cheryl comes to the hotel room and is quick to tell Naomi that Jordan is better off without her. She’s also quick to say that Elizabeth should’ve called her instead of Naomi. When Jordan asks Naomi why she helped Elizabeth, Naomi tells him that she knows about his demanding mom and wanted to prove to her that she wasn’t a liability. When she asks Jordan why he agreed to be his mom’s Chief of Staff, Jordan explains that Mark’s file didn’t prove he was innocent but his mom “handled” it anyways. During Cheryl’s press conference, Naomi decides to cover for Elizabeth and name herself as the mystery woman Harry was hanging out with. With Elizabeth’s identity hidden, Naomi decides to bribe Cheryl and get Jordan out of his job. We last see Naomi being bombarded by paparazzi.

Dixon/Silver/Teddy– While Silver and Dixon are arguing, Dixon tells Silver they should call Shane & Teddy to help them find Michaela. Silver doesn’t want to in case they try to move Michaela back to DC, so she sets up an alert on one of her credit cards in case Michaela uses it. When Silver hears about Navid & Adrianna being back together, she is not happy and decides to look for Michaela on her own. Later, Silver’s doctor calls her and tells her she needs to come in for an MRI and biopsy ASAP. She then hears a knock on the door and it’s Teddy. Later, Teddy tells Silver he wants what’s best for the baby and blames Silver for Michaela running away. Suddenly, Silver gets an alert at a bar. Silver, Teddy, & Dixon find Michaela at a bar. Michaela tells the group she needed time. It turns out that Michaela had a miscarriage. On the beach, Silver tells Teddy that the baby was the most important thing in her life and apologizes. Teddy then apologizes for fighting to prove that he was as much of a parent to the baby as she is. He also tells her that he should have let her carry the baby, and didn’t have the right to take that away. Silver’s conflicted on whether their relationship can get past this. Meanwhile, Michaela tells Dixon she’s going back to DC. We also see Silver undergoing an MRI.

Annie/Liam– Annie is about to leave to Paris for her European book tour. Meanwhile, Liam has still set sights on leaving for Sydney with Sydney. Annie still hasn’t bought the bar, and tells Liam she needs to talk to her accountant. After Liam tells Annie that he isn’t running away, but looking for a fresh start, Annie agrees to buy the bar ASAP. While Liam’s telling Navid about moving to Sydney with Sydney, he subtly hints that he might still be into Annie. Later, Annie goes to the bar and Liam hands her a box of stuff. In that box of stuff: the engagement ring. After the awkwardness, Liam’s lawyer informs him & Annie that the original owner, Old Salty, didn’t sign something so the sale of the bar is on hold until he signs it. After that, Liam tells Annie Sydney and him are flying out that night. Later, Old Salty signs the papers. While Liam’s backstage during a Fall Out Boy performance, he tells Annie that he couldn’t find Old Salty and doesn’t have the signatures. Annie asks him if the only reason he’s not going to Australia is the signatures, and Liam says yes. Later, Sydney tells Liam she has the money for Australia, and if he wants a fresh start there’s nothing stopping him. Meanwhile, Annie tells Dixon that she’s going to stay in Paris and move out of the infamous zip code.

Navid/Adrianna– Navid and Adrianna have been hiding away having sex for 2 days, so they decide that now is the right time to tell their friends they’re back together. After Ade tells Navid that she should take Michaela’s place on tour, they get text alerts saying that Michaela’s missing. The duo then tells Dixon that they’re together and that Michaela walked in on them. Dixon learns of Ade wanting to sing at the tribute concert in Michaela’s place and compares it to her & Javier. Later, Ade plans a 16 & Pregnant marathon with Navid, but Navid wants to look for Michaela instead so the marathon is put on hold. When Navid criticizes Ade for not telling him about her sending in the song, Ade is hurt that he doesn’t believe her and leaves. Later, Michaela tells Dixon that Ade should sing her song in the tribute because she wrote it. Dixon convinces Ade to sing the song, and tells Navid that not only did Ade write the song, she wrote it about him. After the performance, the stage suddenly falls apart and collapses around Adrianna. Did Adrianna survive this fluke accident? She’s in the promos for the finale, so probably, and sadly, yes.

What did you guys think of the episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: The Series Finale, We All Fall Down

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