Elementary – Recap & Review – A Landmark Tale

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

A Landmark Tale

Original Air Date: May 2, 2013

Laura Kelley, Associate Staff Writer

This week’s Elementary brought us a lot closer to the elusive villain that we’ve been waiting what feels like ages for, and it also brought us some great Holmes and Watson moments that made it stand out as one of the show’s most interesting. Coming off a strong episode last week. Elementary doesn’t disappoint; Vinnie Jones returned as Moran and brought Holmes some clues that could lead him closer to Moriarty himself. Hit the jump for more.

In a very Milgram-esque scene a man hurts another man who’s presumably hooked up to a computer and then makes him vote on a proposition in the historical registry. It reminded me so much of the famous Milgram experiment that it made me ask myself who exactly is the authority figure telling the torturer to do all this? I also asked myself why my psych degree is more useful doing TV recaps than it is at my real job, but that question wasn’t really answered by this episode. Maybe next week. In jail, Sebastian Moran sees on TV that the man from earlier has died. While Holmes is at home trying to wiggle out of a straitjacket, Gregson calls and says that Moran wants to talk to Holmes about Moriarty who is apparently connected to the philanthropist’s death.

Moran tells Holmes that Moriarty was behind the man’s murder and that if Holmes can solve the crime he will be closer to finding him. He also tells Holmes not to say what he was told and then kills a guard. Holmes lies to Gregson about what Moran said and of course Watson spots the lie. She then reluctantly agrees to do an autopsy on the murdered philanthropist because Holmes sucks at it, and she then refuses to have a moment with him while she’s doing it. I loved that scene and it reminded me of the autopsy scenes on X Files when Scully always ended up doing them because Mulder basically begged or guilted her into them. Oh, nostalgia. Watson spots boiled blood near the dead man’s heart (ew) and Holmes realizes that someone hacked the guy’s pacemaker to kill him.

The dead man, Philip Van Der Hoff, had a habit of voting on preserving landmarks, but he had changed a vote before his death as councilmen did when applying for permits. A man who bribed them is then killed when someone drops a window air conditioner on him which Holmes proves is possible. Holmes thinks a woman named Hilary is the next victim because she’s trying to keep her grandfather’s building from being demolished, so he and Watson follow her and see her medic alert bracelet. The park where they find her has a bee hive that has been placed there (presumably she’s allergic to them) and Holmes figures that’s how the murderer will kill her. They wait for someone to come tend to the bees and Holmes says he won’t act like he would have before because of Watson’s influence.

Holmes claims to be with the cops and tases the guy, Gottlieb, before taking him home. Gottlieb says that he knows little about Moriarty and was brought to his side by a British man who said he was a serial killer. He says there was once a plan to kill Holmes and make it look like an overdose but that was the only plan he knew of and it was called off. Then at the scheduled meeting between Moriarty and Gottlieb, Holmes takes all the pictures he can and shows them to Gottlieb who tells him that is the British guy that recruited him. The man is John Douglas, who killed someone in reform school and then fell off the map when he turned 18. Holmes leaves Watson a note telling her he knew more than he let on but leaves to meet Douglas.

John Douglas tells Holmes that he’s not Moriarty but he does know what happened to Irene, saying she was killed because of Sherlock. Then Douglas gets shot, and Holmes is left alive. Gottlieb is turned in to the police and admits to many murders while Holmes decodes a text that says either Sebastian Moran dies or his sister does. Moran hits his head on a mirror in jail because he knows what the message says, and Moriarty calls Gottlieb to tell him it’s time to talk.

Yay Moriarty! We’re getting so close, I can’t wait for next week! I also can’t wait to see Natalie Dormer (the awesomely sneaky Margaery Tyrell on Game of Thrones) as Irene because she’s fabulous pretty much all the time. I’m eager to see exactly how Elementary handles Moriarty because I loved Andrew Scott’s Moriarty on Sherlock and that’s a very hard act to follow. I’m looking forward to seeing how the character will grow in this universe. What did you think? Leave your two cents in the comments, can’t wait to see you all back here next week!

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