Community – Recap & Review – Heroic Origins

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Heroic Origins

Original Air Date: May 2, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

The group is studying for their history final, or attempting to, but Abed derails it with his “origins story”, or the story of how the group met. Jeff says they’re not superheroes. Meanwhile, Chang is lurking outside the study room, telling the person on the other end of his phone how he’s gained the whole school’s trust and now he’s ready to take them down. Who’s he talking to? The Dean from City College!

Abed has created the “Crazy Quilt of Destiny” that proves that they were all meant to meet. There are flashbacks! The first one is nerdy Annie with braces and jock Troy in high school. The next one is Shirley shopping at the mall when she passes right by Abed.

Chang goes to pick up the outgoing mail from the Dean, who takes a big pass today as Greendale’s lease renewal is going out. Chang guilts him into letting him have the envelope which he has no intention of mailing. Because he’s Chang and a horrible person.

The next flashback is Britta with purple hair protesting with her anarchist group. She fist bumps lawyer Jeff. He was there because he was defending the woman Andre cheated with, a stripper who was a member of Britta’s group. Present Shirley is angry but Jeff says it’s not his fault and it didn’t work out so well for him either. That was when Jeff got the news that the jig was up on his fake lawyer degree.

Present Troy admits that Annie ruined high school for him. He faked his knee injury because of what Annie said to him. She insulted him when he won most likely to succeed and threw herself through a glass door.

Abed and Shirley crossed again because Abed insulted her kids who wanted to see The Phantom Menace. There’s a bunch more flashbacks how they’re all connected through Abed. Abed is the super villain that pieces together the quilt. Jeff says they’ve all made bad decisions and if anyone is the villain it’s him. Turns out, he convinced the woman to sleep with Andre, therefore ruining Shirley’s life.

Everyone is uncomfortable and they leave Abed alone in the study room. Abed sits alone in a yogurt shop when Jeff shows up. Shirley shows up, then Annie and Britta and Troy. They figure out that that same yogurt shop was where each of them decided to go to Greendale. Flashback and Chang is passing out Greendale fliers. The Breakfast Club soundtrack plays in the background, which is fitting. Pierce is there, breaking stuff and faking a heart attack. Well, it might not be Pierce, but it’s a balding, tall, old guy.

Jeff says that maybe they were all meant to be together, maybe they weren’t. It doesn’t matter, because they’re together now and that’s enough.

Abed confronts Chang and says that because he’s the reason they all went to Greendale he’s welcome in the group. Chang says it’s too late but Abed disagrees. He says they’ve all had the occasion to reinvent themselves and Chang agrees to go get frozen yogurt with Abed, right after he makes a stop at the post office. Chang makes a call and says he’s out. Dean of City College says it’s time for Plan B and there’s a shot of some blueprints for a giant spider.

I do like a good flashback show, even though Friends did it best, this one was pretty good. I will always have a soft spot for old lawyer Jeff, even though he was a total jerk. I think I just really like Joel McHale in suits. I loved seeing how they all met and I thought the subtle theming was pretty clever (The Breakfast Club, The Phantom Menace). Overall, I thought this was a great episode. Your thoughts? Leave em in the comments!


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Shannon is a wife and mother of 3 kids. She adores all things Disney and loves a good tall Dole Whip.
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