Modern Family – Recap & Review – Career Day

photo: abc

photo: abc

Modern Family
Career Day

Original Air Date: May 1, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

We all lie – to other people, to ourselves. It’s part of life – no one tells the truth all the time. Let’s see how our funny-family fibs to each other.

In the Pritchett-Tucker household, Cam accidentally places a hundred dollar bill in lieu of a five dollar bill as the Tooth Fairy. Lily is ecstatic! She can’t wait to tell the kids at school – the parents are going to flip!! Ha!

Mitchell and Cam try to fix the $100 problem – a letter from the Tooth Fairy asking Lily for the $ back since it was a mistake and enlisting Haley to dress up as the Tooth Fairy. The problem with those plans? It’s asking a child to WANT to give up $$. You know what works? Scare tactics.

Haley, after busted for being a fake Tooth Fairy, tells Lily that the $100 is hers but Santa is watching…so no presents for Lily, huh? Well, the child knows $100 vs no X-mas presents is a no brainer. Thanks Haley! A tiny fib to a child is normal – my mom’s told me so many I can fill a football field (x200).

In the Pritchett clan, Jay made the mistake of blaming not writing a spy novel on life getting in the way – ie Gloria. She’s flipping mad (as I would have been) and gives him time to write – clearing his schedule. Just as expected, Jay’s not a writer! He’s horrible so Manny ends up writing for the old geezer. When Gloria questions the story, Manny flips and fesses up – he’s the author. Yup, some lies unravel just as fast as you tell them.

In the Dunphy compound, for Luke’s career day, Phil does a skit involving a “young” man (played by Phil in a wig) on TV and real life Phil to glorify the realtor profession. The sketch is interrupted by Gil Thorpe who is an ass. After Gil’s career day speech, there’s time left so the teacher asks Claire to speak about being a stay-at-home mom.

Poor woman is interrupted by a nasty child who flusters Claire – she starts questioning her self-worth. Look people, stay-at-home moms are important and it’s a job – it’s a 24 hour job. There’s no vacation and if households pay actual workers to do mom jobs, families would be paying at least three salaries – nanny, cook, maid, and misc. Just saying – don’t look down; recognize the importance and thank the women (sometimes men, hi Cam!) for their 24hr thankless/payless jobs. [End of rant]

Seeing Claire’s uneasiness, Gil offers her a job. Claire asks for some time to mull it over and discusses it with Phil. He vetoes the idea but we know he has no power. Gil calls Phil gloating and being disgusting with sexual innuendoes at Claire’s expense – not caring when Phil tells him Luke’s listening.

Phil is about to tell Claire not to take the job but she’s so excited – someone sees her worth and wants her; she just wants to reenter the workforce after being absent for 15 years. Phil doesn’t have the heart so he tells her to take the job. Another fib but one from love. It also doesn’t matter because Claire finds out Gil’s a pig and quits on the first day.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Another Stella sighting!! She’s so adorbs. She follows Jay like man’s best friend should.

2. I never had career day at school – is this a myth perpetrated by TV shows?

3. Typewriter? One day, kids are going to see a typewriter and wonder how their ancestors ever used such archaic tools. Writing with a typewriter is how non-writers glorify novelists. You have to have the ability to go back and change paragraphs without Whiteout. Jay, typewriters are for dreamers – not Pritchetts.

4. Family moment of the episode:
Had to be when Phil swallowed his pride so Claire can be blissfully happy and Luke understanding. It’s times like these that teaches a young man how to be a great man someday.

5. This was a cute episode with many zingers. My Cablevision DVR is fizzing out so I cannot rewind to find my fave quote, sorry. At least this gives me time to watch the NBA playoffs.

What’s your favorite quote? Would you have gone to such extent to get the $100 back? (I would have just said HAIL-no and took the $$ back) Do you remember the days of typewriters? (I do and I think I just aged myself) Were you disgusted with Gil’s nastiness in front of Luke? Do you agree with stay-at-home mom/dad’s importance? Lies are sometimes okay, right? Discuss away!!!

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One Response to Modern Family – Recap & Review – Career Day

  1. Jvee says:

    Hi, what was Haley’s comment when Alex ranted about dissecting an animal with her classmate? It sounded to me like… so sad, will passes for a date in your life? Thanks!

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