Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Do You Believe In Magic

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
Do You Believe In Magic

Original Air Date: May 2, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

With only two episodes remaining in season nine (after this one), I had a feeling tonight would be a bit lackluster. And in some ways, it kind of was. But then we got Derek Shepherd in a tiara and I loved the hour just for that.

We had three patient of the weeks, a baby used just to introduce a new doctor, and a medical crisis for Ethan. Add to that, the ongoing care of Ethan’s father and Bailey’s crisis over last week’s MRSA diagnosis and it was a very heavy medical terminology episode.

But here’s the thing… none of the cases stood out enough to make me take note of the medical conditions and jargon. Everything was just a place holder to advance stories towards the finales, so let’s treat the cases just like that.

Baby With Brain Outside Its Face: Arizona has a meet-cute with Lauren when she accidentally grabs her coffee. She quickly learns that Lauren (played by Hilarie Burton) is a rock star craniologist assisting her and Jackson with fixing a baby’s face. Lauren brazenly flirts with a flustered Arizona, but also impresses an oblivious Callie. At the end of the day, Arizona stammers out that she is happy married and has one leg. But Dr. Potential Home Wrecker is well aware, having Googled the sole Arizona Robbins on the web. Imagine the fan fic she must have stumbled across? After everything Calzona has been through, I do not see cheating in their future. At least, I don’t want to… Callie already had her crappy husband (George) cheat on her with a blonde (Izzie), we don’t need a redux.

Kappa Delta Dumb Girls: April has to deal with two sorority girls after their sister collapses during her 21st birthday celebration. While the patient is in tremendous pain, the dippy gals provide April with a list of everything the girl drank and just act like complete idiots. Seriously, it was beyond comedy to just plain ludicrous. It turns out the girl drank a liquid nitrogen shot, which is a real thing. She loses her stomach, but April and Jackson bond during surgery, and April finally apologizes for putting all her life’s woes on his shoulders. After she rails at the girls to hit the books instead of planning spring break, she asks Jackson for a drink, which he declines. He also gets confronted by Stephanie, who he’s been blowing off for eleven days. He pleads busy (with running the hospital), but she calls him on it, and the two kiss. Is anyone invested in their relationship?

Vampire Brain: Derek has some funky procedure with filling up a little girl’s brain with stuff. What’s notable is that the patient has a rambunctious, attention-demanding little brother who beans Brooks in the head with an army man. At the end of the day, after a successful surgery, Derek calms the brother with the knowledge that his sister has a super power brain. Brooks one ups it by saying she has a vampire in her brain. The brother is calmed. Derek frets to Meredith that their new son may not be nice to Zola and may take her toys. Meredith points out to the tiara-wearing Derek that Zola is pretty good at getting her way.

Poor Ethan: Despite approaching the eight day mark (really, it’s only been eight days?), Paul has yet to awaken from his coma. Ethan is losing hope and Grandma Nancy is beside herself. Cristina racks her brain for additional medical solutions, while Owen plays soccer with Ethan. After Ethan is sent to the hospital to rest, he’s quickly returned (and admitted) with a stomach full of Nancy’s sleeping pills. He survives, but Nancy reluctantly admits she’s in no position to take care of a child. She’s given up on Paul as well, and is ready to turn her grandson over to Social Services. Cristina tries sleeping pills to wake Paul, but after an hour, there’s no change. Cristina, noticing the change in Owen, makes the point that he wants kids (duh). But Owen insists he just wants her. Since when?

Hocus Pocus in Half: Most of the doctors treat a magician’s assistant who was accidentally sawed in almost-half by a chainsaw. They also spend a lot of time at the door to Bailey’s geno-mapping lab, fruitlessly trying to get her to talk to them. It turns out she’s tuning them all out and repeatedly swabbing herself for MRSA. Despite all of her tests being negative, she still isn’t leaving the lab. Why nobody got a key from the janitorial staff to unlock the lab, I’ll never know. But it turns out that the magician’s assistant was in love with the (female) other assistant and not her magician husband. They bicker, until Meredith points out that she needs them both. And the husband eventually admits she needs her true love. Richard, who acknowledges that he’s the last person Bailey wants to talk to, realizes what she actually needs. He gets Ben (remember him!?) her husband to Seattle, where he finally gets through to Bailey. Bailey breaks down, focused that her infection inadvertently caused the three deaths. Can Bailey come back from this?

And… Alex spends the hour avoiding Hairball (Jo) and nursing his little broken heart with Cristina and Meredith. The two have a spat where she accuses him of making her life worse every time he opens his mouth. Clearly her relationship with Jason is deteriorating, as the two openly bicker in the hospital. At hour’s end, Alex finds Jo waiting on his porch and is stunned to see her face battered, presumably at the hands of Dr. Douchebag.

And that’s it for this episode. We’re building up to the intense season finale, and I’ll be here the next two weeks to recap both episodes for you! You’ve got my TwoCents, now share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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