NCIS – Recap & Review – Revenge

photo: cbs

photo: cbs


Original Air Date: Apr 30, 2013

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Previously on NCIS: Ziva went to Berlin to find her father’s killer, Ilan Bodnar. She took DiNozzo and together they uncovered Bodnar’s diamond smuggling scheme, but his brother Yaniv was sent to collect the diamonds instead. Ziva and Tony arrested Yaniv and were in their car, about to return the diamonds to custody when an SUV suddenly smacked into them.

It’s Ilan himself, and Ziva is conscious enough to see him reach in and take the diamonds, but she has badly hurt her arm and can’t stop him. She does have the presence of mind to get the license plate of the getaway car, which leads NCIS to a secluded house, the dead getaway driver inside.

Usually the body is the key piece of evidence, but what is interesting about this corpse is that his entire physiology has been changed through plastic surgery, he has no fingerprints, and his driver’s license is a fake. He does have an unusual note in his jacket though which reads “see reisiger 19”.

Whilst the rest of the team are pursuing the case, DiNozzo and Ziva are recovering from the aftermath of the crash. Ziva has badly damaged her arm but she won’t wear the supports brace, and she is dangerously focused, so much so that Tony returns Gibbs plunger which he’s had for two years as an excuse to talk about it.

Tony, his concern for Ziva aside, is more upset by the casualty of his car. Tony always has had a special bond with his cars, and it makes for added amusement that he has to ride with McGee the next morning.

McGee and Tony are the welcome comedy double act in a very dark episode, especially in a scene where they have to visit the plastic surgeon who performed the operations on the mystery getaway driver. Ducky was able to track him down using the ID on a jaw implant.

I must confess that as soon as I heard the plastic surgeon’s British accent I assumed he was in on the scheme, but he actually proved remarkably helpful, willingly handing over the photographs of the man before the surgery. That man was Clive Goddard, a South African deeply involved in the smuggling of blood diamonds, much to Abby’s horror.

Ilan is still running circles around NCIS, FBI, Homeland Security et al, and he rubs this in further with a sudden video call to Ziva’s PC. He tells Ziva that he is truly sorry that he had to kill Eli, but he never killed Arash Kazmi, the Iranian Intelligence Officer who was killed in a bombing after working in peace with Eli. Ziva recorded the video call, and McGee later examines it and determines that Bodnar is in New York.

So Vance tells Tom Morrow, the Head of Homeland Security this information. He doesn’t tell him about Bodnar’s claims not to have murdered Kazmi though. They’re unsubstantiated, and Vance doesn’t want to give Homeland Security false information but it may be too late. McGee realizes that Bodnar played him by using a video shot in New York and matted his image in. Bodnar was never in New York at all, and Homeland Security are following a bad lead.

Time for a new lead. Tony walks into autopsy and overhears Ducky saying something like “buy a donkey”, but he was actually saying “thank you” to the South African embassy who agreed to collect Clive Goddard’s body. This leads to the realization that the note “see reisiger 19” is actually written in a South African dialect, meaning something like “Sea/Ocean Voyager 19.” McGee redeems himself by announcing that he’s been running the names of ships and found an “Ocean Voyager” docked at pier 19 in Baltimore.

Whilst McGee and DiNozzo rush off to tell Gibbs, Ziva heads to the freighter, starting a fire as a distraction before sneaking aboard. She finds Ilan, and he tells her that he is unarmed and she cannot shoot an unarmed man, but just because he’s unarmed doesn’t mean that he’s not dangerous. Ilan still attacks her, and a fight break out.

Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee arrive at the freighter just in time to see Ilan fall overboard. He’s dead, but can Ziva prove it was self-defense? At least Vance and Ziva have gotten revenge for the murder of their loved ones, but I can’t help feeling that it was a bad move for Ziva’s career.

Do you think it’s over? Will Ziva be allowed to stay on as an NCIS Agent? Do you think there’s more to Ilan than meets the eye? Who do you think killed Kazmi? Can you believe it’s almost been a year since Palmer got married? Who keeps a plunger for two years? Please, leave a comment with your Two Cents or tweet me over on @MariaTV101.

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