Grimm – Recap & Review – Endangered

photo: nbc

photo: nbc


Original Air Date: Apr 30, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

“They’ll kill you, and I’ll be here in the woods all alone and abandoned.”

We have Wesen, Grimm, El Diablo and now extraterrestrial beings! Not real aliens, per se, but it’s Portland, Grimm where the weird congregate so it’s only in a matter of time. I mean, Nick and Co is “keeping Portland weird.” Mulder and Scully will pay a visit soon enough – mark my words. The truth IS out there! It’s called Glühenvolk and it’s being hunted, poor alien wannabes.

Case of the week: A rancher is accidentally killed when he confronts an intruder who is mauling livestock. The interloper is an alien-looking Glühenvolk, reptilian Wesen with glowing skin that’s thought to have been hunted to extinction. Luminescent skins are highly coveted by sick collectors.

The Glühenvolk, Vincent, is obtaining cow ovaries for his wife – female Glühenvolk crave this delicacy when pregnant. The couple is running from a hunter – a Raub-Kondor, bird of prey-like Wesen. The hunter want skin and he’s willing to turn his head 270 degrees to get it! To further show his determination, he’s willing to be disguised as an UFOlogist – it’s a sad, sad “profession.”

Nick realizes he’s dealing with a Glühenvolk from witness descriptions, La Biblioteca de Grimm, and Rosalee’s help. She tells Nick that Glühenvolk are thought to be extinct and if cow ovaries are missing, then a baby alien is on the way. It’s time to go Glühenvolk hunting – not for the skin but to provide aid. They’re the Red Cross for Wesen – Portland, Grimm division.

Nick, Rosalee, and Monroe search for the expecting couple. They discover the UFOlogist’s trailer and enter expecting to find conspiracy theory articles or the “aliens.” Instead, they find the hunter’s de-skinning equipment and operating room. Monroe and Rosalee are appalled – the hunter sells Wesen skin using a specialized bullet that keeps the Wesen fully Woge after death for a few hours to de-skin.

The trio finds the pregnant Glühenvolk in time to help her deliver. After a glowing baby (literally glowing) cutely enters the world, the hunter strikes. He wants skin except now, he has Glühenvolk, Blutbad and a Fuchsbau – all collectables; so many choices! Monroe, full Woge, attacks and gets knocked out (poor baby) and Nick shoots the hunter – using the Raub-Kondor’s own gun.

Icing on the cake? Nick anonymously calls in a tip to the authorities who spots the dead hunter fully Woge. They think he’s the alien and then he un-Woge. Alien sighting explained. The Glühenvolk family is released and heading to Alaska. My only qualm is the male Glühenvolk killed a man – the rancher is innocent. How can Nick let him go?

In other Portland, Grimm news, Juliette remembers her feelings for Nick after recollecting the first time they told each other “I love you.” Juliette tells Monroe of her newfound memories. Who she doesn’t tell? Nick. She knows she’s been a royal bitch and is afraid Nick no longer feels the same way. Monroe tells her that’s not the truth but she wavers on telling Nick. She’s annoying me – can she just die already? At least she’s self-aware enough to know she was mean to Nick.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. The quote is from a story about a boy, a girl and their evil witch stepmother. The boy and girl ran away but the witch followed and cursed the springs in the forest. When the boy drank the water, he turned into a deer. The siblings lived in peace for a while when the King was taken by the girl’s beauty. She became Queen and gave birth.

The witch heard about this and suffocated the Queen – replacing the Queen with her disfigured daughter through a transformation spell. Every night, the Queen would return to care for her baby and her deer brother. The King spoke to the apparition and the Queen became whole. The witch was killed – restoring the brother to his human form. Meaning of the story? Don’t stalk and steal people’s identities – it’s just wrong.

2. Nick finally enlists Monroe’s help in figuring out the key/map. Monroe recognizes the map on the key because he’s awesome like that. He totally geeks out and it’s the cutest! The map seems to be pointing to Germany. Do I see a trip to Germany next season?

3. Nick and Renard finally have their “talk.” They don’t trust each other – surprise, surprise! Some information Renard divulged: the Royals have four of the seven keys, Nick has one, so there’s two out there lingering in flea markets. No one knows what is buried but the Royals want it – if the seven Grimms thought the artifact was too powerful to give to the Royals, it must be a doozy. Some rumors of the buried item are: secret of alchemy, ever-lasting life, the Prophet Muhammad’s sword that’s wicked powerful, and nails with parts of the cross of Christ that holds immense power. All very scary sounding and let’s hope the Royals don’t get it.

4. When did Monroe become the Scooby Gang’s therapist? Nick unloads feelings on him and now Juliette. It’s like high school. “I have feelings for him…but don’t tell him!!” Lady, own up and be a woman! Also, Juliette asked Monroe about Grimms. Monroe answered that Grimms see the heart of darkness – Nick is different. If I heard that explanation, my reaction would have been – huh, English, please?

5. Monroe in a bowtie for his date with Rosalee is totally adorbs! Love the bowtie!! I cannot wait to meet Monroe’s parents – they have to visit after Nick moves out, right?

6. Nick intruding on Monroe’s date was cute. He was embarrassed but Rosalee and Monroe are so understanding. Best couple evah!! Juliette, take note.

7. “Hey Nick! Ah, I see you two have a book open there. Which, more likely than not, portends some sort of catastrophic disaster, which in turn can only mean my date with Rosalee has been put on hold.”
~ Monroe, voicing his train of thought and slight annoyance at Nick’s intruding on his sexy-time. I understand, friend, I understand…but the destruction of the city trumps kissy-time, no?

8. Monroe: Don’t you need a warrant for that?
Nick: You’re right, you open it.
Monroe: Oh, okay.
~ Nick teaching Monroe the ins-and-outs of being a cop.

9. In order of most coveted skin to least: Glühenvolk, Fuchsbau, and then Blutbad. I would have thought Blutbad is before Fuchsbau because it’s harder to kill a Blutbad. I don’t know Wesen culture and I want to learn more. Can I visit La Biblioteca de Grimm?

Do you think Juliette will finally know Nick is a Grimm and the existence of Wesen? (Either have her know or kill her – my vote is to kill, kill, kill!! I think I just exposed my blood thirst, so embarrassing. Look away!!) The episode had a different vibe to it – like it was trying to be darker and more X-Files. I’m not complaining but it’s an observation. Do you think it’s because of the Tuesday move? I like the alien Wesen explanation for extraterrestrial sightings. When will the Scooby Gang be whole? When will Hank come back? It’s sad to be one of the last of your kind and you’re still being hunted, no? I guess that’s how the Doctor feels (except he isn’t really hunted) Discuss away!!!

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