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photo: nbc

photo: nbc


Original Air Date: Apr 29, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight, we are introduced to another of Miles Matheson’s former flames. Emma was Miles’ teenage sweetheart and one-time fiancée. General Miles has been leading Georgia troops and taking Monroe forts, including at Carbondale and Evansville. Monroe tells Captain Jeremy that they need to kill Miles immediately. Monroe plans to use Emma as bait to lure Miles to their hometown. A couple of helicopters fly to a small town and Monroe disembarks with a squad of his men. Monroe orders his men to round up all the town’s residents.

Rachel and Aaron cross the Mississippi River, the Monroe Republic’s Western border, and enter the Plains Nation. In LaGrange, Missouri, Rachel is studying Dr. Warren’s electrical diagrams. Aaron offers to help, but Rachel rejects even though Aaron has two degrees from M.I.T. At the marketplace, Aaron thinks he glimpses his wife.

Georgia’s Captain Dixon reports to Miles that a Monroe messenger has a message to deliver to Miles. The message is for Miles only, so Miles clears his command tent. The message is that Monroe wants Miles to meet him at their hometown. Miles is to come alone and turn himself in or Monroe will kill everyone in the town, starting with Emma.

Flashback: Miles as a teenager is cuddling with Emma. She is worried about him because he is enlisting. Monroe looks at Emma in a way that suggests he has feelings for her as well.

Miles has snuck out and Captain Dixon is beating the messenger for information. In Monroe’s hometown, the residents have been rounded up into the courthouse. Monroe visits the grave of his parents and then visits his childhood house.

Flashback: Monroe and Emma seem to share a romantic moment as Miles is passed out drunk.

In the present, Nora, Jim Hudson, Charlie, and Dixon ride horses to chase after Miles. Dixon has been ordered by Georgia’s president to keep a close eye on Miles and go wherever Miles goes.

In LaGrange, Aaron finds Priscilla, but she doesn’t seem excited. She is with husband Steve and introduces Aaron as an “old friend.” Aaron wants to talk, but Priscilla doesn’t want to. Rachel pulls Aaron away. Steve is holding a gun at Priscilla.

Rachel tells Aaron: “you think you’ll apologize and everything will be okay. It doesn’t work like that.” Aaron says that he isn’t leaving her again.

Flashback: Emma kissed Monroe when Miles was passed out. In the present, Miles has arrived and is hiding and forming a plan of attack. Emma admits to Monroe that she once loved him and describes his past self as kind and decent. Monroe noticed that Emma put flowers at Monroe’s family’s graves and kisses Emma. She always sees the best in people. Miles begins his attack. Monroe tells Emma “but he’s dead.” I missed whether Monroe was referring to Miles as dead, or Monroe’s past kind and decent personality.

Monroe burns down the courthouse. During a shootout with Monroe’s men, Miles is shoot in his foot, but is able to limp along and enter the courthouse. Monroe’s men cover the exits so that Miles can’t escape. After Miles frees the town’s residents from a locked room, the exits are riddled with rifle fire. Miles is trapped in the building.

Nora and Hudson arrive and shoot Monroe’s soldiers. The exit is no longer covered. The residents flee. Monroe probably should have brought more soldiers. Monroe probably also should have had a more cryptic message to Miles. Something like “meet me at Emma’s house” instead of “hometown.” That way, even if Dixon had beaten the exact message from the messenger, it would still be hard to figure out.

However, Monroe captures Emma and holds her hostage at gunpoint. Monroe demands that Miles surrender. Charlie wants to shoot Monroe, but Emma is in the line of fire. Miles tells his crew, including Charlie, that if anyone takes a shot at Monroe and hurts Emma, Miles will shoot that person. Miles tells Monroe that he doesn’t care that Monroe is holding Emma hostage. Monroe doesn’t fall for that obvious lie. Emma tells Monroe that she wants to live to see her son again. Her son is also Monroe’s son. Emma and Monroe slept together that night Miles was passed out drunk. She was pregnant while Monroe was at basic training. Georgia’s Captain Dixon shoots Emma and wounds Monroe. Miles kills Dixon. With Emma dead and Monroe wounded, Jeremy pulls Monroe away and they fly off in the helicopter.

In LaGrange, Aaron finds out that Priscilla is being held as a fugitive. He tries to knock out the bounty hunter, but he is no match. Priscilla saves him. Priscilla is wanted for murder for stabbing a Monroe militia sergeant. Aaron apologizes to Priscilla for abandoning her and wants to be together with her again but she has moved on and has a new family. She has an eleven year old daughter and her family is waiting for her in Texas. Aaron tells her to go to her family. Priscilla says she will always love Aaron and kisses him one last time.

Miles is deeply affected by Emma’s death and vows revenge against Monroe. He’s going to kick it up a knotch. I was a little surprised that Miles didn’t seem to have any sort of reaction to the revelation that Emma slept with Monroe in the past. While Miles and Emma were engaged! Charlie laments to Nora that if Dixon hadn’t shot Emma, Charlie probably would have in order to get a shot at Monroe.

In Atlanta, Georgia’s president Kelly Foster welcomes Major Tom Neville. He has provided her with more information about the Monroe Militia than all of her spies combined. She also sends him to keep a watch over Miles.

How do you guys think Miles will change his tactics against Monroe? Can Miles and Neville work together as a semi-functional team? Will Charlie reassess her own determination to do whatever it takes to kill Monroe?


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