90210 – Recap & Review – You Can’t Win ‘Em All

photo: cw

photo: cw

You Can’t Win ‘Em All

Original Air Date: Apr 29, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

This week’s 90210 kicks off with Mark telling his sisters a pretty big secret about his past. After learning this brand new information, Naomi races against the clock to try to get crucial evidence ready in time for his hearing, while also juggling a party. Meanwhile, Dixon, Michaela, and Silver’s internal struggle comes to a head with one of them leaving the infamous zip code.

Also, Adrianna and Navid decide to reconsider their relationship once more. Read on for tonight’s character breakdown!

Naomi/Mark– Jordan tells Naomi and Annie that his lawyer looked into Mark’s record and found out that he’s on parole for narcotics trafficking, It turns out that when Mark was working at some restaurant, the owners were doing some illegal drug things and stashed some drugs in his freezer, so when the restaurant got busted the cops thought the drugs were his. Mark also has another shocking secret. It turns out that he had 2 kids during his past marriage. Since he’s settled down, he’s started to see them every other weekend and their mom might move them to Vermont unless he shows the court that he’s an active parent. Later, Jordan tells Naomi that his mom keeps calling because she’s afraid Mark’s arrest might affect her reputation. Since no one knows that Mark’s in jail, Naomi sees this as an opportunity for Mark to get out by Monday so his ex won’t her about the arrest. There’s only one problem: this weekend is the twin’s 11th birthday and they expect their dad to be there.

Naomi throws them a half princess, half sci-fi themed birthday party and plans on distracting them so they won’t notice their dad’s not there. When their mom shows up, she tells Naomi that she expects their dad to drop the kids off by 6. Naomi entertains them as much as she can, but the kids eventually call her out and tell her they know their dad’s not coming. Liam’s also there and warned Naomi earlier that he didn’t want to lie to the kids. When Naomi goes to get the kids their surprise giant sundaes, Liam tells the kids their dad’s in jail & takes them to see him. Mark gets to see his kids while he’s in lockup. After seeing their dad in prison, Naomi takes them to her house and insures them that their dad will be ok. Later, she slaps Liam and shames him for working out his own psychological issues at the expense of her family.

During Mark’s hearing, Annie & Naomi try to stall while Jordan finds new evidence to help Mark. Jordan comes in with sealed records from Mark’s original that state that he was innocent of his original charges. Since he’s innocent of the original charges, Mark can’t be sentenced with the new charges…or something. To keep it short, Mark’s free. Mark is also free to move to Vermont with his kids. Mark tells Naomi this news, and also thanks her for making him a better father. Later, Jordan tells Naomi that he has to leave for NY that night for business. Earlier, Jordan warned Annie that asking his mom for help would be like making a deal with the devil. It turns out the call was from his sister Elizabeth, who told him their mom wanted him back in NY, and to kiss Naomi goodbye.

Dixon/Silver/Ade/Navid– It looks like Silver might have possibly found a lump during a self exam, so she sets up a doctor’s appointment. Meanwhile, Michaela is mad at Dixon and has decided to not talk to Silver and avoid seeing her and Silver wants Dixon to fix her and Michaela’s relationship and one of these people is having a baby for the other (like, seriously). While she’s at home, Silver gets a call from the Spencer Blaine concert thing and finds out Michaela was chosen for the tour. Silver tells the man that Michaela’s schedule won’t allow it. When Michaela & Dixon come home, they see Silver packing up Michaela’s things. Is she packing her things up for the tour? Nope. Silver is ending Michaela’s music career before it even starts and is sending her packing back to DC. Michaela realizes that Ade released the demo, so Dixon goes over to confront her. Dixon wants Ade to apologize to Silver and tell her to leak the demo. Ade agrees, but reminds him that Silver’s never given anything up for him and only wants to make herself happy.

When Silver & Dixon escort Michaela to her appointment, Michaela tells them she’s sick of their bickering. Meanwhile, Ade goes to Silver’s and runs into Navid. After she calls Silver a bitch, Navid asks Ade what the point of them not sleeping together was if she was gonna fight with Silver. The 2 proceed to sleep together on Silver’s bed. After Ade tells Navid that she has feelings for him, Michaela walks in o them. Ade apologizes to Michaela and tells her she didn’t want to hurt her or cause her anymore pain. Later, Dixon tells Silver that she only cares about herself, and that he looked through Michaela’s contract and she’s allowed to go on tour. When Dixon and Silver come home, they find a note from Michaela and all her bags gone.

Liam– Liam is still upset and has taken to sleeping with Leobelles, which are fans of the Leo and Annabelle characters from Annie’s novel. Annie tries to apologize, but Liam tells her that she’s ruined his life just by being in it. During the episode, Liam decides to work out his issues during Naomi’s situation (see the Naomi paragraphs) and it doesn’t work out well. Later on, Sydney returns to tell Liam that she left her husband and wants to start over. Liam then goes to Annie to ask her to buy The Offshore so he and Sydney can move to Australia. Um…what?

What did you guys think of this episode? Only 2 more episodes left! Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: Scandal Royale

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