Revenge – Recap & Review – Identity

photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2013

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

After 3 long weeks, we are back in the Hamptons! This week begins with Daniel waking up as Emily tries to sneak out of his room. He is excited that they no longer need to keep their relationship secret, but Emily is distracted. She is worried about Nolan, who had been questioned by the police overnight about Padma’s death.

Victoria provides Conrad with falsified medical records, proving to him that her teenage pregnancy was terminated. Conrad wants this to be used during his “Nightline” interview should any questions come up. Victoria is far from pleased about airing this for the sake of the campaign.

Jack is still trying to find something that will help him force Conrad to confess to what he did to Amanda. Ashley tells Jack that he needs to strike soon, because Conrad’s campaign is gaining momentum. Later, Jack photographs Conrad meeting with the governor’s wife (Allison) in a parking garage. Ashley is confident that she can find out what is going on if she is able to see Conrad. Later, after showing Conrad the photograph, Ashley is re-hired.

Emily picks Nolan up from the police station amidst a press frenzy. Nolan is very clearly angry, scared and exhausted. I feel so bad for Nolan because he is clearly still processing (and grieving) Padma’s death and now he is dealing with being accused of her murder. Emily blames the Falcon for Padma’s death and convinces Nolan that they can take the Falcon down, using Victoria as bait. When Nolan finds the Falcon’s “signature” in Victoria’s falsified medical records, he and Emily devise a plan to bring the Falcon down.

Victoria receives an anonymous email (sent by Nolan) containing her falsified medical records with “Sloppy” superimposed on them. She immediately calls the Falcon, threatening that she knows the Falcon’s real identity. The Falcon reassures Victoria that she is safe. Nolan receives notification that the Falcon has taken the bait, tripping the code that Nolan put in the medical records. They set up a meeting for later that day where Nolan to defend his title as champion of the video game Street Fighter.

Daniel meets with Mr. Takeda, telling him that he is worried about Aiden due to his recent investments on behalf of customers. He asks Takeda for Aiden’s employment records. Takeda agrees to provide these. After interrupts this meeting, Takeda and Aiden go out for a drink. Takeda thinks Aiden’s emotions are getting in the way. He insists that Aiden go back to Japan immediately. Aiden refuses, telling Takeda that Emily needs him.

Nolan arrives at the arcade and finds a young woman playing Street Fighter. She is the Falcon. (We later find out that her name is Edith Lee – a former consultant of Grayson Global). Nolan wants Edith to scrub some information from the web, because he cannot because of his current legal issues. When Edith refuses, Nolan challenges her to a game of Street Fighter. If he wins, she will do what he says. Nolan (being the 1988 world record champion of Street Fighter) wins and Edith leaves with the jump drive containing the information Nolan wants scrubbed. When Nolan tells Emily about the game, he comes up with another great “Nolanism”, saying “jump me in front of Street Fighter and I turn into Bruce “Frickin” Lee.” I absolutely loved that comment, especially with Nolan’s “kung fu” like moves!

Emily arrives at Grayson manor for the Nightline interview and sends Nolan the IP address from the interviewer’s tablet. Daniel tells Emily that the producers would like her to be involved in the interview. She agrees. During the interview, Emily is asked if wedding bells are in the future. She replies that there would be no bigger honor than joining the Grayson family. Jack sees this and looks disgusted at her answer. Emily later calls him to apologize, but he replies that he no longer wants her to be Carl’s godmother.

As the interview continues with the Grayson’s, the interviewer questions Conrad and Victoria about Victoria’s past. Conrad answers that Victoria had terminated a pregnancy when she was a teenager. The interviewer (after being tipped off by Nolan) asks Conrad if they are denying that Victoria abandoned her 6 month old child (Patrick) to attend school in Paris. Victoria confesses that the story is true and walks away.

Edith calls Nolan to find out how he got the information about Victoria’s child. Nolan informs Edith that had put a virus on the jump drive. When she plugged it into her computer, he was able to access her files. He exposed the Falcon on the Internet and forwarded her information to the FBI. Nolan watches on video as the FBI arrests Edith. Apparently, while serving as a consultant for Grayson Global, the Grayson’s needed help framing David Clarke. They pulled Edith in to take care of this. One of the most poignant parts of this episode is when Emily lets Nolan cross Edith’s face off of her Revenge photo.

After the interview, Daniel apologizes to Emily for ambushing her in front of the cameras. He tells her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and gives her the engagement ring that he gave her during their first engagement. He tells her that he will have his answer if she is wearing the ring next time he sees her.

Victoria surprises Nolan at his office, telling him that if he helps her to find her son, he will be reinstated as sole owner of NolCorp. Victoria displays some true and deep emotion here. You can see the pain and regret she feels over abandoning Patrick. I love when the writers give us scenes that build up the dimensionality of the characters like this and it is played out wonderfully by Madeline Stowe.

The show ends with Emily telling Aiden that Daniel wants her to define their relationship. She shows Aiden the engagement ring and is torn about how to proceed. Aiden asks Emily what she after her revenge is complete. She tells him that she will then be able to be with him. Aiden tells her to marry Daniel and bring the Grayson’s down.

I really hate when we go this long between episodes. I had a hard time remembering some of the specifics from the last episode – why Ashley got fired, etc. It seemed really weird (but oddly refreshing) for Ashley and Jack to be working together. I was a little concerned at first that Jack was trusting Ashley too quickly, given her past. But, at the end when he is talking with Declan, it seems like he knows what he is up against. My heart is still broken for poor Nolan, although, it was great that he was able to play a huge part in taking the Falcon down. I’m also wondering if there is going to be more of story about Edith. What part did she truly play in framing David Clarke? What is her real relationship with the Grayson’s? How about Patrick? Do you think Nolan will help find him? It seems to me that Emily would already have been hot on his trail before she would start playing the card of exposing the child. She seems to think so far ahead most of the time. What do you think? Do you wonder (as I do), if Patrick is someone we may have already met? How did you like this episode? As always, I appreciate and look forward to reading your thoughts and comments!

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11 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Identity

  1. oirish44 says:

    Well, since there are only, what… 2 episodes left, with the 2nd being the season finale? Did I get that right? Does this new wrinkle about a “Patrick” out there somewhere, and now a ‘wedding’ for Daniel and Emily, allude to another season? I’m sure hoping so, but I haven’t heard yet whether they plan another, or not. I suppose they could bring him in, tie up loose ends, and this be the final season, but sort of hard to bring all these things to conclusion, in only two more episodes. I’m unsure about Emily, and this new, again, relationship with Daniel. It’s looking more and more like she and Jack won’t ever be together, especially since she’s verbally committing herself to Aiden. She’s weaving another tangled web… Aiden, Daniel. Also, it will definitely be interesting to learn who this Patrick is. Victoria definitely is interested in finding him now. I agree, it’s surprising that Emily hasn’t tracked him down herself yet, she’s so capable of that sort of thing. IF Nolan does this for Victoria, I wonder if he’ll give the info to Emily first? So, now who’s running the ‘Initiative’… both the woman and now Trask are out of the way. Hmmmm… makes me wonder now if Padma is really deceased. Did Trask put her in an induced coma to make it appear so, and the law enforcement are in on it, for some other nefarious reason? Maybe she’ll reappear and she and Nolan can live happily ever after! In this show, the writers can make anything possible! I also don’t like it when they have so much time between episodes. Like you, I have to really think and concentrate on what’s going on, trying to remember what the last episode brought us. Oh and also, what goes on with that Charlotte? Is she out of her mind?? That was a really silly wrinkle, in my opinion! Good review Kieth.

    • ttckeithg says:

      I think you are right about 2 episodes. I’m hoping there is a third season as well, but there hasn’t been any final decision that I have seen yet. It’s frustrating me a bit that Em isn’t telling Jack anything that’s going on. I wish she would just tell him the truth. I think the longer she waits to tell him, the more ticked off he will be. It is quite a tangled web that she is weaving.

      Victoria actually surprised me a bit with wanting to find Patrick. I guess maybe this whole thing with Charlotte helped to draw out some more of humanity? Speaking of Charlotte, I don’t know what that was all about. It seemed a bit odd to have that thrown into the story line.

      I, too, have wondered about Padma being dead. I actually hope you are right. I don’t like Nolan being depressed!

      Thanks for the kind words and for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  2. Julia says:

    Was I the only one who found it weird that the Falcon lives so close by? I mean, surely a computer hacker could live anywhere in the world as long as there was internet?
    And what kind of scholarship is it that you can get so easily? Especially at 16?
    I’m glad we got snarky Nolan back, but I think he deserved more time to grieve. 😦
    Also, what happened to Jack?!

    • ttckeithg says:

      It was really weird that the Falcon lived close by. WAY too convenient! I think Nolan is kind of still grieving, although we will see as time goes on for sure.

  3. lillie says:

    wondering why emily had nolan cross off the picture who i thought was the falcon (edith)..but she before nolan crossed it out this one’s all yours it’s padma???

    what??? did i hear wrong?? did anyone else catch that???

  4. lillie says:

    oops keyboard gone haywire…. meant to write before nolan crossed off the face in the photo emily said this one’s yours it’s padma??

    huh?? did i hear wrong???

    • oirish44 says:

      Or maybe she just let HIM do one cross off, as sort of a catharsis for Nolan, as he grieves for Padma. Sort of therapeutic maybe… sort of like throwing darts at someones photo on a dart board, haha! Who knows. I thought the girl in the pic was the Falcon, so otherwise, don’t know what the connection would be to Padma… other than ‘therapy’ for Nolan.

      • lillie says:

        maybe…or maybe it was padma and she was a pawn in the graysons scandal of david clark..because after emily said it’s padma..he said and david clark….then crossed padma off..hmmmm….lets see what else comes to fruition..

        • ttckeithg says:

          I actually think she may have said “For Padma”, unless I misheard it too. Anything is possible! I think it was the Falcon in the picture and Emily was letting Nolan cross her off as a little bit of closure.

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