Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – The Evil Queen

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon a Time
The Evil Queen

Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Once again, we see examples of choices defining the person. Even if you want to change, sometimes past choices will force your hand – unless you’re truthful and truly want to repent; but the road is long and hard. In other words, killing is bad – just say no.

In Fairytale (pre-curse), no one likes Regina – especially her subjects. The people of her Kingdom are harboring Snow and they’re not telling – not even if she slaughters whole villages. Makes you think why her subjects are hesitant to embrace Regina, huh? To find Snow and unveil the reason for her people’s lack of loyalty, Regina enlists Rumpel’s help.

Regina wants to change her appearance to find Snow as a commoner. Rumpel cannot teach appearance morph to Regina in such a short period of time so they strike a deal. He will change her appearance but she’ll be magicless. She agrees in exchange for stopping trade with King George.

As a commoner, Regina angers the Royal Guard who decides they want her head off her neck. As a magicless commoner, it was imminent death until she’s rescued by Snow. Regina was hurt in the fight but Snow mends her to health. In the process, Regina gets to hear what Snow thinks – Pixie knows there’s good in Regina and hopes reform is near. Snow is willing to live as a family and forgive. Very touching.

Regina is moved and wants to change for a chance with Snow but they happen upon a dead village – one that was killed for harboring Snow. Pixie changes her tune – she doesn’t think there’s good in Regina, it’s all gone. Regina lets her true identity slip and runs. She can run from Snow but she cannot run from her past choices or her future.

The Queen runs to Rumpel to undo the spell. Rumpel got what he wanted – the Evil Queen. Regina knows her Kingdom will never love her so she’ll rule with fear. The Evil Queen is here to stay.

In Storybrooke, apparently there’s a failsafe to the curse and Regina’s going to use it. This failsafe will destroy Storybrooke and everyone in it. The Evil Queen tells Henry that they will escape prior to the destruction via magic bean and live together. Henry is, rightfully, appalled but Regina wipes his memory – she’s lonely and wanted to share with someone, even if she has to wipe the conversation later. Kinda sad.

What else is sad? Hook finds out Gold is alive and canoodling with Lacey. The Terrible Two, Tamara and Greg, want Hook to help them and they’ll help him kill Gold – they know how to neutralize magic.

Hook goes to Regina to help her win – something her mother would have wanted – in hopes Gold’s death can materialize in their mutual decision. Regina tells him of the failsafe and they go searching for it.

Down the library elevator to Hell they go! While in the caves, Regina spots Cora’s leather cuff on Hook and demands it back – displaying nastiness and power. Hook obliges and Regina has a new accessory. In the cave, Hook is used as bait for Maleficent (hello!) while Regina finds the failsafe – a jewel (?).

The Queen gets back to the library to find Hook alive…with the Terrible Two. Regina also finds that she’s magicless – thanks to science. Greg put a metal in the cuff that neutralizes magic and strong as heck – Regina is stuck magicless. Greg doesn’t care if Regina tells him the whereabouts of his father – he has other plans. The Queen is knocked out and bagged for later use. Uh-oh.

In other Storybrooke news, Emma finds Tamara with a list of Storybrooke names and their respective Fairytale identities. She thinks it suspicious and her Spidey senses were tingling – Tamara cannot be trusted. Emma deduces August was trying to warn them about Tamara.

When Emma voices her theories to her mother, Henry overhears. Operation Praying Mantis is in action. Emma and Henry break into Tamara’s room but Neal finds them. Underneath a loose floorboard, they find nothing. Neal thinks Emma is jealous but Emma knows something is wrong. Girlfriend is right.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. The fun with watching Rumpel in Pre-Curse Fairytale? We see his plans piece by piece. He requested trade to be stopped with King George’s kingdom – so David the Shepard will become Prince Charming and find Snow. Sneaky, sneaky.

2. Rumpel knew Regina would end her tour as a commoner in pain. He needed an unrepentant Regina and he got it. Regina would demand fear in her subjects through punishment and death. Rumpel would get the villain for his grand plan.

3. Regina may be evil but there is good in her – when she saw the dead village, she realized she went too far. Too bad her actions in a moment of hatred led her further down Evil-ville.

4. It was great to see Maleficent alive, kinda-ish.

5. It was funny that Rumpel told Regina that to reverse the appearance spell, all she has to do is call him…but he never said he’ll come when beckoned. Ha!! Classic Rumpel!

6. Regina has a bean stalk growing in her office. She destroyed the harvest so the only way out of Storybrooke lies in The Evil Queen’s office.

7. Everyone thinks Emma is acting on jealousy, not believing her about Tamara. I think she’s been very sane about the whole Neal/Tamara thing. Why would they question her? She’s not the jealous ex type. She’s made it clear, to Snow and Henry, that even if Tamara is The Evil Incarnate (yes she is), there will not be a Neal/Emma reunion anytime soon. I think she has her head on right – keep it up.

8. Even as Queen, Regina just wanted to be loved. There were so many chances for her to change and she wanted to change – too bad her past choices came back to haunt her. On the one hand, you feel bad – on the other, there’s corpses of whole villages. You can’t feel too bad for The Evil Queen.

9. “The Queen is dead. Long live the Evil Queen”
~ Regina, celebrating and embracing her heartless identity. Her choice. Her future. Her fate.

It seems Storybrooke’s existence is in peril. I think the whole town will leave via the sole magic bean – leaving behind Neal, Tamara and maybe Greg. What do you think? Will the townspeople have to vacate Storybrooke? Will the cause be the failsafe or outsiders? Will Regina be magicless forever? Will Hook find his heart and help the townspeople? What made Tamara hate magic? Discuss away!!!

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