How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – The Bro Mitzvah

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

How I Met Your Mother
The Bro Mitzvah

Original Air Date: Apr 29, 2013

Caitlin –Senior Staff Writer

If any man has ever spent the majority of his life planning his bachelor party (without even spending most of that time planning to get married), it’s Barney Stinson. With his standards, he needs everything to go just right. Well, too bad.

Robin sends him out into the city with $5000 in cash. He’s not worried at all- until he gets kidnapped. Thankfully (probably), his captors are Ted and Marshall. They’re taking him away from a dinner with Robin and his mom and to his surprise bachelor party.

While Robin maintains an extremely awkward presence with Loretta, who A. thinks she’s a virgin, and B. helps teach her about sex even after learning otherwise, Barney gets excited for everything his friends have set up. That, however, means a trip just outside of Atlantic City and a hotel room with a clown and Ralph Macchio (who Barney hates). The worst part is the fact that Marshall and Ted did manage to get a stripper. Why is that bad? Because the stripper is Quinn.

Quinn’s not too happy with Barney, and that’s before learning he’s already getting married again. She dances with everyone but him, and soon everybody is ready to get back to NYC. On the way, Ralph pressures Barney back into the depths of gambling. He loses $80,000. He also loses Marshall. He promises he’ll get the money, but before he can, a frustrated Robin finds out about Quinn. She says they’re over, which seems like a huge overreaction, especially for her. Sure enough, it’s all part of the plan.

What’s the plan? Everything we’ve seen so far. Quinn, Ralph, the casino staff, and Loretta are all in on it. They’re giving Barney the worst night of his life, and, while doing so, everything he ever wanted for his party. The fake Chinese mob pretends to cut off Marshall’s hand and drags Barney up to his room, where a surprise party is waiting for him. The only thing missing is Barney’s real Karate Kid, William Zabka. But not really- he’s under all that clown makeup.

With shows getting more and more intense in their last episodes of the season, it’s nice to have a fun episode of a fun show- though it might have been better if promos hadn’t at least partially given away the practical joke background. On a side note for those who watch Castle: did the last scene, and especially Barney’s reaction to everything, seem decidedly similar to the end of their 100th episode? If other shows are going to make these set-ups a “thing” too, I hope they can pull it off as well as these shows did.

Next Week: Something Old

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