Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Latin Night/Dance Off Challenge

photo: abc

photo: abc

Dancing With The Stars
Latin Night/Dance Off Challenge

Original Air Date: Apr 29, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

This week’s show theme is Latin: Latin music and Latin dancing. I love this kind of music as well as the dancing that surrounds it. I think we are in for a treat this week. What do you think? Is there anything that you are looking forward to possibly seeing? Shall we see what tonight has to bring? Let’s get it started!

This week, as we find out, the highest scoring (overall judge score) couple after the first dance will receive immunity. The others will have a dance off to earn extra judges points. These points will be added to what they already earned and could help them not be eliminated this week. So this means that each couple will have to learn three dances this week. That is a lot, but I think they can do it. Don’t you think so?

Dance #1
Jacoby & Karina – Salsa (9 9 9=27)

My take: Not bad for someone who is a football player, but he needs to be more careful with those jumps over Karina. Or was it intentional to do that? I thought he was going to knock her down and out on to the floor!

Judges take: Len – Did you just rock this place? Overall the package was great; Bruno – The fiesta has begun! He loved it; CarrieAnn – He had the right flavor for the dance.

Ingo & Kym – Rumba (7 8 7=22)
My take: Ingo is not a very good dancer, but you can see that he does try hard to get it right. You cannot make it this far if you don’t try hard. It was a very sultry dance that was hard on the hips, which he had trouble on earlier in the week. If you cannot get it in practice, I see that it is sometimes hard to get it on “game night”.

Judges take: Bruno – Hip action has to be more fluid. Intention was good. Timing was off; CarrieAnn – His core was off this week. He was too busy thinking of what he had to do in order to make the connection on the dance; Len – Lines were good and they gave it their best shot, even though it was a difficult dance.

Kellie & Derek – Samba (9 10 10=29)
My take: I think they did a wonderful job. They had a lot to contend with this week, with Kellie having concerts and having to travel back and forth. How does she do it all?
Judges take: CarrieAnn – Kellie is fantastic, but still lacks content. She thinks they can make it to the finals; Len – It was hot, spicy and brilliant; Bruno – Content of the dance was out of this world!

Andy & Sharna – Rumba (5 6 6=17)
My take: I really think Andy has been trying so hard all these weeks. However, I am not sure if he is right to continue on. The dances and the techniques that the couples need to get week to week now are getting harder. Maybe this is when he should be sent home? What do you think?
Judges take: Len – More movement needed throughout the body; Bruno – Steps have to flow and it didn’t happen; CarrieAnn – Andy needs to not forget about his arms.

Aly & Mark – Salsa (10 9 10=29)
My take: I am not sure what to think. However, Mark should not have danced this week because of his back. What do you think?
Judges take: Bruno – It was perfectly shaken; CarrieAnn – Loved it; Len – It was tasty and refreshing. They attacked it and couldn’t have done anything more.

Sean & Peta – Rumba (8 8 8=24)
My take: Beautifully done! I think bringing in Catherine earlier in the week during practice really helped Sean get into character.

Judges take: CarrieAnn – Very impressed!; Len – Not really impressed (Len received a fair amount of booing for his remarks); Bruno – So much better.

Zendaya & Val – Paso Doble (9 9 9=27)
My take: It was a wonderful dance where you could feel the heat and emotion. I love Zendaya and Val and think they could take it all in the end, if they continue to work hard.

Judges take: Len – The dance had attack, aggression and emotion; Bruno – Zendaya looks like an angel and dances like a spirit; CarrieAnn – Lines were gorgeous and the dance was beautiful.

Juanes has joined throughout the show to perform for the audience. He has been joined by professional dancers. They will also be joining the show tomorrow night for more entertainment, just like Stevie Wonder did last week.

Dance #2
Kellie & Derek have won immunity tonight and get to sit out the second dance. The rest of the couples will have to dance again for extra judges’ points. As I pointed out before, these three points for each of the winners will be added to their existing scores.

Aly & Mark pick Andy & Sharna to challenge. Andy & Sharna choose the ChaChaCha.

Aly & Mark v. Andy & Sharna – winner Aly & Mark

Zendaya & Val pick Jacoby & Karina to challenge. Jacoby & Karina choose the Jive.

Zendaya & Val v. Jacoby & Karina – winner Zendaya & Val

Sean & Peta will be dancing with the final couple that is eligible for the challenge, Ingo & Kym. They will be dancing the Rumba, which is the dance they both performed earlier tonight.

Sean & Peta v Ingo & Kym – winner Ingo & Kym

With immunity, Kellie & Derek, cannot be voted off tomorrow. However, the remaining six need your votes! The scores from the show and the calls, tweets and Facebook votes and texts are all combined for a final score, so the leader board can change!

Leader board First place – Derek & Kellie (IMMUNITY) and Aly & Mark (29 – tie); Third place – Jacoby & Karina and Zendaya & Val (27 – tie); Fifth place – Sean & Peta (24); Sixth place – Ingo & Kym (22); Seventh place – Andy & Sharna (17).

Tune in tomorrow night to see who goes home!

What did you think of this week’s theme? What did you think about the dances and the judges’ comments?

Time for your TwoCents!

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