Bones – Recap & Review – The Secret In The Siege


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The Secret in the Siege

Original Air Date: Apr 29, 2013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

The season 8 finale is upon us and it is the villain Chris Pelant that we must deal with. Pelant is back and he is killing FBI agents, which makes Bones a bit nervous. Sweets is the one that figures it is the work of Pelant and then discover something quite shocking.

On a side note; fans are happy to see in the beginning of the show, our favorite couple actually talk about marriage.

When a second agent is found dead, Sweets realizes that he wrote a paper (unpublished) that Pelant has read and is using to stage the deaths. We now know that he has hacked into the computers. We learn that Pelant is angry with Booth because he shot him. The rules have changed in his sick little game!

Bones freaks out a bit when she realizes Booth could be next. I think it took this type of situation to make Temp see more clearly and she takes the chance of asking Booth to marry her. Yes, she actually asked him and he said yes! Of course I had no doubts on the answer but it was a long-awaited moment for the fans.

The only thing that made me wonder was; as Pelant watched the proposal play out in front of him, he was clearly angry. Was he actually mad because the focus wasn’t on him? Could he actually be jealous of Booth? This moment made me wonder where the writers are going with this storyline killer.

As for my boy Sweets, I am impressed with his thinking like Pelant in order to find clues, but that is our genius profiler.

Happy moment: Bones tells Angela and Cam about the proposal and tells them she is truly happy. Booth is busting at the seams as he tells Sweets the news. It is nice to see our crime-fighting-couple happy!

With some fancy computer software, Pelant convinces a girl to kill Sweets. Pelant jams traffic so everyone is stuck. Watching Booth run on top of the cars in search of Sweets and the girl was the best part of the night. Just as she is about to take a shot at Lance, Booth makes a shot and takes her down!

Just when you think everything is sunshine and rainbows, Pelant makes a call to Booth. Damn! He tells him to turn down the marriage proposal or 5 people will die. She must not know, and he is watching. So Booth tells her to hold off for now and she is clearly crushed.

So my question to you is: why not just write a note telling her what he said and have her play along? I forgot the house was bugged until a twitter tweeter reminded me. Someone needs to take this dude out and it better be Booth.

So do you think Pelant could have a crush on our girl? Is this crazy scar-face going to last long next season? I sure hope not. Leave me your twocents and I will see you next season. Thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to Bones – Recap & Review – The Secret In The Siege

  1. Great ep until the last two minutes….now we are going to have another summer of bash Booth. ugh

  2. I usually defend Booth, but I totally hate him right now for hurting Bones the way he did. The season 7 finale I felt for him, but him crushing Bones this season is so much worse than her leaving him. At least he knew why, he may not have agreed with it, but he knew. This season though, Bones apparently has no clue why he hurt her like he did. My fear right now is that she will start to close herself off again, and I can’t blame her if she does. After all she has come so far and trusted him so much to have this done to her is a major blow to that trust. They are partners in more ways than one. Just look at her running to him when he is trying to safe Sweets. In my opinion he deserted her and I fear those feeling of abandonment will surface once again. At the least he better have a long way to grovel to get her trust back. And by God he better start right now thinking of one hell of a marriage proposal, because she did it once and put herself out there and look what it got her, nothing but tears!

  3. karen says:

    I agree with all of you. Booth made a big mistake in not telling why. There are ways he could have given her clues, maybe we will see that happen in next season. I hope Bones doesn’t revert back to her shell of how she used to be, that would be awful! Pelant needs to be taken down and am curious as to who/how it will be done. He sure has some fancy resources for a guy that doesn’t really work.

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