Grimm – Recap & Review – Ring of Fire

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Ring of Fire

Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

“The Demon came home, and he declared that the air was not clear. ‘I smell the flesh of man.’”

I’ve heard of stories where swiping Egyptian tomb artifacts leads to untimely deaths but taking rocks (rocks!!) and the Devil will get you?!! Only in Portland, Grimm! Rocks, just rocks. What kind of evil tree-huggers live in Portland, Grimm!!? Do the crazies gravitate to this Hell Mouth or does it bring the crazy out in its inhabitants?

Case of the week: Jill is murdered via fire demon. Motive: she collected rocks off of Mt Hood for analysis as per her job. Rocks, y’all, rocks – she died for rocks. Nick is on the case sans Hank. Why?

In an odd scene, Nick and company shoo Hank out of the precinct so he can go on his vacation – he hasn’t had one in four years (probably longer than one of his many marriages). I guess being in the hospital after being beaten to a bloody pulp doesn’t count as a vacation (I don’t). They wheel Hankman out on his chair to expedite his exit. It was cute but did Russell Hornsby hurt himself? Is that why he didn’t walk out and stayed in his chair?

Nick and Wu work the case and talk to Jill’s boss. He mentions she had a run in with a tree-hugger after collecting the rocks – she pepper sprayed his behind. The three head to where Jill was harassed. The Bossman takes rock samples when the tree-hugger, Markus, vandalizes the Bossman’s truck. Nick and Wu apprehend Markus, a Taureus-Armenta – a Minotaur-like Wesen that’s stubborn but brave.

Upon questioning and some force-fed anti-depressants, Markus divulges a creature (not a Wesen) kills when rocks are pilfered and not “respected” – his wife was a victim. He names the creature Volcanalis. Nick and Renard know this case has to be handled non-human style. They deduce Volcanalis will go after Bossman for the rock samples. Renard and Nick find the Demon attacking Bossman. They shoot but the Devil cannot die!! But Devil can run.

After consulting with La Biblioteca De Grimm, Nick and Monroe asks Latin expert Renard to translate the Volcanalis section. These creatures attack rock thieves and may be blamed for Pompeii. This means Portland, Grimm is in trouble!! They consult with Markus to find how to kill the unkillable. Well, considering the Volcanalis is made of molten lava and the antithesis of hot is cold, I’m disappointed it took four men locked in an interrogation room to find a solution.

They lure the Volcanalis by swiping butt loads of rocks. They bait the demon and spray him with liquid nitrogen. The creature becomes rock and Markus smashes him into pieces – avenging his rock-stealing wife. The crazy? Even as pieces, the eye of Volcanalis still moved. Freaky but crisis averted.

In other Portland, Grimm news, Juliette keeps seeing multiple memory Nicks and freaks out – leading to a car accident. She tells a concerned real-Nick that she doesn’t want to see him anymore, breaking poor Nicky-pooh’s heart. She visits Spanish-speaking guru who feeds her tea and advice. After the last potion she ingested that led to her current trouble, you would think Juliette would be more cautious about her liquid intake.

Guru’s advice? Juliette needs to pick a memory and concentrate – she needs to live and be in the memory to connect with her past. Juliette follows the advice and seems to be doing better – she seems to be feeling more for Nick and remembering the good times; especially Nick’s proposal.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. The quote is from a story about a boy who was prophesized to marry the King’s daughter. The unhappy King threw the baby boy out to sea. The boy was saved and when he grew up, the King, realizing the boy was the prophesized one, gave him a letter to be delivered to the Queen. In the letter, the Queen was to kill the boy. On the way, the boy encountered robbers who read the letter and pitied him. They switched out the letter with one that asks the Queen to marry the princess to the boy.

The Queen did as told. Prophecy realized. The King was furious and agreed to let them stay married if the boy can bring back three golden hairs from a demon. The boy succeeded. The moral of the story? It’s fate. No matter how you mess with it, the outcome is set in stone.

2. Adalind prices her baby. Apparently, there’s a huge underground market for royal babies. She was offered money but she wants her powers back – she wants to be Wesen again. She was willing to abort the baby if this was not possible. Cold-hearted bitch that’s unfit to raise a mouse let alone a baby or was she bluffing?

3. It was nice to see Nick and Renard working together. Nice to see Monroe and Renard working together too! Monroe and Nick still don’t fully trust Renard – they didn’t want to tell him about La Biblioteca De Grimm (even though Renard already knows).

4. I was hoping Juliette died in the car accident. Wishful thinking or am I just an evil bitch? (Both) When the guru told Juliette to pick a memory, I heard one memory where Nick told Juliette she looked great. Honey, start with that one. A man telling you how great you look can only lead to good things.

5. How cute was the Monroe/Bud/Nick scene?!! More, more, more!!! Also, I love me some truth telling Monroe. He tells Nicky-boy that Nick was more hurt than Juliette after the accident. She was treating him like a pariah. Nick needs to dump that now! (I added that last part.)

6. Whenever there’s Bud, there’s funny:
“Just kind of surprised that a Grimm can hurt like that. But you know what? Nick, he’s a sensitive Grimm.”
~ Bud still think Grimms are non-human and it’s adorbs!

7. I agree with Monroe. They need to deck the trailer out if they’re going to spend time there. Sound system and espresso machine is the least Nick can do if he’s dragging his friends to do research – for free. Monroe, Rosalee, and Hank should unionize and demand some benefits.

8. “I tell you what, dude. This looks a little bit like what, in my book, is known as El Diablo”
~ Monroe, voicing what everyone was thinking when they saw Volcanalis. Dude, it’s the freaking Devil!!

“Keeping Portland weird”
~ Monroe, coining Portland, Grimm’s slogan. He should be in advertising, that one.

9. This is the first time a non-Wesen creature was introduced. Do you think more will appear as the show exhaust Wesen ideas? I understand if the world contains Wesen, there must be other unexplainable creatures. I just don’t know if it’s too early to go there.

This was a cute episode mostly due to Monroe and Bud. Wasn’t it great to see Monroe and Bud being great friends to a depressed Nick? Was Russell Hornsby hurt? How do you feel about introducing other non-Wesen creatures? (I’m on the fence) Do you think Juliette will finally have her memory back? Will she accept Nick again? Can we all join in a meditation circle to will the death of Juliette? (Mean? Maybe but she’s annoying the Jebus out of me) “Keeping Portland weird” is the slogan for Portland, Grimm. I expect posters to be made and commercials to be shown. It’s akin to “what happens in Vegas.” Do you think it sums up Portland, Grimm in a nutshell? Discuss away!!!

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4 Responses to Grimm – Recap & Review – Ring of Fire

  1. Maggie C. says:

    Actually, the taking of rocks an be a bad thing in some places. I knew a Lady who was on vacation in Hawaii. She visited a special beach and her group was told not to take any of the rocks (it would probably make Pele unhappy) naturally she took a rock. She started having problems, a bit of bad luck, so she took the rock back and the rest of her trip was fine. I realize this sounds like an episode of the Brady Bunch, but I doubt this lady ever watched the show.
    Maybe Juliette will improve with knowledge of what Grimms are and how Nick’s life has changed. I hope so because I agree that she is a bit annoying right now.
    I also like Bud. I would like to see more of him.
    A GRIMM convention would be fun…

  2. bjrashis says:

    nice recap – i was also curious about the lack of hank and read he was recuperating after an injury. never will understand why they can’t write real life problems into a show but got to admit loving reggie lee need more of him in the stories.

  3. Junay says:

    After tonights show, it does appear that Hank was hurt in real life. However, very happy to see him back. I guess someone heard you bjrashis. I hope with the succeess of the show that the writing quality and creativity does not diminish. I truly enjoy the show.

  4. Liz says:

    This is not the first time a non-wesen was introduced. The La Llorona is a old Mexican tale. She was known as a banche of sorts or as in the show, a ghost.

    I figured Hank hurt himself in real life when he walked in with crutches in the episode he came back. I thought back to when they wheeled him out in a chair and how I thought that was a little adolescent and campy for Grimm.

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