Parks and Recreation – Recap & Review – Swing Vote

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Parks and Recreation
Swing Vote

Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2013

Valentina D. – Senior Reviewer

While we’re approaching the season finale next week, this was a great episode of Parks that reflected some of the big changes the Pawnee gang have experienced. Whether it be in life, career, or retirements, it seems as if everyone in the parks department has gone through an upheaval this year.

As Leslie tries to save the town’s mini golf park, she finds herself butting heads with Ron when he wants to close the park to save money. The deciding vote is held by Councilman Jamm, who’s been a heck of a villain this season, so Leslie and Ron must sweet talk him onto their respective sides. Or, as Jamm says, pump him full of snow cones.

When Leslie and Chris try to snag Jamm’s vote by treating him to a round of mini golf, Ron shows up to talk him out of it by reminding them of the taxpayer money that goes into keeping the place open. It’s weird to see Leslie and Ron, usually such great friends, on two different sides of the issue, especially when Ron points out she’s pandering for Jamm’s vote. He reminds her she’s only as good as her word, which clearly irks her. Jamm decides to make things interesting and asks Ron and Leslie to play a round; the winner will get his vote. Get your game faces on!

At a bar, Andy and Ben (who gets the title of DD thrust upon him) celebrate a Sweetums donation and everything seems alright until April realizes the bar band is Mouserat, sans Andy. They call themselves Ratmouse and Andy can’t believe they’re playing without him. He confronts Burley, who tells him they tried calling him but no one picked up (fell into a bowl of cereal, Andy tells us). Andy won’t take this lying down and performs his swan song entitled “Swan Song.”

In another part of the bar, Tom is still dating Mona Lisa but has had enough and asks Ann to dump her for him. She agrees, only if he gives her his blanket that she loves. Once she breaks things off, Mona Lisa adopts her as her new best friend with hilarious results. She returns looking a little like Mona Lisa and begs Tom to get her out of the friendship. He refuses and she starts kissing him to make Mona Lisa jealous, who’s anything but, but instead asks if they want a threesome. Ann walks away in a huff and Mona Lisa replaces her with a random girl, but the next day we learn they got into a fist fight in the parking lot afterwards, and Tom is still with her.

At the golf park, Ron cinches a victory and, in turn, Jamm’s vote. The next day, Leslie shows up with a giant gorilla in Ron’s office to remind him of what the vote will do. Jamm drops in on Leslie, tells her his word is garbage, and asks what she can do for him in an effort to swing the vote back to her. Apparently, this is just what people in politics do. Ron’s constant talk of being an honourable person gets to her and she refuses, telling Ron exactly that and he rewards her with a stiff drink.

Andy, or “Fancy Andy,” as Donna calls him when he shows up in a suit in an effort to be a more serious person without his band, is invited back to the group by Burley. The episode closes with the new and improved Mouserat performing and this time, they have two lead vocalists.

What did you think of this episode? Should the mini golf park have remained open? We saw Mona Lisa this week, so will Jean Ralphio show up for the finale? Share your TwoCents below!

Next Week: Season Finale! Are You Better Off?

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