MyTwoCents – American Idol’s Constantine Maroulis Stars in Broadway’s Jekyl & Hyde



The 13-week limited engagement of Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse’s Jekyll and Hyde stars Tony Award nominee Constantine Maroulis (Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde) who gained popularity as a finalist on American Idol season four. Grammy-Nominated Deborah Cox stars opposite him as Lucy.

I was invited to a performance of the show to see what the former reality show star brings to the Broadway stage this time around.

The musical starts well enough with Jekyll singing to his father whom he believes has evil in his soul, thus causing a mental illness.

Maroulis, who came in sixth on American Idol, makes an honest attempt at the title roles. Despite a few acting shortcomings, his voice is strong and exactly what you expect from a rock tenor.

photo: thetwocents

photo: thetwocents

One notable instance appears in the piece “Confrontation”. Originally this “duet” was performed live with Jekyll and Hyde being sung by the same actor. In the revival the part of Hyde was prerecorded, sung excellently by Maroulis with his full rock chops on display.

All of the popular songs from the original score are performed including “This is the Moment,” which I found to be phoned in, making me feel nothing. This piece is the turning point and arguably the most important part of the musical. It’s when Jekyll decides to finally go forth with his experiment, thus inevitably transforming him into Hyde. I certainly enjoyed his performance a lot more than the Sebastian Bach or David Hasselhoff rendition. However, it does not hold a candle to the Rob Evan interpretation on the album Jekyll and Hyde: Resurrection.

The two female leads, Deborah Cox and Teal Wicks (Wicked and on TV The Good Wife) are both stellar. Their performance of “In His Eyes” was inspired and it made me want to see more of them. Cox and Maroulis had outstanding chemistry in “Dangerous Game” and I really enjoyed the blocking of the number.

Overall, Jekyll and Hyde is a good revival. The cast puts forth a fine effort. TV was well represented with cast members appearing in American Idol, Law and Order: SVU, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and The Good Wife. Wildhorn’s score is magnetic and engaging, with melodies and rhythms that left the audience humming.

Mike Donnarummo
TheTwoCents Senior Staff Photographer

Mike Donnarummo is a music teacher and professional musician living and working in Manhattan. He owns a music-teaching studio in Connecticut. His primary instrument is the piano.

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2 Responses to MyTwoCents – American Idol’s Constantine Maroulis Stars in Broadway’s Jekyl & Hyde

  1. karenb says:

    I’ve actually seen Constantine in two stage performances, as part of the “Broadway In Chicago” series. I saw him as Roger in Rent (pre-Idol) and he was memorable enough to remember when I later saw him on Idol. I also saw him when Rock of Ages came through on a tour, which was a fun show (certainly better than the movie), but not really an “actor’s” piece.

  2. FK says:

    I saw him in “Wedding Singer” (yes, it was a broadway show for about a day…but it was GREAT!) and he was great in it. At least, I’m pretty sure it was him. Wish I could’ve seen him in Rock of Ages…all I have is the movie (which I’m chessaliciously addicted to…) but I heard he was great in it. Maybe he found his calling on broadway since his regular singing career (get discovered, signed to a label, put out CD after CD, etc…) didn’t work out. As long as he doesn’t go the Taylor Hicks route, he’ll be just fine. 😉

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