Elementary – Recap & Review – Dead Man’s Switch

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Dead Man’s Switch

Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2013

Laura Kelley – Associate Staff Writer

Elementary is back at long last, and with its return comes one of its most interesting storylines yet. Holmes’s likeable sponsor Alfredo is back, this time in need of help: he wants Holmes to find the man who’s blackmailing his sponsor. The blackmailer is in cahoots, if you’ll pardon the term, with the man who raped the sponsor’s daughter and recorded it, and now he’s ready to release the video of the crime. He’s even prepared to have an associate do it if he should be killed, so it’s safe to say he’s not messing around (neither is Watson with that outfit. Yowza.) Holmes takes on the case and finds his way to the home of the man blackmailing Alfredo’s sponsor and surmises that he isn’t the only father of a victim being blackmailed. Hit the jump for more.

Holmes has to hide in the blackmailer’s house because he comes home, and he sees the blackmailer’s murder. Gregson wants to investigate the murder but Holmes wants him to hold off to prevent the videos of the rape from getting out. Holmes and Watson visit an incredibly cheesy lawyer who belongs on ads you see during daytime court shows, which I unsurprisingly love. The rapes were committed by a guy named Brent who’s actually in the hospital because he was attacked in jail; the blackmailer got the tapes from his storage unit. And remember the accomplice the blackmailer threatened to have release the videos if he was killed? Well he’s dead, and he’s rotting in his tub and it’s disgusting. I’d already watched last night’s Hannibal so it was less nasty than that but still, I had to put down my sandwich and that’s saying something.

The accomplice was killed by a father of one of the girls in the videos, or so we think at first. The girl isn’t actually his daughter and the father became the blackmailer’s replacement accomplice for money. Pistone, the father, then killed the blackmailer to keep the money all for himself which was crazy! Overall this was one of the show’s best and most multifaceted mystery storylines, but what you’ll really love about this episode are the scenes about Holmes. He’s reached the one year anniversary of his sobriety and doesn’t want to make a big deal of it; he admits to Joan in an amazing scene that going to his meeting to get his one-year chip would just recognize his failure…he tells her he relapsed within a day of going into rehab so his one year is actually tomorrow.

I so loved Holmes’s confession to Joan and how Alfredo tries to convince him that going to get his one year chip isn’t just about him but it’ll also show the others at his NA group that a year of sobriety is possible. Joan gives Holmes a great gift of a framed stanza from a Frost poem to celebrate his sobriety and Holmes gives himself a tattoo. Don’t lie, you’ve got to love all his tattoos. I really liked this episode and I hope the weeks to come give us as much great storylines that show off how good this show can be when we get to focus on Holmes and Watson as characters rather than just having them running around. What did you guys think? Did you want to give Holmes a hug the whole time or just steal Watson’s super cool zippered outfit? Give us your TwoCents in the comments and have a great week!

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