American Idol – Recap & Review – Top 4 Results

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Top 4 Results

Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Ryan starts the show promising some “shocking news that will turn the competition upside down.” Did it really? Read on to find out.

The Top Four performed Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” and it may be one of the best group numbers ever. I can’t believe I just wrote that because I usually HATE group songs.

The Top Four had to tell five things about themselves that no one knows in 20 seconds. Only Amber got five (she actually got six!). Here’s what they said:

ANGIE: Hates the color pink, lives in heels, eats lost of olives
CANDICE: Loves Spongebob, sleeps with socks, loves Drake, loves purple
KREE: Bitten by a snake, loves rap, she sucks
AMBER: showers not baths, like 90 degree weather, was on a drill team, was in a play, loves neon green, has pierced septum

JIMMY IOVINE’s FEEDBACK was the center of the show, even though he told us what he thought on Wednesday’s show as well. Why haven’t they just given him a chair at the judges’ table?
AMBER: She did a great job on “Power of Love,” but he hated “MacArthur Park” and he ran into her backstage and she didn’t know what it was about — you can’t interpret lyrics you don’t understand.
KREE: He needed to hear her vulnerability and she couldn’t do it on a corny song like “A Whiter Shade of Pale.”
CANDICE: She has a big voice and a big voice is difficult to maintain. He didn’t like her song choices this week. There’s a fake out that Drake had sent her a message (she has a huge crush on him), but he did walk out on stage. But can’t you just see him crushing on Amber instead? He also sat at the judges table – are the producers foreshadowing something?
ANGIE: Angie won the night with two great songs and two great performances. He still prefers her at the piano.

Bottom 2: Candice and Amber. Ryan does a fake out by pretending his going to eliminate one, but then goes on to explain because the judges’ save wasn’t used, that leaves an extra week in the schedule. But this week’s votes won’t be wasted. Instead, they’ll be combined with next week’s votes where one singer will absolutely be eliminated.

We also had two performances by past Idols. Season 10 seventh place finisher Stefano Lagone (who goes by just Stefano) came back to sing his debut single, “Yes to Love,” which showed off his soaring voice (I was a fan). But it is a bit sleepy, like it needed another hook to it.

Season 10 winner Lee DeWyze took the stage to sing his new single “Silver Lining.” It was a great, catchy tune perfect for late night car rides. But once again, as he did three years ago, he doesn’t hit every note. Remind me again why he even made the Top 10 his season?

The theme of next week’s performances will be Now and Then.

Are you happy that no one was sent home? Were you shocked by the Bottom 2? Do you think the judges are nudging us toward any of the contestants? Give us your TwoCents…

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