Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Sleeping Monster

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
Sleeping Monster

Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Miranda Bailey has been told she is the heart of Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital. But more so than that, I think she is the spine. Think over the years when she has put so many doctors and patients in their place. And while we’ve seen Bailey cry before (the shooting comes to mind), I think this may be the first time we’ve seen her utterly defeated and broken.

And it is completely powerful. I know Grey’s Anatomy is long past the time when it receives awards and accolades, but Chandra Wilson was incredible tonight. How many viewers didn’t find themselves tearing up while watching her range of emotions this hour?

Bailey: After three of her patients were diagnosed with life threatening post-op infections, and two died, last episode, Bailey is on medical lockdown. The CDC is swabbing and testing the entire hospital looking for the infection source and all eyes are on Bailey. She’s kept from patient information and care, all the while being meticulously interviewed about the three procedures. We see her go from confident to flustered to heartbroken, especially when she overhears Richard tell patient#3’s family that one doctor has been determined to be the problem. After Jackson orders her away from a collapsed patient, her devastation is palpable.

With emotions betraying her usual stoic demeanor, Bailey demands that the CDC tell her if her swabs shows she was the source of the infection. The interviewer’s silence is all the answer she needs, but for confirmation, she crashes the board meeting with the CDC. Bailey is crushed to learn that she is indeed a carrier of MRSA USA 600, which caused the infections. The CDC just as quickly clears her, pointing the blame at defective surgical gloves (brought in by the evil Pegasus Corporation). The doctors are relieved, but Bailey isn’t as happy. Once Richard reveals to her that the third patient did, in fact die, Bailey is despondent, feeling she’s culpable for their deaths. Richard tries to comfort her, but she rails at him for protecting the hospital over her. She goes for the jugular, talking about being there through his drinking and marital problems, but accusing him of abandoning her and only caring about the hospital. She leaves him with the knowledge that he’s not the man she thought he was.

Meredith: Did you know that woman often poop on the table while giving birth? If you didn’t before, you certainly did after this hour. Meredith asks Cristina to be in the delivery room to make sure her wish for a natural childbirth is realized. Cristina demurs and offers up that she doesn’t want to her best friend defecate. Owen tries to talk her into it, mentioning that seeing a child born is like seeing G-d in person. Wait… you mean Owen likes kids more than Cristina? You don’t say. Cristina eventually relents, when Meredith assures her that knowing Cristina saw her poop will be worse than Cristina actually seeing it.

Owen: Owen is still overly attached to Ethan, who is proving to be quite the wonder child with his unflappable demeanor. His grandmother (played by All My Children’s Jennifer Bassey) shows up and is a wreck over her son’s condition (still not awake), not paying much mind to her grandchild or daughter-in-law. Ethan spends quality time with his mom, but she collapses and dies from a brain hemorrhage. Ethan handles the news with more maturity than would be expected from someone his age, even offering to tend to his sobbing grandmother. Owen turns down Cristina’s request to go home, opting to stay at the hospital with Ethan. He thinks she’d do the same, but she points out that she is the doctor, not family. Wait… you mean Owen likes kids more than Cristina? You don’t say.

Tug-of-War: Jackson, Callie, and Arizona treat a family who had a tug-of-war mishap at their family reunion. Five of the family members lost fingers and a teenage girl (Frankie, played by Abbie Cobb) had her hand mangled and crushed. Callie and Arizona do their best to keep the inquisitive Frankie from reporting the CDC investigation to her high school paper. It seems silly, but I’m always grateful when the doctors are made aware that their conversations and interactions don’t happen in an invisible bubble. When the results come down, the two actually give Frankie a twelve hour head start on the press release. Jackson tries to keep the rest of the family calm, but Uncle Al (played by Friends’ Mike Hagerty) keeps trying to keep the annoyed and fingerless family in good spirits and it backfires when he is punched by Frankie’s dad. Jackson inquires as to why he keeps having reunions, and Uncle Al tells him it’s his way of keeping the family together.

Alex: At Jo’s behest, Alex finally stops calling Jason “Doctor D-bag” and tries to be adult in his interactions. But he goes one step too far, when he accidentally tells Jason all about Jo’s traumatic childhood, assuming he already knew. He really had the best intentions, only wanting the best for her, but Jo is steamed, as it ruined her fresh start, and basically calls off their friendship. Alex is hurt, and at home, admits to Cristina that he is actually (duh) in love with Jo. In a throwback to season one Meredith/Izzie/George, Cristina invites Alex to lie (platonically) in her bed and vent his frustrations. She also admits that she thinks she will eventually lose Owen. Considering they were the two interns who didn’t originally live in Ellis Grey’s home, it’s a lovely vintage/full circle moment.

Oh… and April blames Jackson for her being dumped by Matthew. He tells her to leave her out of her guilt and that he’s not sorry for what happened. And although I think April/Jackson is still the end game, Matthew miraculously appears and asks April if they can both have do-overs.

As we head to the season finale, I expect we’ll see a lot more of emotional Bailey, and I’m all for that. We’ve also got a McBaby to welcome to the world… so I’ll see you back here next week!

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7 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Sleeping Monster

  1. LillyCPB says:

    I NEED the music of this episode!! I can’t wait until tomorrow, I wasn’t able to catch the lyrics of the songs.

  2. kk says:

    Thx for the recap!

    A little disappointed the CDC storyline got wrapped up so quickly, was hoping for more patients and mayhem, but there was an overlapping case this week so Bailey’s case was a little bit overshadowed by the inquisitive teen. I think RIchard did what he had to, there was no malice in telling the parents about the ‘one doctor’s fault’ thing. He took partial responsibility for Seth’s death by saying “I lost him”..

    Ethan’s mom’s passing was very sad but a well done montage.

    Totally over April’s selfish rants and blaming the world (and Avery) for all the mistakes she makes.

    I also like how Alex and Cristina are sort of buddies now in the ending scene. It does bring back good memories of season 1 (although George ended up sleeping with BOTH Izzie and Meredith lol – let’s hope this doesn’t happen to Cris and Evilspawn)

  3. Megan says:

    The little girl who played Frankie totally looked like a pre-teen Jennie Garth.

  4. Bruce says:

    I can’t figure out who played the CDC man who intervied Baily. Can anyone help?

  5. Sedona Cole says:

    Couldn’t believe the similarity of this episode to the information I had just read at a website. Was looking into MRSA for a friend and found Michelle Moore, who just wrote about the very same issue. Should anyone ever be in need, check her out as her work is helping a lot of people. I don’t recall hearing about that on the episode!

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