American Idol – Recap & Review – Top 4 Perform

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Top 4 Perform

Original Air Date: Apr 24, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Over and over we heard one thing — that all the remaining vocalist can sing very, very well. No argument there. So, they said, it came down to song choice and performance style. One contestant clearly came out on top this week, according to the judges.

We also added Jimmy to the judges’ panel tonight, even if he didn’t sit at the table. He did comment after most of the performances. They have four highly paid judges who gush about the singer — then Jimmy who is much more truthful. OK, sometimes he’s too harsh, but that’s better than telling a pitch-challenged contestant hat he has so much courage, instead of giving a real critique.

ROUND I: Personal Choice

AMBER HOLCOMB: “The Power of Love”
She starts a cappella and looks great with curly do and a slimming white pants suit. She hits almost every note and her tone just soars. The judges all stood except for Mariah Carey.
KEITH said it was an amazingly perfect song choice and her range was effortless.
NICKI compared her to a big sexy cup of milk, agreed that the song was perfect for her and called her current.
RANDY said she is the contestant who grew the most this season and she is ready.
MARIAH said she took a classic song and gave it a current flavor.
JIMMY thought she took a risk with a song that exposed her vocally and she did a good job.

CANDICE GLOVER: “Find Your Love”
The song is a little sleepy and she struggled with the pitch (which I’ve never heard before with her). But oh, the emotion she can infuse a song with. I just don’t think it was her best.
KEITH said she needs to find herself, but she’s always great.
NICKI wished that she had stuck to the melody. She’s concerned people will see her as an old-fashioned artist.
RANDY warned her that she doesn’t have to do runs with every line and that she can’t always sound like she’s in church.
MARIAH said she turned it into an adult contemporary piece, which was risky. But she shouldn’t stop taking risks.
JIMMY agreed with Nicki that it wasn’t that strong a vocal performance and it was the second best performance of the night.

It’s a bluesy country, which she’s veered away from the last few weeks. The aggressive melody shows a color of her voice we haven’t heard a lot of yet.
KEITH thought she needed to pour her heart out and not just let her vocal do it.
NICKI didn’t think that vocal would get her to the next level and it wasn’t a Top 4 performance,
RANDY didn’t think it was her best vocal.
MARIAH thought she had a free spirited moment on stage and getting lost in the song.
JIMMY agreed with Nicki again and echoed that it was the wrong song for her.

She played piano (is she allowed to do anything else? Not really). It seems a perfect song for her and she give it that “Angie” sound. Three judges gave her a standing ovation and Mariah said she would have stood except her train was under her chair.
KEITH said it was a mini representation of what she is as an artist.
NICKI felt it was perfect for the piano and she didn’t strain in places others have.
RANDY called it a “10 out of 10 out of 10.”
MARIAH said it was a professional moment.
Jimmy was proud to see Angie get control of her powerful instrument, and he called it the second best of the night after Amber.

AMBER and KREE: “Rumor Has It”
It’s not a great fit for Amber, but Kree kills it.
KEITH kept waiting for someone to cut lose and throw a mic stand.
NICKI stand Amber dominated Kree. She pushed Kree to add personality.

They have exceptional harmony. They seem on equal footing, which neither dominating the other.
RANDY called it unbelievable and that’s how you do a duet.
MARIAH praised Candice’s versatility.

ROUND II: One Hit Wonders

AMBER: “MacArthur’s Park”
She struggles on the lower notes and is a bit screechy on the top notes. It didn’t really work for me overall. And you know the judges are going to over praise her…
KEITH said she was dominating the night.
NICKI said she was a blooming flower and she was going for the longest note held on Idol.
RANDY praised the top of her range and she looks current.
MARIAH said it was “quality.”
JIMMY didn’t buy the song because it was corny and not even Amber can pull off corny.

CANDICE: “Emotion”
It was kind of sleepy and why did she let the back up singers do the melody?
KEITH said at this point every song choice counts and no one picked a great song vocally.
NICKI liked that it didn’t sound dated.
RANDY said it was a great song and she took her time with it. He felt the Candice from last week is returning.
MARIAH brought up that she has a terrible cold and she is a super duper superstar.
JIMMY (dragged on stage by Ryan after the judges talked back on what Jimmy said about Amber’s song). He said – right on front of Candice – that they couldn’t say Candice was better than Amber.

KREE: “A Whiter Shade of Pale”
She promised more facial expression and I saw about 10 percent more. She sounded beautiful but it didn’t really take off enough.
KEITH felt it wasn’t a rocker song or an intimate song, but middle ground.
NICKI loved the performance and she put her heart and soul into it, but it wasn’t enough to keep her out of the Bottom 2.
RANDY said she redeemed herself and it was brilliant.
MARIAH said she was going to download it.
JIMMY didn’t show up for this one.

ANGIE: “Cry Me a River”
This is a really old song. But it wasn’t sleepy and she hit all the notes.
KEITH called it mythical and celestial powerful.
NICKI said she snatched wigs off heads. She said tonight was Angie’s night.
RANDY said it was the best of the night and she won the night hands down.
MARIAH praised her upper register and thought it was elegant.

It felt as though the judges were trying to make Candice and Kree – the favorites — were really the underdogs. Could they pump Amber or Angie any more? Although I do agree it was Angie’s night, I don’t think they had to knock Candice and Kree as much as they did.

Ryan promised a surprise twist Thursday night. My guess is that it will be a non-elimination week as they never used the judges’ save. If they won’t do anything, the season will end a week early.

OH, one last thing — who do you think showed the most skin tonight. Angie is a black leather tank top and short-shorts? Or Mariah whose top was so low and skimpy on the sides that she really need boob tape?

Do you agree with the judges or with Jimmy? What do you think will be Thursday’s twist? Was Candice really that bad this week? Give us your TwoCents…

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