The Arsenio Hall Show to Shoot at Hollywood’s Sunset Bronson Studios

image002The newest late-night talk show THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW will shoot at Hollywood’s famed Sunset Bronson Studios located on Sunset Boulevard, giving Hollywood another must-stop location on the talk show circuit.

THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW, which debuts on September 9, 2013, in national syndication, will be produced on Stage 19. Sunset Bronson Studios was home to the first-ever talking feature-length motion picture, The Jazz Singer, which was filmed in 1927. Other notable productions include Golden Girls, Married With Children, Who’s the Boss, Days of Our Lives and Judge Judy. It is also home to KTLA, which is the Los Angeles affiliate of THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW.

“Sunset Bronson Studios is Hollywood, and there’s no better place for THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW to call home. I can’t wait to get started and become a part of the history of this famous location,” said Host and Executive Producer Arsenio Hall.

THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW is produced by Eye Productions Inc., in association with Arsenio Hall Communications Ltd. and Octagon Entertainment Productions, and distributed by CBS Television Distribution. Arsenio Hall, Neal Kendall and John Ferriter are executive producers.

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