Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – “Come Over to the Dark Side”

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Survivor: Caramoan

”Come Over to the Dark Side”

Original Air Date: Apr 24, 2013

Ryan O – Staff Writer

What’s the fallout after last week’s craziness? Will someone or someones decide they can improve their fortunes by leaving the main alliance and joining with the three guys?

The two people most likely to flip are Sherri and Erik. Erik voted for Phillip last week, as you’ll recall, so he might be ready to join the other dudes. But does he? Sherri is a Fan among Favorites. Is she switching back to the fans?


Night 28. A bunch of people are congratulating the three guys on their move. Cochran announces he’s glad not to have to say “Stealth R Us” again. Erik tells us it will be tricky deciding when to vote with the alliance and when to vote with Malcolm.

Day 29. Cochran tells us the Tribal Council left him crazy and breathless. Meanwhile, spirits are low and people are hungry. Brenda starts to cry and Dawn comforts her, which is nice to see. She feels as if she’s losing control in the game.


Here’s who’s left after last week’s crazy Tribal Council sent Phillip to the jury: Andrea, Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Eddie, Erik, Malcolm, Reynold, and Sherri.

The tribe gets the tree mail telling them it’s time for the food auction. Malcolm tells us he’s excited to snap up the advantage that’s always offered.

Reward Challenge!

It’s the auction. They can’t share money or food. Bids are in $20 increments.

Jeff has barely produced a bottle of beer and container of peanuts when Malcolm bids $20. It turns out he gets two more beers and pretzels, too. Yikes, three beers.

A covered item. Reynold gets it for $180. Jeff gives him the option of switching to one of two other covered items. Cochran tells him you’re always supposed to switch and pick one of the other options but Reynold says he doesn’t trust Cochran. He sticks with the initial item. He bought a single slice of pizza. He didn’t switch to a rotten coconut or the rest of the pizza. Sherri jumps in and offers $500 for the rest of the pizza. Jeff wasn’t expecting that but then says “Sold!”

A roast chicken. Dawn buys it immediately for $500.

Information in the game. Malcolm immediately bids $480. If you’re part of the alliance, you cannot let Malcolm get this. Brenda, Erik, Andrea, and Cochran all have $500 remaining. But, Malcolm gets it for $480. He gets 60 seconds to examine it in private. It details exactly where a hidden immunity idol is buried.

Another covered item. It goes back and forth and Andrea gets it. It’s spaghetti and meatballs. She can give it up and bring back large bags of rice and beans for the tribe. Andrea chooses the rice and beans. It’s the only real choice.

The next item is an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Reynold starts with $300. Dude. No. Why aren’t you bidding $320 (amount he has left)? And Eddie, why aren’t you bidding? Brenda bids $320. Cochran bids $340 and gets it.

Covered item. Brenda bids $300. She gets pig brain. She takes a bite. She says, “I just remembered I don’t eat pork.” Jeff says, “You’re eating the brain of a pig.” “It’s good for you, right?” “I have no idea.” She takes it back to her seat and keeps eating it.

Letters from home. They’re sold to anyone with $20 so Dawn, Sherri, and Malcolm go without. Dawn says she’s okay with it. “I’ll talk to them in 10 days.” But she’s tearful.

Covered item. Eddie gets it for $140. It’s huge bowl of peanut butter to be shared by the tribe for 60 seconds. They joyously dig in.

Post-Reward Challenge

Brenda feels a lot better having her letter from home.

Reynold talks to Sherri about switching sides, since if she did and they got Erik, they’d be in the majority. It would guarantee her the final five. Sherri says it’s starting to feel like the three of them are unbeatable and if you can’t beat them, you join them. Malcolm then tells Reynold he’ll convince Sherri and Reynold can work on Erik.

In the dark of night, Malcolm sneaks off to hunt for the hidden immunity idol. He doesn’t find it before Andrea and Cochran wander over. Andrea decides just to sit there and wait. Andrea tells us she needs to prevent Malcolm from getting it since she’s worried she’ll be next. They wait a while and decide to go back to camp together.

Immunity Challenge! Immunity! Back up for grabs!

Each person holds a rope attached to a weight. At regular intervals, they have to let some rope out making the weight harder to hold. The last person holding their weight wins. Cochran’s advantage is that he can move back up the rope a significant amount once, whenever he wants.

The weight is equal to one-third their body weight when they started the game.

Another purely physical challenge. It tilts the game heavily toward players like Malcolm and Reynold. It seems like Jeff was disappointed with wins from Kim and Denise the last two seasons.

When they drop down the second time, Cochran takes his advantage. He moves back to the starting position.

Brenda is out first. Erik is out next.

The last drop down leaves everyone holding the very end of the rope except Cochran, who is still holding one of the knots in the rope. Sherri drops soon after. Malcolm does, too. The rope slides out of Andrea’s hand and she’s out. Dawn fights hard but is out.

Eddie, Reynold, and Cochran are left. Reynold lets go. Eddie starts to shake and the rope starts to slide. All of the sudden, he’s out and Cochran has won a physical challenge. Suck it, Probst.


Malcolm tells us he’s worried. He doesn’t have the idol and Andrea and the other women won’t let him go search for it alone. He says they’ll dig right next to him. He talks with Reynold and Eddie about it, saying they need to convince everyone they’re playing an idol. That will lead to a split vote and they can make a move with four votes.

Malcolm talks with Sherri, saying he’d like to work with her. He says they have to split the vote since he has an idol. Malcolm offers to take her to the end. Sherri tells us she thinks she wants to play with the guys since she thinks they’ll keep winning challenges, even though Cochran has won two and Brenda won one of the four individual immunity challenges. She does acknowledge that Cochran won the last one but he had an advantage. Sherri tells Malcolm she wants to know who they’re voting for. “Andrea.” They pinkie swear on it.

Reynold talks with Erik. Erik says if the alliance decides to split the vote, he’ll vote with the guys. Erik tells us, however, he’s playing both sides. He’s trying to collect as much information about everyone’s plans as possible. Erik talks with Dawn, Andrea, and Cochran. Dawn emphasizes that it’s a big vote and she’s putting all of her trust in Erik. He says he’s with her.

Erik says he’s acting as if he’s doing both things right up until Tribal Council — maybe even during Tribal Council.

Erik leaves and Cochran, Andrea, and Dawn are joined by Sherri. Dawn and Cochran weigh the pros and cons of splitting the vote. Cochran says a split could be disastrous if someone switches.

Sherri tells us neither side realizes this is her game right now and she’s the one calling the shots. Well, I don’t know about that, Sherri. Swing votes don’t have a good history. She says she’s torn.

Tribal Council

Reynold says he doesn’t see a 6 to 3 game at this point but rather nine individuals.

Andrea says people would be silly to switch at this point. The guys are physically dominant and just would be using you for a vote.

Sherri says she’s not sure where she stands in the alliance of six. That worries Dawn a little.

Andrea says Malcolm got a clue to the hidden immunity idol and she is 80% sure he has it. Hmm. I’m not sure if she believes that.

Erik says he’s concerned that someone will flip in an attempt to trade up and he’s seen it happen before.

Cochran lays out what could happen if someone switches and the alliance splits their votes. Ultimately, it would lead to a 4-4 game next week, which would be interesting.


No one plays an idol, obviously.

Reynold. Malcolm, Andrea, Reynold, Malcolm, Andrea, Reynold, Andrea, Malcolm. Reynold looks like he just found out no one says, “bro” any more. Malcolm looks resigned to his fate.

That’s a tie. Another round of voting and Andrea, Reynold, and Malcolm can’t vote.

Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm and Malcolm is going to the jury. Andrea and Dawn exchanged super-pleased looks with other.

Bubbling Under

Is Andrea in a good spot? Probably not. Eddie and Reynold have a lot of work to do if they’re going to stick around but then the tendency toward physical challenges will really benefit them.

What do you expect to happen in the coming weeks? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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2 Responses to Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – “Come Over to the Dark Side”

  1. Scheddar says:

    This was an interesting episode, watching the group dynamics start to crystalize. Loving seeing Cochran come into his own. And Dawn’s genuine happiness for his winning the challenge was very sweet and I think gives us a good sense of how solid they are.

    Malcolm overplayed his hand, and it looks like Andrea is on that same road if she’s not careful. I did love watching her quietly paralyze his games, I’ve done stuff like that, it’s always awkward and it never fails, the other person always meekly gives in, which is mind-boggling. Malcolm, it’s a million dollars, what’s the worse that will happen if you continue, you find it and she tells everyone, so what, it keeps you in one week longer. Better to look and potentially find it than not look at all! If the girls find it, you’re no worse off.

    You know at TC the moment one group starts talking strategy that it’s all smoke and mirrors, otherwise they’d keep quiet and go for the blindside as they did last week, so once Reynold starts talking, it’s pretty clear that the jig is up.

    • ryanoneil says:

      You know, Malcolm pretty consistently over-played his hand this season. He did it because he had to since he was part of the three dude alliance. But, he didn’t have to be part of the three dude alliance; that was a choice. He would’ve done much better sticking with the Favorites. He and Erik could’ve stuck together. He could’ve kept his immunity idol until 6 or 7 and just chilled, let Corrine hang herself.

      I understand his rationale but it was wrong. Which, of course, is easy for me to say from here and at this point.

      The way Andrea just brought Malcolm to a halt was hilarious. Now that he’s gone, I wonder if Andrea will go digging in that area.

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