NCIS – Recap & Review – Berlin

photo: cbs

photo: cbs


Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2013

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Previously on NCIS: Ziva went back to Israel to bury her father, but his killer Ilan Bodnar is still free and on the move. The NCIS team was unofficially able to track him to Rome, and Gibbs gave her his blessing to take DiNozzo and go get closure. This week Ziva realizes that every agency will be going to Rome, but Bodnar was trained like Ziva was, and she realizes that in his position she would be heading to Berlin.

A Mossad agent has been murdered on US soil and new Mossad Director Orli Elbaz (Marina Sirtis) goes to NCIS for help. Elbaz claims Mossad Officer Mantel was killed by someone working with Bodnar whilst he was in Virginia “off the books”, but Ziva doesn’t trust her, so should we?

Tony and Ziva head to Berlin to find Bodnar whilst Gibbs, McGee and the others are working the Mantel case. Mossad isn’t doing themselves any favors as they deliver his body in the trunk of his car, after removing most of the evidence. Gibbs and McGee notice a suspicious SUV outside Mantel’s hotel room when they go there to investigate, but the SUV drives off before they can get answers.

Gibbs meets with Elbaz to tell her to leave his crime scene alone. Head of Homeland Security Tom Morrow meets with Vance, upset that NCIS is working with Mossad on a flimsy case which he argues should be FBI jurisdiction anyway. He does have a point, but he also knows how personal this is for Ziva. It does feel necessary.

It may be necessary, but it’s still a complicated journey for Ziva, as she meets her contact in Berlin who gives her a snapshot of a man he suspects is a courier who will take diamonds to Ilan. Identifying and tracking the man should lead them straight to Bodnar. Then she gets a video call from Ilan himself, and he expresses regret for her father’s death and insists not everything is as it seems. McGee is able to trace the call. Ilan is in the subway system beneath Ziva, but he’s quick to escape them.

McGee is able to identify the courier as Edward Kraus and they know he will be meeting Bodnar at Kraus’ place of employment, a nightclub called “Gasthaus”. Tony and Ziva lay on the bed and talk in preparation for the showdown tonight. I don’t ship Tony/Ziva romantically, but I do enjoy the emotional closeness they are developing.

Speaking of closeness, Abby has tried to recreate Berlin in her lab, down to the music and the food, in order to feel closer to Tony and Ziva whilst she works the Mantel case. Abby has determined Mantel was using a earwig that was not compatible with Mossad’s updated communication system. His laptop was also riddled with irrelevant cases, ones designed to distract and divert and mislead. Very suspicious.

Vance won’t tolerate suspicious activity from so-called allies, so he has McGee hack into the Mossad database (hypocrite, but I approve). Mantel was flagged in their own database as a rogue officer. Vance and Gibbs interrogate Orli since they’ve realized Mossad killed Mantel for working with Bodnar. She made sure NCIS was kept busy with the fake case, so it gave her an excuse to come to America where she believed Bodnar was.

At the nightclub, Ziva and Tony dance together whilst keeping an eye on Kraus’. They do work well as a team, tracking Kraus’ movements as he goes to give the diamonds to Bodnar. There is a slight snag though.

The reason Orli suspected Ilan was still in the US was because she had footage of him swapping clothes with his brother, Yaniv, who then got on the plane to Rome which was what all the other agencies were following. Sure enough, Kraus hands the diamonds off to Yaniv. Tony and Ziva arrest him, but Ilan is still out there.

It’s been a long day, but after Tony and Ziva have dropped Yaniv off to the proper authorities they continue to talk in the car. A lot of Ziva’s distrust of Orli is because she had an affair with her father and split up Eli and her mother. It was easier for Ziva to make Orli’s reasons for the affair to be malicious and self-serving, but now she admits the possibility that Orli loved Eli.

Then Ziva and Tony’s car is smacked into by an SUV!!!

I really hope Ziva is okay, especially since her actress hasn’t signed on for season 11. I know I’m always calling for Tony to act more mature, but damn, he’s a depressing adult and if Ziva died that could make the guy permanently morose. I love Ziva. She’s not allowed to die. They haven’t caught Ilan yet!

I liked this episode. I loved McGee’s getting to show off his skills, despite his misgivings about hacking. I loved Vance being dominant and in charge. I loved Orli being mysterious and seemingly empathic (hehe, since Marina is most famous for Counselor Troi, get it? Ah. Moving on) but still very suspicious. I even loved how I hated Mossad using the Mantel case for their own, but not necessarily nefarious, means. I love that Ilan is still out there, and how his video call hinted at a bigger picture that is still to come into view.

I even loved the surprise ending. Car crashes are so cliché in TV, a part of me expects them at any time, but even though the cynical part of me was expecting something like this, I am so emotionally invested in the characters that it still knocked the wind out of me. I care, and I can’t wait to see what next week brings.

Did you suspect that Mantel was actually murdered by Mossad? Do you think Ziva and Tony should be a romantic couple or do you think they work better as colleagues? What do you make of Orli Elbaz? What do you think is Ilan’s story? Do you think NCIS could kill off Ziva? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents.


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One Response to NCIS – Recap & Review – Berlin

  1. Annette says:

    Absolutely, NCIS could kill off Ziva. Think about all the others who have left the show that have died pretty tragic deaths: Kate, Jenny, Michelle, Paula Cassidy.

    I didn’t realize Code de Pablo hadn’t signed for season 11. Maybe she really will be gone.

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