Revolution – Recap & Review – The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia



The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Original Air Date: Apr 22, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

After seeing a brief glimpse of the Georgia Federation this week, I’m beginning to wonder how the Monroe Republic has managed to repel attacks from Georgia. Georgia appears to have steam power and seems to have more resources at its disposal. The only thing I can think of is that Monroe’s generals, including former General Miles Matheson, were cleverer in their military tactics.

A messenger on a horse rides to Miles’ camp. He is mortally injured, but delivers the message before dying. Monroe’s nuclear bomb is being smuggled into Atlanta. Miles asks Nora if she is capable of disarming the bomb if they find it. Nora says maybe. Miles was hoping for a more confident response. Miles also brings Charlie and the three of them sneak into the Georgia Federation.

After walking out of the woods, they see a bus and a motorcycle running on steam engines. It’s a light version of a steampunk fantasy. Miles describes Georgia as “filthy rich.” It also has warm weather, plentiful crops, and has some trade with Europe. Miles plans to disguise themselves as Georgia soldiers. When they reach a guard post, they find that “Monroe’s guys” have already done what Miles had planned to do. The spare uniforms are gone. Miles will take the uniforms off of the dead soldiers. On a table, Miles recognizes a knife that was left at the post. It’s his and he thinks that a soldier named Alec is the one Monroe sent to Atlanta.

Flashback to 7 years after blackout. Alec has become a militia captain. General Miles talks about how his grandfather’s knife has been a good luck charm that has been passed down the family from his grandfather to his father and then to him. Miles gives it to Alec. Alec refuses the knife, but Miles insists and says that perhaps Alec can give it to his own son one day.

Rachel and Aaron are walking through the woods. Rachel wants to visit an old friend named Dr. Jane Ward, who can help Rachel get to the Tower. Rachel and Aaron are attacked in the woods. However, the two attackers spontaneously combust. Rachel’s friend Jane caused it, seemingly with nanite technology.

Miles and crew arrive in Atlanta. Miles plans to use flashlights as indicators. The pendant that powers the nuke will power anything else in range, so the flashlights will turn on if they are near. Pretty clever. Possibly the cleverest thing Miles has planned that wasn’t swordfight or other military related. The three of them split up. Miles finds the nuke, but Alec finds him. The two engage in a swordfight. Alec almost kills Miles, but Charlie comes to the rescue and shoots her crossbow. Alec flees with the nuke. Miles manages to catch up with Alec. Alec shoots a Georgia cop and then drops the pistol near Miles as he flees. A handful of other cops arrive and arrest Miles thinking he’s the shooter.

Rachel tells Jane that Randall has accessed the Tower. Rachel plans to destroy the nanites. The Tower might be somewhere in Colorado. (perhaps where NORAD is??) Jane does not like Rachel’s plan to destroy the nanites. Jane’s companion Beth had terminal cancer. The nanites in Beth’s body are eating up the tumors. If Rachel destroys all the nanites, Beth will die. I was wondering why they can’t just have some nanites stay active. You would think there has to be a way.

Alec attacks Charlie and “warns” her that Miles is dangerous. He tells Charlie that Miles harmed Rachel in some way. In the skies above, helicopters from the Monroe Republic are dropping flyers to warn the citizens of Atlanta that there will be a nuclear event.

Miles is taken to Georgia’s madame president, Kelly Foster. Miles convinces Kelly to release him so that he can help locate the bomb.

The citizens of Atlanta are fleeing. Miles says the bomb won’t be in the city, since all the people are fleeing the city. The bomb will be where the citizens are.

Flashback to 9 years after blackout. Alec arrives in Philly and hugs Miles. Alec thinks he succeeded in his mission, but he has failed. General Blanchard of Texas has survived an assassination attempt and “made” the shooter. The Monroe Republic cant’ win a war against Texas. Miles has to give Alec up to the Texas authorities.

Beth overhears Jane and Rachel talk about the nanites. The nanites had a part in helping Danny survive the problem he had in his infancy. When Beth realizes that Jane can help turn the electricity back on, she tells Jane that she will commit suicide if Jane doesn’t help Rachel. Then there will be no reason for Jane to refuse to help. Jane hands Rachel a leather bound book with information on the Tower, but tells Rachel to never return to Jane’s home.

Miles spots Alec’s silhouette climbing into a building. Miles tries to talk Alec out of activating the bomb, but Alec insists he will carry out his job. Philadelphia sends a radio transmission: an order to detonate. Miles and Alec wrestle and Miles has to stab/kill Alec.

Charlie asks a depressed Miles about her mother. Miles says that people count on him, but he always lets them down. They get hurt because he hurts them. That’s who he is. And he tells Charlie to scram.

Back in President Foster’s office, Foster asks Miles where the components of the nuclear device are. Miles hid or destroyed them (or Nora did) so that Foster couldn’t use the nuke against the Monroe Republic in retaliation. Foster is fed up with Monroe. Her troops outnumber Monroe’s by a margin of 2 to 1. She has tall ships in Savannah (presumably with cannons, like in the good ol’ pirate days). She also has aid from England. She’ll crush Monroe’s “third world ass.” Once again, I’m wondering why she hadn’t already.

Foster wants Miles’ rebels to coordinate attacks with Georgia against Monroe. Georgia will attack from the South and Miles can open up a second front somewhere. Miles says he doesn’t have nearly enough manpower. Foster offers to assign a few hundred soldiers to Miles. She asks Miles if he wants to be a general again.

The Georgia Federation is more of what I would have pictured a society without electricity to look like. A bus and even a motorcycle on steam engines. Tall sailing ships. It didn’t have to go all the way to just horses. Though, Monroe eventually got a steam train engine to work. Why didn’t Maggie walk down to Georgia to find a way to get back to England? Will Miles Matheson now be a Georgia General? I wonder whether Monroe will be shrewd about this and create a secret alliance with Texas so that as Georgia moves troops to attack Monroe, Texas comes in as a second front.


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